Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday Travels - Kiria Day Two

Day two in Kiria started with us dividing into teams and visiting homes.  We were going to learn how to make a few Kenyan dishes and see what life is like on a daily basis.
This is the kitchen in the home I visited.  It is a separate building from the house.  The building is pretty small and the smell of smoke and heat from the fire can be a bit overwhelming at times.  Thankfully, they didn't get offended if we needed to step out and get some fresh air! 
Peeling potatoes for Mukimo.  I got a bit sunburned the first day in the village!

Members of the team...Ariel, Auntie and Amy

Mercy, the village coordinator for 410 Bridge is showing us around the property.  Each person has a wonderful garden and therefore the village is not hungry.

Amy and Ariel making Chapati...a flat dough like Naan or pita.

The men and C from our team are all can see the wood C tried to chop in the yard.  It looks more like a tornado came through!

We ended up back at the school for a closing ceremony where we were each given a Leso, which is a piece of fabric you wear as a wrap when cooking.  The women showed us how to tie them on.  This fabric could then be taken off and used as a blanket, or you could make it into a bundle for carrying groceries, etc...very useful to have.

Our trip is coming to an end...we have one more place to visit next week...Mercy House.  I have posted about this organization before and was very excited to see it in action and meet the residents.


  1. People in the US need to never complain about cooking again! We take our conveniences for granted for sure catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. It is very interesting to see a little of the way of life there.

  3. We are so spoiled in the USA. Good to know that they have gardens so no one is starving.


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