Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Mojo

Mojo turned 11 years old on October 22nd. He has lived with me for almost 3 years now, and is a very sweet boy. He tries to get along with everyone, although he loves to pick on Tanner! I think it is a black and white cat thing, as Pirate also likes to pick on Tanner. Maybe Tanner is just a sissy boy, who knows, but I've digressed...this post is about Mojo.

Mojo goes through phases of favorite foods. When he first came to live with us, he couldn't get enough beef, especially beef fat! He loved the drippings from the pan when you made browned beef. He loved stew meat with gravy. He loved a Wendy's burger. He didn't mind Chinese beef and broccoli either, just hold the broccoli. But one day, beef wasn't appealing to him anymore. We were stunned. Mojo had always swarmed the kitchen when beef was around. Was he sick? Was he hurt somewhere? Was he full? No, he was just tired of beef. So we started looking around for a new favorite food for Mojo, and finally one day we found it....SARDINES!

Mojo loves sardines. He had a special plate of them for his birthday this year, but I am starting to see signs that we are moving away from sardines. He has loved them now for about a year, so I guess he has a right to be tired of them. Keep in mind that he only gets them about once or twice a month, but I guess that is enough. I'm going to try some more varieties of canned meat for him, as we have a couple of special days coming up. Maybe canned chicken will be the new beef, sardines, favorite. I'll keep you posted on the search. Does your cat have a favorite food?

I believe Mojo had a nice birthday this year, even if the sardines had lost some of their appeal. We played with his favorite string, the red one. He is a frisky kitten and loves to try and grab his string. His other gift was mealworms for the birds outside. He enjoys watching them, along with the other cats, and so we feed them for entertainment. The weather here has finally cooled off a bit so we can order the worms and not feel bad about them riding in a hot truck. I know they are going to be eaten, but they don't need to suffer before their time. I have issues, but that's ok. Again, this post is about Mojo, so back to the birthday boy!

Mojo in human years would be about 60, depending on which website you choose to believe. He is showing some signs of age, but all in all, considering what he has gone through in life, he is doing fantastic! He is living the high life now, and loving every minute of it! I'm glad he is part of my family. Happy Birthday Mojo!