Monday, April 03, 2023

Mancat Monday

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  Rest assured we are all doing well and loving life!
Charles and Pumpkin enjoy hanging out together

Charles still loves his Big Momma snuggles

We had to get a new fish because Mango passed away.  Meet Snowball.

Pumpkin finally got to enjoy some outdoor time the other weekend.  She is excited the temps are warming up some!

She is eating well, and thriving!

She enjoys hanging out on the couch at night with us all

Charles turned 2 on April he is enjoying a birthday Churu

Rusty enjoys playing and hanging out.  He is looking less crusty these days!

Group shot!  The boys love Aunties bed during the day because she gets sun from morning until late in the afternoon

Harrison turned 7 on March 22!

Flynn turned 7 on March 14th!

Thanks for stopping by to visit us!


Monday, January 23, 2023

Mancat Monday

Happy New Year!  The mancats are all doing well and enjoying life to the fullest!
Harrison is becoming a snuggle bug lately.  He comes and asks for back scratches more often and chooses to sit near you on the couch.  
Rusty loved the tree skirt upstairs.  It was a warm soft blanket.  He is doing great after his dental visit and asking to play more often these days.

Pumpkin was wild and crazy one day, so I put her in the playpen so she could safely run around.  Charles joined her and was surprised when she chased him!

Flynn is doing well on his fluoxetine.  No more spritzing pee inappropriately.  No more chasing and bullying Lenny.  It has made a huge difference in him.  He is still his happy goofy self though.

Pumpkin is a mess and a happy girl.  She loves her grasshoppers, and has now eaten a few roaches too.  It's been close to a year since she's eaten any of those, so I am super happy!

Group shot of the panthers in Aunties room.  Charles is in the back on the pillow.  Then its Harrison (left) and Flynn (right) and Rusty in the front.

Charles still loves to dangle his arms!

Charles and Cousin Teddy love the grasshoppers as well.  They both love when one escapes the tank when I'm feeding Pumpkin.  

Well, there you have it...I long overdue update from the Four Crazy Cats!  Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us today.


Monday, December 12, 2022

Mancat Monday

 We are still alive and doing well!  These photos are in no particular order!!
Rusty helping decorate the new tree upstairs.  We broke down and bought another one this year because we have too many ornaments!

Rusty had a dental cleaning and needed 4 teeth pulled.  He was a bit drunk that first night at home and could not keep his tongue in his mouth!

This past Saturday, the Canipe's had their family Christmas party.  Here is me (red shirt), Auntie, with our Dad (grey) and Uncle.

Charles, Teddy and Pumpkin all helped wrap a few presents.

Trying out the portrait mode on my phone with Charles.  So handsome!

Harrison enjoying the soft blanket under the tree upstairs

Rusty helping me with the Christmas cards...

Our family ornament...

Flynn got a vacuum cleaner since he enjoys being vacuumed!

Charles has a black cat in a yellow sweater.  His color is yellow and that can be challenging for Christmas.  Pumpkin tried watermelon for the first time this year, so she has an ornament to remember that event.

The tree in the living room

The tree in the breakfast nook

Black tree in the dining room

Tree in the study.  If you are keeping count, that makes 5 trees!

The panthers have been wiped out from all the decorating...front to back is Harrison, Flynn and Charles

Pumpkin trying out a warm hat and scarf

Rusty helping us decorate...he found a soft tree skirt and decided to rest for a while

Charles loves Pumpkin's grasshoppers.  He has eaten a few as well!

Pumpkin checking out the tree...

We have a waterfowl rescue in the state and they put out this ornament.  I had to buy it to remember my Smokey, who was known as Goose.

At Thanksgiving, Auntie, mom, dad, and I picked up pecans in yard.  Mom and Dad have 4 pecan trees and they produced pretty well this year.  I think we collected about 15 gallons that afternoon.

Well, there you have it.  We are doing well and having many adventures.  Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Monday, November 07, 2022

Mancat Monday

 All is well at the house...we have survived the sewage issue and new floor install.  We are all ready for some peace and quiet!
We ended up with a couple of extra boxes of the kitchen floor.  Flynn points out that this box doesn't belong here.

Charles was happy to share my tuna yesterday

Pumpkin enjoys her snuggles in the evenings.

While Auntie and I were still trying to get everything reorganized the panthers hung out in the bed!  Front to back - Harrison, Flynn and Charles

It took several hours to restock the pantry...I tried to organize it as well.

The other side...the cats have a ton of food!

Rusty found a nice sun puddle to rest...

Transition of the floors downstairs.  The brown hardwood look is in the whole house now, except of the kitchen area and the upstairs bathrooms.  All the bedrooms upstairs are this same LVP.
The nook and kitchen have this tile LVP, along with the pantry and laundry room.

Looking towards the front door from the den...

Fall is here and I love the beautiful colors.  This tree was super bright the other week at church.

Teddy and Pumpkin enjoying time on the porch.  Pumpkins porch time is coming to an end until next spring, so we take advantage when we can.  It needs to be in the upper 70's but preferably in the 80's before I take her outside.

I went to the State Fair last month and the pumpkins were amazing this year.  I just don't know how they grow them so large!  Do you have a State or County fair where you live?

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