Monday, July 25, 2022

Mancat Monday

 Hello all, it's been a while again, but the mancats are all doing well.
Pumpkin is gearing up for a trip to the beach with me and Auntie in September.

It's been a month of vet visits...every mancat and Pumpkin have gone in this month!  Charles was not impressed, but he is healthy and good for another year.

Charles tries to hide in the carrier.  I hate that my boys get so nervous!

Pumpkin's food is growing...these are her roaches.

Charles loves to play with this mat...such a cutie!

Cousin's George, Izzy and Lenny all went to the vet as well.  George needed a mast cell tumor removed and ended up with 14 staples and the cone of shame!  He terrified poor Charles.

Pumpkin checking out her beach tent...the sides are mesh, so she'll get plenty of fresh air, and the top zips so we don't have to worry about sea gulls.

Rusty and Charles love playing pokey stick.  Rusty went to the vet to have his toes looked at.  They are just crusty, so I have some mousse to put on them each day.  This is the second time poor Rusty has gone in for being dirty!

Harrison isn't happy, but should be done for another year now!

Flynn had two vet visits, his annual and then a recheck at the dentist.  He will be going in December for a dental cleaning and images.

Pumpkin needed her toe nails trimmed, which she didn't mind.  They are so small, I am still uncomfortable doing it myself.

One angry girl!

She did not appreciate getting her blood drawn!  Her blood work is all good though, but she did have some protozoa in her poop.  She did Metronidazole for a week, and I need to take a sample in for testing.

Busy times but we are all healthy and doing well.  Thanks for stopping by to check on us!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Mancat Monday

 The mancats are back with an update...all is well!
Flynn loves to sit with his tongue out just a bit...bleep.  His canine teeth are sticking out a bit more too.  It will be interesting to see what the dentist says at his appointment this fall.

Rare shot of all three panthers with their EYES OPEN!!  Front to back, Charles, Harrison, Flynn

Quite the size difference between Charles (10lb 10) and Flynn (19lb 15).

Pumpkin is doing well.  She has eaten a bit of watermelon, red pepper and a grape.  She's also had a couple of roaches.  She still prefers her slurry, but always has regular food available.

Rusty is enjoying the porch and acts sill on the condos out there.  We have two for them to enjoy.

Charles still enjoys a good snuggle and nursing session on his mama blanket.  I love it too!

Upcoming: Pumpkin, Harrison and Flynn are going to the vet on July 1st.  Charles goes on July 15th.  These are all routine appointments.  Rusty doesn't need to go until November.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, May 23, 2022

Mancat Monday

 The boys have been busy and enjoying life!  All is well at our house.
Harrison decided to sleep in Rusty's spot on the bed...I guess it is good to mix things up a bit!

Charles and Pumpkin have been enjoying porch time.

The peony has bloomed and is finished now, but it was pretty while it lasted.

Our vacuum cleaner that we've had for close to 20 years has broken.  I took it to the vacuum cleaner hospital this morning, but they can't repair it.  They will recycle it for us.  So sad.

Pumpkin found a good spot on the couch and fell asleep last night.

Auntie went out to get fresh catnip and 6 cats were waiting on her to return!  Harrison is under the chair.

Charles' nail has finally healed...we do not have weekly visits any longer!!

Rusty loves when I spray my mattress pad with Lysol before putting on clean sheets.

Charles being cute.

Charles is long and slender...he is a funny boy

Flynn enjoys eating and getting his neck scratched.  I feel like his upper canines are sticking out of his mouth further...I wonder if he will lose those this year when he goes to the dentist?

Thanks for stopping by to check on the crew...hope you are all doing well.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Mancat Monday

 Happy Monday everyone...the mancats are here for another episode :)  Everyone is doing well.
Auntie and I along with some family members went to the Jimmy Buffett concert this past Saturday night in Raleigh.  It was beyond amazing!  We haven't seen one of his concerts in several years, so it was a nice treat.
Aunt Jan had us all wear grass skirts :)  She is one of our favorite aunts!

Pumpkin enjoyed some time outside in the sun

We have baby birds in the birdhouse.  So exciting.  There appear to be 6 of them.

Charles got some wool eggs for Easter.  He has also stolen my chair on the porch!

Charles loves Pumpkin...he tries to stay near her when she is downstairs.

Pumpkin decided she liked walking in the grass...
Charles injured himself when the painter was at the house.  He has to go again today for another recheck to make sure it is healing correctly.

They tried to give him a bandage, but he was too smart for them...

Smug Charles has removed the bandage in about 20 minutes at home!

Native Columbine are pretty this year in the garden.

Well, there you have it.  Harrison, Flynn and Rusty are all doing well.  Thanks for stopping by to catch up on my family.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Mancat Monday

Four Crazy Mancats here and we are all doing well.  We have had some big adventures over the past few weeks.
The inside of our house is being painted...everything has to move again!

Mom is recovering nicely and still enjoys Charles snuggles :)  Charles might enjoy them too.

Pumpkin is doing well.  She thought it was too bright one evening while watching tv, so she found a darker place.

Rusty has been helping get the house ready.  Curtains needed to come down and be washed.

The pigeons are antagonizing the cats...they are sitting on the roof of the porch in this photo.  Charles, Rusty and Cousin Izzy are trying to decide if they can catch them!

Charles loves the holes in the couch cushions...they are the best places to sleep at night.

Flynn enjoyed watching some bird videos one morning.  

Harrison was excited the Chewy box came and brought him some more food.  Some of our favorite types are getting harder and harder to find!

Pumpkin had to leave her tank on the day our room was being painted.  She hung out under some lights in my craft room, and then I moved her to the travel tank for the evening.

Here is my room getting ready for paint!

The stairs were covered while those walls were done.  Flynn loved to help.

Stress or pollen had the boys sneezing some, so lysine in Churu treats was the remedy.  Charles and Flynn.

Charles turned 1 on April 1st, so we celebrated all the boys birthdays with some fun new toys and treats.  Harrison and Flynn had birthdays in March.  They are 6 now.

Harrison loved the new circle scratcher.  This is one of his favorites but we haven't had one in several months.

Flynn helped with the cleaning of the furniture and painting the bottoms with Kilz, where some cats have been naughty.

Charles found a quiet place in the guest room when the painter moved downstairs.

Pumpkin enjoys a warm bath.  She gets one a couple of times a week.

We were all beginning to get tired of the painting process...Charles found a good place for a nap.  This is where he sleeps at night most of the time too.  Love my little bed fellow.

Fun selfie with Charles.

Harrison is waiting to see if I'll offer him some of my snack.

The living room during the painting process

A rare photo with all 8 cats...Izzy doesn't really know what to do with catnip yet.

Rusty supervising...

Auntie doing more cleaning...with Cousin Teddy helping

Pumpkin went to see the Easter Bunny over the weekend.  She did great!

Well, there you have it.  The painting in finished, and now we are putting pictures back on the walls, hanging up the curtains, and just trying to get the house back in order!

We hope you are all doing well.  Enjoy the holiday weekend, however you celebrate.

Here are the birthday graphics for the panthers...