Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bird Watching

Tanner is an avid bird watcher. He loves when they fly in and land in the yard. The pigeons are his favorite because they are so dramatic and big! I caught him one day in the chair watching the birds out the window...this was the craziest pose! Tanner is a nut.

Another crazy thing Tanner does is lay in the floor of the upstairs bedroom and act like he is looking out the window. I don't think he can see anything, unless the birds are flying by, so I'm not real sure what he thinks he is seeing!

He also likes when the pigeons are on the can hear them dancing around up there from inside the house. It drives him crazy!

Video testing

I'm trying to figure out how long of a video I can post here, so bear with me as I experiment. This first video is of Mojo. He's out in the yard playing/rolling in the grass. Because of his severe allergies he was not allowed to go outdoors, and we could not open the windows. At the time of this video, the allergies were the least of our concerns. His tumor was enormous, and his life was coming to an end. He was feeling good during this time due to some steroids. Enjoy our boy!

More video to come...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Birthdays

Tanner and Smokey both have birthdays in April. Tanner turned 7 years old last week on the 7th, and Smokey is 13 today.

Tanner got a new toy and peacock feather to play with. We also had some celebration canned food. Since Tanner is on a diet he did not have any sweets this year.
Smokey will celebrate tonight with a new catnip toy and some yummy canned food. His favorite flavor is Chicken and Liver so that is what we will serve up to the gang.
More posts are coming soon...stay tuned!