Monday, November 07, 2022

Mancat Monday

 All is well at the house...we have survived the sewage issue and new floor install.  We are all ready for some peace and quiet!
We ended up with a couple of extra boxes of the kitchen floor.  Flynn points out that this box doesn't belong here.

Charles was happy to share my tuna yesterday

Pumpkin enjoys her snuggles in the evenings.

While Auntie and I were still trying to get everything reorganized the panthers hung out in the bed!  Front to back - Harrison, Flynn and Charles

It took several hours to restock the pantry...I tried to organize it as well.

The other side...the cats have a ton of food!

Rusty found a nice sun puddle to rest...

Transition of the floors downstairs.  The brown hardwood look is in the whole house now, except of the kitchen area and the upstairs bathrooms.  All the bedrooms upstairs are this same LVP.
The nook and kitchen have this tile LVP, along with the pantry and laundry room.

Looking towards the front door from the den...

Fall is here and I love the beautiful colors.  This tree was super bright the other week at church.

Teddy and Pumpkin enjoying time on the porch.  Pumpkins porch time is coming to an end until next spring, so we take advantage when we can.  It needs to be in the upper 70's but preferably in the 80's before I take her outside.

I went to the State Fair last month and the pumpkins were amazing this year.  I just don't know how they grow them so large!  Do you have a State or County fair where you live?

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