Monday, March 23, 2020

Mancat Monday

We have all been well, and are enjoying our time at home.  I've been working at home for just over a week now, and the boys aren't tired of me yet!  Depending on how long this goes on for, the story may change, but right now they are loving the extra snuggles.  I hope you are all doing well, and are healthy still with all the supplies and food you need.
Flynn had a birthday on the 14th, and he got some new toys, bowls, and some treats.  It was a good day for the now 4 year old!

Rusty loves Flynn's new kicker has silver vine in it instead of catnip.

Oliver is my most consistent co-worker.  He loves to be in the room with me, although he tends to sleep a lot on the job!

The afternoon sun streaming in the windows make for some good photo light though.

Rusty also likes to sit in the chair next to mine...he loves the memory foam cushion!

Harrison turned 4 yesterday...he is benefiting the most by having me home.  He tends to be very nervous lately, but is realizing that Auntie and I have not and will never hurt him.  He goes from super snuggly and wanting to be held, to running from you if you walk towards him.  Such a silly boy!

Extra canned food was needed on his birthday

He got a new laser pointer, some bowls and a scratcher. Everyone is liking the new laser pointer.

Why can't I catch that red dot?

Flynn watching the red dot as well

New circle scratcher.  We have had this kind before and it is a favorite.  They end up tearing it apart after a while, but it will last a few months.

Rusty loves it fact all the boys have taken a turn laying it already, or giving it a good scratch!

When it is your birthday, you can get away with some naughty things, like trying to lick the mayo off the pea salad!

Well, there you have it.  We are surviving the quarantine.  Prayers to you all in these uncertain days.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Tuesday Travels - Himeji Black Cat Cafe

We took the bullet train to Himeji, not to see the famous castle, but to visit a black cat cafe!
The cafe was about a 20 minute walk from the train station.  This is the entrance to the building...the cafe is on the second floor. 

Cute black cat things all around...its a good thing I'm not a thief!  LOL

We hung out in the cafe for about an hour.  We were the only people there besides the owner.  The cats were very friendly.  I believe there were 9 of them.

This is the owner of the cafe, and of all the cats.  She has rescued them from shelters and off the streets.  She continues to work to rescue and place the strays in the area.

The cats all wore collars of a particular color to tell them apart.  I can appreciate boys do the same!

The cafe was very clean with lots of places for the cats to climb and explore.

Good kitty to scratch the post!

We had the best time here, because we were both missing our black cats back home.  This was the revitalization we needed!

This green collared cat claimed me...I loved it!

Happy to get a funny tongue shot!  Cats are the same no matter where they live.

Monday, March 02, 2020

Mancat Monday

The boys all had a nice week...
Flynn is helping Auntie vacuum by keeping the toys on the couch.  Our dad's sister was coming to stay with us for a night, so we needed to straighten up some.  Flynn loves to help vacuum.

Rusty doesn't like the vacuum, so he finds the highest spot he can to wait until it is over.

Oliver doesn't mind...he loves the vacuum cleaner and rubs all over it when it is turned off.

Flynn took a stroll outside on Sunday.  He is doing so much better around Lenny with the extra attention and playtime he is getting.

It was rather windy, so he enjoyed sniffing the wind...

He is sitting in what will be the summer garden.

He mostly laid around because the harness is extremely heavy!

The greeters as I was coming down the stairs...George, Rusty, Flynn and Harrison...

Harrison's fur is growing back nicely...

Rusty enjoyed some playtime with this teal toy.  Normally, he will run if you wave this string at him, but today he enjoyed it...

Everyone loves to play in, on, under and around this S-scratcher!

Love all his white and his square snout.

Flynn found the bag of birthday gifts in the laundry room.  His birthday isn't for another couple of weeks, but I went ahead and gave him this new kicker.  It is filled with silvervine instead of catnip, and he went crazy for it!

There you have it...our week in a nutshell!  We hope you had a nice week as well.  Tomorrow, I'll tackle another day of the Japan trip...come on back!