Friday, September 08, 2017

Foster Friday

We have been doing some better in the foster world this week, but still had a sad moment...
Sweet Charlie passed away Sunday morning.  He has been the weakest of the crew, but still eating well and walking around to seek out snuggles.  Auntie and I dropped him off at the State Vet Lab to have a full necropsy done so we can hopefully get some answers as to what is going on with this group.  For those that have lost count, that is three cats (1 adult, 2 kittens) that have passed away from our house this week!  Needless to say, its been a rough one.

This little stinker, Rusty, has made himself at home.  He is the first one to come downstairs and prefers to hang out with us over the other kittens.  I wonder if Tanner is telling him something?

He loves to snuggle and sleep in your arms...

What a cutie pie...wish they could stay this size!

Checking out all the hiding places...we can still see you Rusty!

The other kittens are all doing well.  Josie has a potential adopter once she gets big enough.  She and Regina and Rusty are from the same litter as the ones that have died, so I'd like to be able to tell adopters what happened to their brothers.

Madeline and Zoe each weigh one pound and a half!!  They look so good these days and play hard.  Monte is almost at two pounds and is looking more like a cat these days.  He shouldn't have any trouble finding a home.


  1. I'm really sorry about Charlie, the precious little one. A very hard week for you all. :-(

    Purrs from N & D that everyone else remains healthy and thrives.

    Rusty looks quite at home! What a dear little baby. ♥

  2. we are very sorry....we hope you can get some answers

  3. How sad about Charlie and the others. I'm glad the rest of the kittens are doing well. That Rusty is a real cutie.

  4. We are sorry about Charlie. We hope you can get some answers. We're glad that the other kittens are doing okay...and we purr that they stay that way.

  5. sooo sorry about Charlie, sending you (((hugs)))

  6. What cutie pies. Having two very grown cats, I forget how cute and fluffy they are as kittens. I don't know how you handle the losses so well. I'd be a basket case but you have the proper attitude....a necroposy to find out why these kitties died so early so you can maybe help the others more positively.


  7. Fly free, Charlie ! You and Caleb have Big Brother Tanner to love on and guide you !

    Hope you get some answers and have a better week ahead.

  8. I am sorry that little Charlie has also passed. I hope things turn around now and the future is much better.


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