Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

 Tanner spent yesterday at the vet school getting bloodwork, examination and the iv dose of doxorubicin.  He did well with his treatment, even though there were tons of dogs in the clinic when we checked in that morning.  I like dogs, but I do wish dog owners would be a bit more respectful of the cat in the carrier and not allow their dogs to come over to him.
Here's Tan on the way home...his eyes are big and drugged because they gave him a light sedative to administer the IV, since it runs over 20 minutes and they needed him to be still.  Tanner was bumped up to his larger blue carrier, since his weight has been creeping up some.  He weighs 15 lbs 13 oz right now.  The oncologists love that he is eating so well and doesn't appear to be fazed by the chemo.
As we were leaving the vet school, a rainbow appeared for us...I hope you can see it.  We will take this as a good sign for Tanner!
Medicine Update - Tanner is now finished with his prednisolone!
Sophie Update - We have been trying the Spirit Essence by Jackson Galazy and see some improvements.  We ordered "Peacemaker".  We spray it on the blankets where Sophie lays most of the time, and also on Tanners bed.  Sometimes we spray our hands and rub it on Sophie.  She at least seems to be directing her angst more equally to all the boys and not targeting Tanner.  She is going to the vet on Dec 8th and Auntie will talk about other options.  In the meantime, she continues getting her pain meds daily, for arthritis, and we will continue using the spray.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this year...we all have so much to be Thankful for!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Yesterday, Tanner had to made a quick trip to his regular vet for a CBC, to determine if he was eligible for chemo.  All looked good, so we did our chemo and ice cream routine last night.  This time, instead of pills, he was given capsules, and they seemed to go down a bit easier for him.  I will try to request those next time too.
Right now, our biggest issue at the house is with Cousin Sophie.  She does not like Tanner at the moment and will squeal and hiss and fuss at him, even if he just walks into the room with her.  I don't know if she is smelling something different about him because of the cancer or the drugs, or if she is experiencing a problem herself.  This has been going on for sometime now and we are not sure exactly what to do about it.  We have moments of peace and moments of unrest in the house. 
We have plugged in feliway, but have not really noticed an improvement.  Has anyone tried any of the essential oil blends by Jackson Galaxy? 
I will be asking the oncologists if Tanner can resume wearing his calming collar.  I don't want to give him anymore pills at this time, but feel that the problem really lies with Sophie right now anyway.
Otherwise, Tanner has two weeks off from treatment before heading to the vet school on November 24th for another dose of chemo.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mancat Monday

This is an older photo from the spring, but these two still enjoy time together. 
Tanner and Oliver are enjoying life these days.  Oliver is proud to announce that he is no longer afraid of my bedroom, and will enter freely, by himself to sleep in the bed!  We don't know what spooked him, but for a couple of months, he would not come into my room.  Of course, this was upsetting because I love having my boys sleep with me at night! 
Tanner continues to do well with treatments.  His fur has thinned out a bit more on his side and his thighs, so I will speak to the doctor in a couple of weeks when we go back to the vet school.  It doesn't appear to be bothering him, so we will just moniter. 
I have been terrible able taking pictures of the boys, but vow to do better!  Things have been a touch crazy, including helping a friend with her new baby (human).  I've spent a few days at her house, and plan to go back next week for a few days.  She is a sweet girl, but I am more thankful than ever for my furry boys!