Monday, March 26, 2007

Smokey and the Vet School, part 2

Smokey finally made it to the vet school for his allergy testing. His appointment in February was cancelled because the doctor's flight was delayed. We went this past Wednesday. He was not too happy about having to fast overnight or the car ride over to Raleigh. He loves to talk in the car, so I enjoyed hearing him because he doesn't talk at home a whole lot. He has a very high squeaky's like it never changed from when he was a kitten.

Once we made it to the vet school, and I got him checked in, Dr. Murphy came out to get him pretty quickly. We chatted for a bit, and off they went. When Kim picked him up later that afternoon, Dr. Murphy commented on how loving Smokey was, and how he just wanted to be held! He is a snuggle bug and loves getting hugs.

Smokey got a mild sedative to help him hold still while he was being tested. He got his side shaved, and they marked on his with what looks like a Sharpie where the test pricks were going to go. Here he is just a few minutes after being home...he was starving! You can see the black marks very prominently, and also some sores where the testing was done.

Smokey was so happy to be home...he's been quite talkative, which is unlike him. He loves to play and is a frisky kitten! It takes him an office visit to make him truly appreciate his good life at home.

We found out that he is allergic to 12 things.

  • Dust Mites

  • Eastern Oak Mix (trees)

  • White Hickory

  • Red Maple

  • Elm Mix

  • Johnson Grass

  • Orchard Grass

  • Yellow Dock (weed)

  • Rough Pigweed

  • Giant Ragweed

  • Fleas

  • Cockroaches

Since the serum for the immuno-therapy can have up to 14 items in it, we were all set, and his serum will include all things (except fleas). The serum should be here in a couple of weeks, and we'll get started. Once I know the schedule for the shots, I'll post them here. I will be doing the shots at home. I feel comfortable with that, since I've already gone through this process with Mojo. Mojo is currently on a once every two week schedule, which is nice. I'm hoping to get the boys on the same day, once Smokey gets to the maintenance phase.

After a few days, the black dots were fading on Smokey's side. The shaved area is so warm and soft...I just love rubbing it! I told Smokey we may just have to keep him shaved...he wasn't too happy about that.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air, here in the south and that means two things...

1) Fun Stroller Rides


2) Allergies!

We'll start with the fun stuff...Stroller rides! I took Devon out this Sunday for a walk around the block. Now that I'm off the crutches from breaking my fibula in February, I thought a walk would be nice. Plus, did I mention that it was in the 70's here? So I grabbed Devon and we were off. It's been a while since we have used the stroller, so he started out talking a bit frantically. Once we crossed the street, he settled down. He loves to talk while he is out...I secretely think he wants to see if folks will come out and look at him! I forgot to take my camera out with me, but here is a picture of him from last fall in the stroller. Next time we go out, I'll take the camera along...Devon is a bit hard to see here, but he is sitting and looking proud!

Spring also means allergies, and poor Smokey is starting to flair up a bit. His eyes are a bit swollen, so I've started the eye ointment again to see if that will help. He goes next week to be tested for allergies, so I hope we can pin point the culprits and get the immuno-therapy started soon! I'll try to grab a new photo of Smokey tonight...he is a bit camera shy!

Did I mention that it was in the 70's on Sunday? It was a glorious day here...the sky was blue, Carolina Blue, I might add. I took advantage of the day, and when I got back from my walk with Devon, I grabbed a book and a chair, threw on some shorts and headed outside! I sat in the sun with my bare feet in the grass and read for a couple of was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It's supposed to get into the 80's by mid-week...Spring is definitely right around the corner...