Monday, March 25, 2019

Mancat Monday

This post is a Harrison birthday recap.  Some of you may have seen these photos on Facebook already.  Harrison had a great couple of days celebrating...we appreciate all the birthday wishes!
Playtime with his favorite feather toy.  On Saturday, he got a new feather to enjoy!  This feather toy is super fragile and doesn't last very long.

He and his brothers got a new puzzle toy.  Everyone loves fishing treats out!

Birthday greetings from my car :)

A nice nap on his favorite pillow...

Lots of time being held up at the door windows to watch the birds.  There is a wreath on this door, and sometimes they will land on it!  Now, please note, there is a double window about three feet to the left of this door for him to watch from, but he prefers to be held up like this!  Auntie bought some ferns for the front porch and the birds have already started building nests in them.  There is a lot of activity on the front porch!

And of course, his birthday wouldn't be complete without a swim in the tub!  

There you have it...a fun and memorable birthday for Harrison!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Harrison.  He is a silly boy, that still acts skittish at times, but loves to get snuggles.  He is soft like a rabbit and talks all the time.  Harrison is quite bossy, but his cuteness and round muffin head lets him get away with it!  He is a good brother and a friend to all.  I am so thankful to have him in my life.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Mancat Monday

Flynn had a great birthday!  Thank you all for the well wishes...we felt loved!  
Flynn started his celebration week off with some special treats.  His color is teal/aqua, so those were the package colors I chose for him.  I have assigned each boy a color, and this helps me in choosing Christmas ornaments, toys, scrapbook items, blankets/beds. clothes, and in this case, treats.  Here is a list of everyone's colors.

Oliver = Orange
Harrison = Red
Flynn = Teal
Rusty = Navy 

I set up birthdays in my car, so it helped me remember and celebrate Flynn as well!

Flynn loves to stroll, and it was a beautiful day for a trip around the neighborhood.

Here is a short video of Flynn...he loves to push on this igloo.  Such a goof ball!

The fish hasn't been mentioned in a while, so he was feeling left out.  The boys have a betta fish and they love to watch him swim.  We like to keep a snail in the tank as well to help keep it clean.  Unfortunately, our last snail died a couple of weeks ago.  I was going to buy a new one, but someone offered me a couple for free...score!  They are just babies...can you see them above?

Here they are...eating on a piece of algae wafer...they are tiny fellas!

Well there you have it...the boys are all doing well.  Flynn had a great birthday.  And the fish has two new tank-mates!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Happy Birthday Flynn!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my big goof Flynn! He is a fun and loving boy.  Flynn is a good brother and has stopped trying to be the boss of everyone!  Flynn is a gentle giant, a very trusting soul.  I am thankful to have him in my life.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Mancat Monday

The boys have had a fun week.  Everyone is doing well now.  Flynn felt puny for a couple of days, but seems to be better now.
Harrison hasn't had a photo posted in a while, so I tried to get one of his this week.  Here he is playing with a string and his igloo.  He has been very frisky lately, asking to play and snuggle daily!

I broke out the laser pointer and the boys have LOVED running up and down the hall!  We added this carpet runner, so Pirate could move around easier.  It was hard for him to walk on the hardwood floor.  The first cat down is Harrison, Flynn runs back and then Oliver takes a turn and attacks the wall!

This video shows Rusty running down the hall.  It took him longer to catch on to the idea and understand what you were supposed to do, but he loves it now!

Monday, March 04, 2019

Mancat Monday

The boys are returning to normal after their big adventure last week.
Rusty in his favorite spot at night.  This bed has a heated pad under the blanket, so he likes to cook.  I think he is getting a bit warm, since the one leg is sticking out.  

Flynn is asking to play with his strings.  He has quite a few that he likes.  It is a guessing game to pick the right one for each play session!

Rusty helped me with the laundry.  He loves to burrow in the clothes, just like brother Harrison.  He was purring up a storm!

Wanting to play this morning, but Oliver was on top of the condo, and Harrison was in the room.  Rusty doesn't like to play in front of others.  He prefers the room to himself!

I haven't looked at their gums yet to see if the redness has gone.  I think they will all need their nails trimmed this coming up weekend, so I'll look then.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Flynn and Rusty Update

Well, yesterday was the big day for Flynn and Rusty.  We headed over to the vet bright and early.  They were both starving!  Rusty sang the entire trip, and continued until we were placed in a room.
There was no window in this room, so Flynn wasn't sure how he would escape!

The schedule was pretty light, so the tech thought they would start early on them.  Rusty went first and did extractions needed!!

Flynn was next, and he also did great!  No extractions for him either!!  He does have a little bit of bone recession so they did a gel sealant under his gums to try and help.  Otherwise, they both looked great!

Rusty sang all the way home, and they both bolted out of their carriers and headed to the breakfast plates.  I let them eat that, and then waited about 45 minutes before giving anything else, just to make sure they didn't have an upset tummy from the anesthesia.  They were both just fine, and came back for dinner when I offered it.

Flynn was super loving and high as a kite from his meds!  He just wanted to be snuggled and talked to.  Rusty was suspicious and didn't want to have anything to do with me!  He wasn't about to caught and shoved in that carrier again.

Flynn is still pretty tired acting this morning so I'm hoping by this afternoon he will feel more like himself.  He should be able to rest while we are at work.

Rusty was watching his birds, and his eyes are back to more large pupils.  He hid when I started to leave, again, not taking any chances on getting snatched up!

Thank you all for your kind words, positive thoughts and purrs.  The POTP helped my boys and my pocketbook :)