Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toesday Tuesday

Smokey is showing off his cute coffee bean toes today...resting on a kitchen chair. This chair is a favorite of all the boys...it is angled so they can sit in it and look right out the door to the bird feeders. Smokey could watch the birds if he would wake up :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mancat Monday

Mom went off and left us on Thanksgiving day, and didn't come home until Saturday! The pet-sitter came by a few times to check on us, but it isn't the same. Mom did bring us some turkey though, and we loved it! Now it is time for a nap...

Mom here: I don't think the boys sleep well when I am not home. They were all zonked out on Saturday!

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving...now on to the Christmas rush!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Tales - Berkeley Plantation

While in the Williamsburg area, we visited the Berkeley Plantation. This was important because it is the Official site of the First Thanksgiving in America. Most people think of the pilgrams when they think of Thanksgiving, but the pilgrams didn't arrive in America for a few more years.
This is the James River...as seen from the front lawn of the plantation.
This is the Kitchen and servant quarters. There is a tunnel that runs between this building and the main building. They separated the kitchen from the main living quarters to keep the heat away.
A side view of the main house. William Henry Harrison, one of our President's was born here.
This is the guest house...I love the color of the plaster on the walls.
Another view of the kitchen building...you can see the cannon ball still in the wall.

Here is the shrine to the first Thanksgiving in America...1619.

Walking along the trails on the plantation we saw many butterflies....this one finally rested long enough for me to snap its picture.
The Flats enjoyed sunning on this rock to the Unknown Indian.

This was Rob, our tour guide. He did a great job of explaining some of the history of the plantation, and showing us around the house. We were unable to take pictures inside the house though.
Another plaque recognizing the First Thanksgiving...
We hope you have enjoyed this tour today...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mancats love Brownies

The other week, we had brownies for dessert. Tanner has a MAJOR sweet tooth, and was just too tempted by the brownies on the table...

We are unable to leave brownies out on the counter because he will unwrap them and eat the tops off!

Tanner can unwrap just about any sort of candy if he can smell it. We have to be extra careful to keep things put away...

Tanner will be your best friend though if you offer him some of your dessert :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Colonial Garden

Today we continue our colonial trip and combine it with our Garden post...Enjoy!
The trees were simply breathtaking in Williamsburg...I love the Fall!
This orange color tree is my favorite!
This is at the Garden and Nursery along Duke of Gloucester Street...Love the idea of the raised garden...they still have many wonderful things growing.

I love the way they have supported their tomato vines...

This is Katie...she was running the Garden supply shop and was excited to hold the Flats, especially when she learned about their garden back home and this post :)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Thanks to all who made a guess yesterday...we were in Williamsburg, VA. The weather was gorgeous and History was made Fun! Here are a few more friends...

These birds were hanging out with the ferry we were riding...

This little guy came out to eat dinner while we were touring Historic Jamestowne Island.

This squirrel was also on Jamestowne Island...

This remnant of a friend was in a gazebo at the Berkeley Plantation. You better believe we quickly left that spot in case he was still around somewhere!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tales on Tuesday

Our mom and Auntie and a couple of their friends went away for the weekend...they took our Flat selves with them. Can you tell where they were?
This is Stanley...he had heard of Flat Stanley, and was very excited to stand with us...
This is an ox...he was making his way very, very slowly down this main street. He drew a lot of attention...we were thankful mom did try to get him to pose with our flats.
This was Anita...she was blocking off the main street because of a re-enactment that was about to take place...

Any thoughts about where we could be?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

Today's garden post takes place in the front yard...we still have many flowers blooming...so let's get started...Cousin Sophie is excited to show you around, although she'll stay inside and just enjoy the fresh window whiffies!
The gerber daisy's are all blooming again. We had a rather warm spell, and they thrived.
The mums are doing their thing too...some are looking better than others...love the colors though.
This pot set is beside the front door and has pansies planted in it...

More pansies in the kitty pot...

The front yard garden...Our trees have not started turning yet...for some reason, we are always the last ones in the neighborhood to change!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Toes and Tails Tuesday

Tanner was playing hard last night and stopped for a rest in the cube...it was the craziest pose, I was thankful my camera was handy!

Do you have a name for this pose?

Monday, November 08, 2010

Mancats Love Routines

Smokey is a creature of habit. I know in the mornings when I get up, he'll be sitting in the towel in the bathroom waiting...

Then he will go and have a small snack in the skinny cat cage...
Next he'll hear my shower curtain open, and he'll come flying into the bathroom and jump in the tub...we play a game called 'Goose in the Tub' for a while. He rolls around and I get his belly and scoop him up for snuggles. When I put him down, he'll jump back in there...we do this a few times then I turn on the water :)

He's waiting on his towel when I get out of the shower...

Then he goes to his room for a morning nap. He believes the guest room in his, and loves laying in the bed.

Well there you have it...Smokey's morning routine. Do your cats have a routine?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Handmade Parade

The other week a neighboring town had a unique parade. The flats thought it would be fun to see what it was about. They had never been to a handmade parade before!
Here they are hanging out with the first creature to go through the parade...
This blue bird family were sweet enough to pose with the Flats! They were lucky the flats didn't eat them for dinner!
Various puppets in the parade...a huge butterfly!
A spooky looking creature...
A great white owl!
A bat for Devon!
There were even some musicians in the parade. The requirements for entering were that you wore a costume that you had made. We believe there were over 500 participants! It was fun, and we will try to go again next year.