Friday, September 15, 2017

Foster Friday

The kittens are all doing well this week!!
Regina and Monte are exploring more and more...

Madeline just loves to snuggle!  She wants to sit with you all the time and will scream until you pick her up.

Rusty loves to have a nest to sleep in, although he wont seek it out, but will stay if you put him there.

Josie is already spoken for...we are just not sure which other kitten will be going with her yet.

Another cute one of Rusty...he was nursing away with his mouth while he slept!

Harrison and Rusty...thankfully the panthers don't mind the kittens.

Received preliminary report from the state lab, but it doesn't really shed any light on the problem.  I'm waiting for my vet to call so we can talk it over.  Maybe the full report will be back next week.  Everyone seems healthy though and they all eat well and are playing more and more.  Fingers crossed we are out of the woods!


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