Thursday, December 26, 2013

Secret Paws 2013

 Our Secret Paws package arrived last Saturday, but the boys had to wait until Christmas to open it...we were excited to see that it was from Wally, Ernie and Zoey - The Island Cats, because we had their name too this year!
 Everything was so neatly wrapped and packed...Ollie is showing off the goodies...he loves sitting in the box!  You can see the squeaky mouse toy swinging in the photo, which is keeping him still for a few minutes.  He loves that toy and jumps and chases it for long periods of time.  Let's just say, mom gets tired before he does!
 A new purple cube was in the box!  Cubes are great fun and Ollie and Georgie love to turn theirs into hamster wheels...these cubes go all over the house!
 Georgie was a bit overwhelmed with all the Christmas activity, but enjoyed putting the bitey on this new nip nanner!
 Tanner loved the nip nanner too, but laying on this paper seems to be the best present of all this year!  I can see it will be a while before we can clean up the living room.  
Here's a look at all our goodies...we got many toys, our favorite treats, a new cube, a super soft and warm blanket, and the mom got some candies and a new cat scarf!  Thank you Island Cats!!

Here's one last picture of a tired kitten loving his new blanket...
Ollie loved Christmas...he loved playing with all his new toys, he loved playing in the wrapping paper, he loved pulling tape off of packages (he kept us on our toes), he loved chewing on boxes, and he loved getting all kinds of attention from our parents who were up for the day.  Ollie was wiped out by evening, and a snuggly warm blanket was the perfect end to a great day.  Thanks again Island Cats for making this baby's first Christmas so special!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! 

We will be opening our Secret Paws present will be forthcoming!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

All about Ollie

Ollie hasn't had a post about just him in a while, so here goes...
 Here's the first picture I was sent from the home that rescued him from the shelter...look at that milk crusted face and neck! He lived with this angel for three days.
This is the photo from the shelter that won my heart...this baby needed me!
 Here he is now...3 months old and thriving!!  Ollie is learning about the finer things in life, as well as all the rules that go with living in a house.
1) Don't sharpen your claws on anything other than the cat furniture (he does very well with this)
2) The bathroom/litter box room is a business room, not a party room.  We don't bother others when they are in there!
3) Don't attack the older black cat
4) Don't rip/shred pages from books on the table or magazines
5) Don't get in the litter box when you have wet feet from playing in the tub
6) Wet feet are slick feet, so you need to be careful when jumping and running
7) Don't swing on the shower curtain
8) Don't chew on any type of cord (power, blinds, etc...)
9) Don't eat random things off the floor
10) If your brothers or cousins are squealing, you are biting too hard!
 Ollie has discovered the purple puff...I find him laying in it pretty frequently, even during the night.  You can see from this photo, and the next, that he is almost lost all the stripes he had, and has gone mostly solid black.
He is long and lanky and loves to contort him self...notice his back feet touching the top of his head!  He is a love bug, when he can slow down enough to rest.  He has discovered a few new toys, and I am going to try to get some video of him playing and jumping because he is crazy wild!
Medically, he has had two FVRCP's now.  Will get his third one and rabies in January, and be neutered and micro chipped early February.  We will also re-run his FeLV/FIV test just to make sure all is still negative.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Today's two on Tuesday makes me one happy mom!  I love when my boys snuggle together, but what makes these photos so special is the fact that SMOKEY went and got in the chair with Tanner!  He is normally not the one that joins another cat, so I was very happy that he was seeking out companionship.
Sharing the chair...this has become a favorite spot for the cats for some reason this winter...might be the wool blanket!
 Smokey got comfy and put his legs up on Tanner...yes, Smokey's legs are almost bald again from over-grooming. 
 I took advantage of the opportunity and put Ollie in the chair as well to get a group shot!  Love these boys of mine!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Packing our Secret Paws Gift

We were excited to shop for our secret paws recipients this year. This is a blog we read often and feel we 'know' these cats :) We hope they enjoy their presents!
Ollie and Georgie made sure the box was suitable..Ollie added his own personal touch to the corners of the box!
Cousin Pirate checked out all the goods to see if they were of the highest quality for our friends...
No need to fear...Ollie made sure the wrapping paper roll was good and dead!
Ollie helped with the wrapping of the gifts...
Ollie performing one final inspection before we take it to the packing store for shipping...
We can't wait to see what our kitties think of their goodies! Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner had another good week of weight loss...he now weighs 16 lbs, 5 oz...a loss of 6 ounces for the week!
Tanner's annual visit to the cardiologist went very well too.  His heart is stable and we do not have any medicine changes. 
Life is looking good for Tanner these days!!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Weight Loss

Tanner had an ok week considering it was Thanksgiving.  He simply maintained his weight, so we are still as 16 lbs 11 oz.  Tanner loves sweets and was given a few tasty morsels of pie crust, sweet potato casserole, and of course turkey. 
Tanner goes on Monday, Dec 9th to visit the cardiologist at the vet school.  We are hoping for a stable heart again this year.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Today, we have a two on Tuesday...Two kittens!!  As you know, Ollie has been with us since he was three weeks old.  He has done very well, but kittens need friends their own age and size to play with.  Ollie needed to learn more about being a kitten.  Tanner was doing a great job, but it isn't the same.  So Auntie adopted a kitten Ollie's age...his name is Georgie.  We have had Georgie for a week and a half now, and he and Ollie are fast friends!
Ollie wiped out after some play time with his new cousin.  These two love to run and play and wrestle.  Ollie is learning more about acceptable play, and does not bite as much as before!!!  He is still a momma's boy and I love that!

 This is Cousin Georgie!  He is a love bug, and super sweet and snuggly.  He is a very floppy kitten and just melts in your arms when you hold him.  He loves to lay on laps and has been comfortable in the house from day one.  We had a bit of growling and hissing, but that has all stopped now.  He loves to play with Ollie and can hold his own in the wrestling matches.  He is short and stocky and weighs a few ounces more than Ollie.  

Here are the two boys after a play session.  We laid them close to one another while they slept, so they would get used to each other.  Georgie, who grew up with other kittens, decided it was better to lay on top of Ollie than beside him.  Ollie had never experienced this behavior and was purring up a storm!  Everyone deserves a best friend.