Friday, September 01, 2017

Foster Friday and a Tanner Update

It's been another busy and crazy week at our house, so hang on...
Monday morning we woke up to find Caleb had passed away in the night.  We are not sure what happened, as he was eating and playing before going to bed.  No reason to think something was wrong with him! 
Remember Mom Bella?  She had been at the shelter for over two months, but was adopted this past weekend!  Woo Hoo for her!!
The roundworms have gone, but we started seeing some tapeworms...remember the fleas from the other week? 
Everyone had to go to the shelter on Tuesday for vaccines and a new dewormer.  We also took in a poop sample to make sure Caleb didn't have panleukapenia...negative thank goodness!  The shelter has seen a lot of kittens with the deadly disease this year unfortunately.  Because we were "suspect" the kittens had their exams in the parking lot!  Better safe than sorry.
The kittens took their dewormer and vaccines like champs and have been more perky since then.

They are all starting to play more and eat like piggies!

Regina is our most rambunctious one and loves to try and escape from her room!

Now on to Tanner.  I'm writing this on Thursday and he is currently at the vet and will be spending the night.  He is so dehydrated that we all felt some IV fluids would be beneficial to him.  The vet took some x-rays as well and noticed he has a kidney stone..which seems to be new.  He also peed blood while there, but no infection was present, so not real sure why so much blood.  He is starting on a different antibiotic to try and help the cold and also now a possible kidney infection.  This has me concerned because before his lymphoma last time, he had unexplained blood in his urine then too.  Wonder if it is a stone or a tumor?  Will ask the vet today when I talk with him.

His blood values looked good still.

We discussed a feeding tube, but that would require a trip to the vet school.  We also have to be mindful of sedating him at this point.

The vet is impressed with how "well" he is acting given all that is going on.  Now, if only he would eat!!

I hope my boy can pull out another miracle, but he definitely has me worried.  We appreciate all the purrs for healing and comfort!


  1. purrs for Tanner. and we are very sorry to hear about Caleb

  2. Poor little Caleb, so very sad. I'm glad he knew love and kitty joy with you, in his short life. :-(

    Continued purrs and purrayers for Tanner, for his Highest Good. Hugs to you.

  3. Poor Caleb - I'm glad the other kittens are perking up.

    I'm sending lots of purrs to Tanner.

  4. We are so sorry to hear about Caleb. Kittens can be so fragile. We're happy Bella found a home.

    And we saw the news on FB about Tanner. We are so very sorry. He was such a fighter...we thought he would come through this. We will miss him. We send you lots of comforing purrs.

  5. So sad about Caleb and sending prayers for Tanner. My Angel Bobo once had six kidney stones at one time (he was well into his senior years at that time), sending Tanner POTP! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. We're so sorry to hear that Caleb had to go to the Bridge. That's so sad. We are thankful that his life, although it was very short, was full of the love you gave him. We're purring real hard for Tanner!

  7. So sorry to hear about little Caleb - purriaying and sending POTP for dear Tanner.
    Good news for Bella - hope she has a long happy life !

  8. I am sorry to hear about little Caleb.
    After hearing about Tanner on FB, I am heartbroken for you. He was such a fighter and I will never forget him. (((Hugs))) to you.

  9. I see the news above and I am so sorry about Tanner. He was a sweet boy that will never be forgotten. XO
    Also sorry about Caleb.

  10. Extra purrs, hugs and tears to you for sweet Tanner ! Such a fighter and such a good boy ! Fly free, handsome !


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