Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Devon and Sophie!

I'm a bit late with this post, but better late than never, I suppose. Sophie celebrated her 6th birthday on September 10th, and Devon celebrated his 6th birthday on the 14th. It is hard to believe that we have had them for 6 years!

For Sophie's birthday, we went to the Wild Bird Unlimited store and picked up a bird feeder and some seed for her. She loves to chatter at the birds and watch them throughout the day. This new feeder will bring her pleasure all year. For her birthday dinner, we had steamed asparagus. This is her favorite human food, and she ate several stalks of it! I'll post pictures later...
For Devon's birthday, he also got a new bird feeder and a branch for the pole system. The finches love his feeder and there is always someone out there eating. The cats all love the birds! Devon's big thrill in life, besides laying on the oven, is licking butter from the County Crock tub, so for his birthday dinner, we had baked potatoes. He licked the butter and ate some shredded cheese. He was a happy boy!

Devon and Sophie, along with the other cats all got a new catnip toy as well. They love the felt mice, and will just wash and wash on them until they are soaking wet. Everyone went to bed high that night...pure kitty bliss.

Pictures of the actual birthdays will be posted at a later time.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Summer Update...Waiting for Fall

Since our last post a lot has happened with the boys...they are crazier than ever!

Devon is anxiously waiting for cooler weather so we can go for rides in the stroller again. It is simply too hot right now for him, or anyone to be outside. He enjoys laying in the middle of the floor and cooling his belly under the ceiling fan. He's a touch dramatic at times :)

Mojo's arm has finally healed! GO MOJO!! It only took about a month, but we were all glad when it was back to normal. Here is his arm about half-way through the healing process. Here is the arm completely healed, just needing a bit of hair to grow back. He was so proud of himself, and enjoyed his sardines.

Mojo had to go back to the vet school to have his eyes examined. He went in for his regular vet check-up, and she was concerned that he might have a melanoma on his eye. Luckily, it was just a spot where the iris has attached to the cornea, so nothing to worry about, just to keep an eye on. We were all thankful for that news, and Mojo got some more sardines.

Smokey is doing well on his allergy shots, and has only had a couple of small flair ups this summer. We are all pleased with his progress. Smokey's latest crazy habit is opening the closet doors. In some of the bedrooms, we have bi-fold doors, and they are no match for the Goose. He has been opening drawers (and pulling things out) since he was a kitten. He used to love to try and open the bathroom cabinets, but couldn't quite master that, so they would just slam shut during the night. I would wrap a hand towel around the post in the middle, so they wouldn't make noise. Now we've moved on to closets. At least he hasn't figured out how to work the door knobs yet!

Smokey went in for his regular vet check-up and got a clean bill of health, except for his teeth. We'll need to get those cleaned this year, along with a senior blood panel. (If anyone would like to hire Smokey to open their closets, he charges $25 per opening, more if he needs to pull something out!)

Tanner has been going well this summer too. He is a playing fool, and loves to jump around on the bed for his string! He is loving life right now because he is getting lots of canned food to help him lose weight. He is eating ProPlan Turkey and Rice Weight Management formula twice a day. We tried the Hills DM formula but no one would touch it! The ProPlan has a very high protein content, which is what Tanner needs. He seems to be extra sensitive to the carbs in the dry food. Maybe this will help him trim down a bit. He is over 17 lbs now! His vet has taken to calling him Mr. Wide Bottom! Otherwise he is going great.

The boys did great with their pet sitter while my sister and I were on vacation. Everyone came down to eat and get love and played with most every day. It took Tanner until two days before we came home to decide this lady might be ok, and he should let her pet him. It takes him a while to trust, but luckily we didn't have to worry about his medicine while we were gone, so that was a relief for all of us!

Everyone needed lots of love when we got home, but Tanner was the funniest. During the night when he would wake up, and see that I was still there, he would just purr and purr. I could hear him from across the room! He was very clingy and needy too. He followed me around all the time, and just talked up a storm. They were all happy to have us home, and we were glad to be back home too!

Well, that about wraps up our summer...hopefully updates will be more frequent this fall, since Devon and Mojo have birthdays coming up. Until then...stay Crazy!