Monday, November 27, 2017

Mancat Monday

A random collection of photos this week, but Oliver is here!
Rusty hanging out in the cat ball.

Harrison and Rusty playing on the "S" Scratcher

Flynn and Cousin Georgie checking out the Christmas tree

Rusty and Cousin Georgie saying something isn't right about this tree...they try to pull those branches down for Auntie!

Oliver double checks the box to make sure all the pieces are out...

Rusty admiring the far he is doing good with the trees...keeping his mouth closed, and not chewing anything!

Rusty and Flynn playing in the box...

Later that day, we rewarded all the hard work with some fresh catnip...
l-r Rusty, Pirate, Flynn, Georgie, Harrison, Oliver 

Rusty tried to eat his piece...he still isn't too sure about this catnip stuff...

Eventually, Flynn came over and ate his piece!

Tired baby after a long day of work!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Mancat Monday

It will be a Rusty intensive week...he is just too cute!
Rusty loves to sleep on this "mama" blanket.  It is super soft and he will just knead and purr, and sometimes put his face in the blanket and nurse a little.  When he was a lot younger, you could just sit him on this blanket and he was knead himself to sleep...he couldn't stay awake! 
Another favorite sleeping spot...He is over 5 pounds now.

Rusty found Tanner's purple bed this weekend...

Everyone loves a good box...Rusty is the only one that can sit in here... 
He tried to lay down, but got stuck!

Finally escaped!

Harrison has really taken to Rusty.  They wrestle and chase one another.  Loved catching this sweet moment between them...Harrison was washing Rusty's head... 
Rusty watching the birds with Flynn...I have a photo similar to this of Tanner and Oliver...

A little dark, but still Rusty and can see the size difference better here.

Oliver is still doing well...I will have to take a picture of that boy this week!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mancat Monday

One week, I'll try posting more than once!  Life is crazy right now.
Flynn and Rusty drinking in Auntie's bathroom.  The panthers all go behind the bowls to drink...they can't just sit in front and be normal! 
Rusty often has his tongue sticking out some when he sleeps...

How dare you disturb my nap...

Rusty is getting long...he hit 5 pounds this week.

Flynn and Harrison waiting on their treats...

Rusty sitting with some of the new IKEA pet bedding...

Rusty doesn't mind going up to the panthers are wrestling them...It's good for him to get some energy out.

Oliver is doing well too, just didn't get a photo of him this week!

Monday, November 06, 2017

Mancat Monday

Lots of photos again this week...
Rusty loves to snuggle in the bed.  This week he has been coming in while I am getting ready for work.  It is hard to leave when he is being so sweet! 
Oliver is more interested in playing.  He still isn't sleeping with me, but I hope he will return at some point!  He is very dramatic and gets his feelings hurt easily :)

Flynn and Harrison are playing with Rusty more and more...

Rusty still prefers to play with me...he loves to be close and climb all over you! 

This was Rusty's first Halloween, so he had a couple of costumes.  He isn't very good at wearing them, but you take what you can get!  Here he is in his Carolina Panthers bandanna because he wants to be a panther too!

His real costume was to be Shrimp Nigiri or Ebi.  Since he is orange on the top and white on the bottom, all he needed was a seaweed band around the middle :) 
He was not in a cooperative mood....Flynn is like Dude, what are you wearing?

The band is a little big, so it slid down on his legs..

Poor baby couldn't walk anymore!

Did you get tortured for Halloween this year?