Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

This is an older picture of Tanner...he would be about 7 in this picture.  It was taken at the townhouse, when we did a lot of kitten fostering.  Notice all the black rocks on the hearth where the kittens pulled them out of the fireplace!

Tanner had another great week! 

Current Weight: 18lbs 14 ounces...weekly loss was 7 ounces, total loss is now 1 pound!!

Tanner has a special surprise coming in the mail this week for doing so well.

We did not change his plan when we spoke with the vet...we feel he is doing well, we will leave the current plan in place for now. 

We truly appreciate all the support we are feeling with this blog and the comments!  Thank you all for the thin thoughts and encouragement. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner has had another good week. 

Current weight - 19lbs, 4 oz  - a loss of 1 ounce!  This may not be as impressive as last week, but we'll take what we can get. 

He is working hard and playing more and more.  Now, if I can get myself into playing mode, we'll be doing better :) 

He has seemed hungrier this week than the past couple and is begging more and trying to run others off from their plates/bowls of food.  We are continuing to be diligent in watching him, and moving food out of reach if it isn't his. 

Will be calling the vet this afternoon to report his progress...minor tweaks to the plan could be forthcoming.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner continues to do well on his diet, um, lifestyle change...another praise this week! 
Current weight 19lbs 5oz...a loss of 7 ounces! 
This was a pretty big jump, and we don't expect to see that every week, but it is good to know the plan is working. 
He definitely has more energy and desire to move.  He asks to play with his string toys every morning and evening.  He will walk down the hall to follow the string as opposed to waiting for it to come back to him!  He rolls around on the floor still, but it is more athletic looking rather than beached whale floundering on the coast. 
I think this diet is easier for us to stick to because we had already been feeding on a schedule and Tanner was used to it.  We have also learned how to ration the food more effectively on the weekends when we are home...he tends to beg when he sees you, if you are in the kitchen, and it can be hard to not give in. 
Things we have noticed and are keeping an eye on:
  • Softer poops from all the canned food.  He seems to be firming back up a bit now...
  • Chin acne, I suppose from the canned food getting on his face more...  I am using a flea comb to comb the 'dirt' off his chin.
  • Not worrying about this, but it is nice to see...his skin is less dry.  Usually when I brush him, around his back, near the tail, there are dandruff flakes, but lately I've not seen as much of that.
Again, thanks to everyone for checking in on Tanner and for sending those 'thin' thoughts!
We will try to get back to more posts, but for now we will continue with the weekly Weight Loss Wednesday updates. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday - A Video

Tanner has been on his diet for one week now.  He really seems to enjoy the canned food and remarkably he acts full at times!  If he eats about 1/2 a can then he will not bother us for food for several hours.  This is a huge improvement!
Weigh in on Sunday showed a LOSS of 2 ounces...he now weighs 19lb 12oz.  WTG Tanner!
The adequan injections seem to be helping as well.  The protocol is for Tanner to receive 0.2ccs every 4 days for 6 doses, and then as needed.  So far, he has received two injections and already we are seeing improvements.  He is jumping for his string and running through his tunnel to chase it.  It's great to see him feeling well and moving more!
Here's a quick video showing him using the egg.  There isn't sound on it, but he was so funny...everytime a piece would fall out, he would purr and purr!  The boy loves to eat.  He gets a heaping 1/8 cup of dry food a day.  We are splitting this into two "egg fills" a day.

Thanks to everyone for sending "thin" thoughts...they are working.  Keep 'em coming our way as we continue on this lifestyle change for Tanner.