Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Wow, has it been over a week since we last wrote?  The mom better be careful before we start looking for a replacement!  AND, this week, she is staying at a house watching three GIRL cats!  The nerve...secretly though, we will be glad when she is back.  Auntie does a good job watching us, but nothing beats a mom!
Smokey Update:  The biopsy came back showing - nothing definitive!  How's that for being vague?  The vet that saw him recommends removing it to have it tested further, but said it could be anything from an infected bug bite to cancer...let's just cover all our bases here!  So, Smokey will be going next Wednesday to see his regular vet and discuss the options and get her opinion.
Smokey is thankful it wasn't 100% something bad...we still have hope!
Smokey's main need right now is to gain weight...this is hard for older fellas and we are struggling at the moment even to maintain week to week.

Tanner is doing well, and is thankful for all the fresh nip growing in the garden.  We bring some in most weekends for everyone to enjoy.

Ollie is a crazy pants and should be thankful he is cute!  Precious mementos left by Ollie so far include:
1) Ding in the floor from knocking an ornamental apple off the ledge
2) Another ding in the floor from knocking the pear off the other ledge (Ollie does not like fruit!)
3) Hole in the wall from knocking over a dining room chair
4) Set of blinds is crooked because the string on one side was broken and has had to be tied up until it can be replaced
5) scuffs on the wall from knocking the lamp off the table
6) Trying to climb up between the wall mounted cabinets in the kitchen and has pulled a piece of something down from between two of them!
Don't let that sleeping baby in the photo fool you...he is a wild man!  I must be getting old, but I don't remember kittens being this destructive!  He is keeping us on our toes, for sure.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day - Smokey!

18 years ago, Auntie and I drove to a small town almost an hour away and picked up Smokey.  I had located him from an add in the newspaper.  He was tiny, although the rescuer said he was 8 weeks old.  He was living on a screened in porch with a bunch of older cats and one other kitten.  All the cats were eating out of a cool whip container, and it was really too tall for the kittens to eat from.  The older cats were constantly growling and everyone seemed nervous being on that porch with so many others.  I chose Smokey because he had stripes and that is what I had in mind for my first kitten.  He was named Smokey because he was grey, white and black...the colors of smoke.  Little did I know he would turn solid black in a couple of months, and would be the cause of my love affair with black cats!
Smokey, I am so glad to be your purrson and I wish for many more years with you!
Medical note: Smokey will be going to the VET on Friday to have a lump checked out.  It is in a similar location to Mojo's so I am a bit concerned.  I am hoping it is just a small cyst or maybe an abcess or something...purrs are appreciated!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mancats love toys

This photo is from Tanner's birthday, but he got a few more of these crinkle balls for "Mothers Day"...since he thinks he is Ollie's mother! 
I finally found a string toy that Tanner would play with this weekend, even if the babies came around.  He is acting more and more like his old self again! 
We hope all the Mother's out there had a wonderful celebration yesterday.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Mancat Monday

The boys got an Easter bowtie this year...let's see how that went, shall we?
Smokey was ok, but not thrilled.  Do you see all the fur about the fly away on his head?  He is shedding like mad these days! 
Tanner is very cooperative when it comes to wearing things.  He just sat there...It was hard to get a photo of the bowtie with him looking at me though... 
Oliver thought he was being attacked!  Here are a couple of videos that show how Ollie reacted...
Please Note:  Ollie had the collar on for maybe 5 minutes :)  He has a lot to learn from his brothers!