Monday, December 17, 2018

Mancat Monday - Flynn Edition

Flynn is a goofy boy.  He tears around the house like his pants are on fire where ever he goes!  He doesn't realize how large he is, or how long it may take him to stop when running at full speed.  He slams into walls, slides on rugs, and is a slight danger to himself and others!  I wouldn't want him any other way.
He enjoys hanging out in the Christmas cubes.  There are two cubes connected by a tunnel, so they don't venture around the house like his single igloo does.

The bed on the ottoman is his favorite.  He sleeps hard when he lies down.  We laugh at him on Sunday because he seems to be wiped out the whole day!

He loves lettuce!  He will help himself to it too.

Here is a video of him stealing a piece...he eventually ate the whole thing.

Flynn is a big helper, and know it is important to help wrap the gifts.

Auntie couldn't do it without you buddy!

This one is finished, but Flynn knows it doesn't belong in the middle of the floor.  Thanks Flynn, we'll put it under the tree.

As I mentioned before, Flynn is a large boy!  Take a look at those arms!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mancat Tuesday - Snow Edition

We were blessed with an unusual early snow this past weekend.  It came in over night on Saturday, so we woke up to a winter wonderland on Sunday.  It turned to rain Sunday afternoon, and then more snow Monday morning.  Official total at the airport was 8.8 inches.  That's a pretty good snow for us, so our state was closed!
Flynn was super excited about the white stuff...he kept talking to the windows...

Let's go out Flynn...what is all this stuff?

Sunday morning's view...

Flynn being brave and trying to go out...

We went around to the front porch, and everyone was a bit braver...George is on the porch, Rusty looking out, and Oliver is in the background.

Flynn walked out on the porch, but stayed away from the white stuff...

Monday, Auntie shoveled some and the boys were braver...Flynn is at the top, then Pirate and then George's butt...

Oliver came out on the patio, but then we tossed him in the snow.  He didn't know what to do because when he would take a step, his foot would sink...  He finally made it back to safety.

Here is a short clip of Oliver in the snow.  Auntie's comment at the end...what did you eat?  Is directed at Flynn, who ate something in the yard and was coughing it back up!  He's fine.

Rusty was tossed out in the snow too...he was a little quicker to figure out how to get back to dry land.

These boys are as accustomed to snow as some of you are...we don't know how to handle it for months on end!

Monday, December 03, 2018

Mancat Monday

Welcome to another week...the boys continue to do well.
Oliver had his annual vet visit on Thursday.  He handled it like a champ!  Since he is 5, I went ahead and requested a baseline blood work be done.  One sample had a problem, so we had to go back on Friday for them to collect another one.  Oliver was not pleased!  The blood work all came back looking good though. 
Flynn loves the bed on the ottoman.  He looks so pretty in front of the tree.

Oliver in the window behind the tree in the living room.  There is normally a chest in front of this window with two beds on it, but it had to move to make room for the tree.

Do you see the white Rusty legs?  He is curious about the trees, and loves to reach up in them.  Thankfully, his back legs stay on the ground!

Oliver was playing with some of the ornaments...

Rusty hanging out under the tree in the study.  This tree skirt keeps moving all around.  One day is was wadded up in the corner!  Sometimes I wonder what these boys are thinking!

Harrison is doing well too, he just wasn't in a good place for pictures this week.