Monday, February 19, 2018

Mancat Monday

The mancats continue to do well and are as crazy as ever.
Rusty is growing every week and now weighs just over 9 pounds.  He is a thick fella, with solid arms and legs.  He doesn't have the super skinny chicken legs that Tanner had.  He is very soft and quick to purr.  He is getting better at being held, as long as you hold him the "right" way.  He still sneezes some but not as often as before. 
Rusty loves Harrison and Harry is a good sport to put up with him!  Here Rusty decided to just go and sit on Harry!  I know Harrison is hard to see on the hard wood floor...we should have gone with a grey floor instead of dark brown!  LOL 
The panthers all took refuge in my room while the piano tuner was at the house on Thursday.  Rusty was in the closet behind some clothes.  The panthers from left to right are Oliver, Harrison and Flynn. 
Petsmart was giving away these toy boxes if you bought so many toys...Flynn thinks it makes a great bed!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mancat Monday

This week will feature all the mancats.  They are all doing well and enjoying life!
Oliver loves the shower!  He will stand on the edge of the tub, between the curtains are lick the shower wall.  Sometimes, he will pull the curtain almost half-way open and lick it or my legs, while getting soaking wet.  He is also letting all my heat out!  LOL  
Some of the pastors from Kenya came to America for training and we hosted them for dinner.  Moses loves cats, and was excited to hold Flynn. 
Rusty enjoys his snuggles when he is tired.  He purrs very loud and drools.  He also loves to nurse on a blanket while kneading his paws. The blanket will be wet when he finishes, which will then dry and be crusty!  I need to get a couple of extras to add to a rotation, so we always have a clean one out.
Harrison is a goof ball and is doing well.  I called the vet to ask about him eating so much.  According to him, Harrison needs about 350 calories a day for his weight, and his cans are 72 each, so 5 would be the right amount.  We are just to keep watching the weight and "output."    This week he gained a couple of ounces, but I noticed him at the dry food bowl more...we will monitor and adjust as needed.   
He loved having these rings on his ear, and when I started taking photos he was posing, giving me his best side!  Thanks to everyone for their concern and comments about Harrison.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Mancat Monday

Rusty is growing up and jumping higher and higher!
He can now get on the counters!  This is not a preferred behavior but sometimes you just have to pick your battles! He is learning that the stove is hot!  Very curious about what is in the pot.

Giving the rice cooker a sniff...

Fascinated by the out Rusty...that's hot!

Wow, look at it going up in the air...amazing!

Maybe if I sit here, I can touch it...

Harrison has been on an eating binge these days.  He eats two breakfasts, a lunch if we are home, an afternoon snack, a dinner and sometimes a snack before bed...up to 5 cans of food a day!  He isn't gaining weight, so I don't know if I should be concerned or not.  I guess it wouldn't hurt to have some blood work done just to make sure nothing is going on...

Harrison just loves Rusty.  I suppose the increase in wrestling and playing could cause him to be hungrier, but it still seems extreme!  He and Oliver got new collars this week because their old ones were looking worn and frayed.  It is the same color as before, and made from a bamboo material, so it is super soft.  He and Oliver don't mind wearing them.  I think they look quite handsome in their colored collars.