Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Oliver

 Happy Birthday to my crazy Oliver Hughes!  I can't believe you are two years old today.  Time has flown by and I still remember you as this tiny little kitten who lived in the tub :)

Oliver was so small...the best way to confine him when we were not home or at night was in the bathtub.  He loved to drag the white bed around...here he has put it in the litter box!  
This photo is quite fuzzy as Oliver was rolling around in the tub, but here he is now...just a bit larger!  He still loves to play in the tub and I'll find him napping in there sometimes!
He and Cousin Georgie will also help with cleaning...here they are getting ready for me to clean the tub...which I must say is my least favorite job in the bathroom!
Oliver has turned into quite a regal looking boy.  He is a solid 15-1/2 pounds.  He loves to eat and plays hard.  He is silly with his toys and drags things all around the house.
He is a super sweet baby, but doesn't sit in laps at the moment.  He will snuggle with you at night in the bed, and loves to be close, even wants to hold your hand when you are sleeping.  He loves to wash you and give head bumps.

Oliver you have been a wonderful addition to our family.  Here's to many more years with you!  Happy 2nd Birthday Oliver Hughes!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Devon

Happy Birthday at the bridge to my sweet Devon.  You would have been 14 today, but instead you remain forever 11.  I know you are having a great time and I look forward to seeing you again one day.
May you get all the butter you want today! 
Dance like no one is watching!  Your favorite show starts tonight, and while it is fitting for "Dancing with the Stars" to begin on your birthday, it reminds me that you are not here to watch with me.  You were my tv buddy!  
Lie in your favorite pose..."Poor Dead Kitten"  It's trash day today, so you won't start stinking :)

Break as many rules as you can get away with!!  I can see that you are NOT on the island :)
Above all stay sweet and enjoy your time until we are all together again :)  Happy Birthday to my crazy middle boy!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Smokey - One Year Angelversary

Dear Smokey,

Today marks one year since you went off to the bridge.  It is hard to believe that so much time has passed.  I think of you often and have missed holding you at night while watching tv.  You were my snuggle buddy!  Thanks for visiting me in my dreams...I love seeing that you are happy.  One day we will be together again, until then, stay sweet my gorgeous Goose.
You came to me as a tiny baby...about 6 weeks old.  I was so excited to have a kitten, and although you were quite nervous, you seemed to know I was your mom.  
You loved to snuggle and be held like a baby.  It took you 5 years to sit with me on the couch though! Once you realized how nice it was, you were always there waiting for me to sit down and snuggle.
As you aged, you grew more confident in yourself and your true personality came through.   I loved watching you blossom.  Our bond deepened as time went by...you were a very special boy.
You were full of spunk and a joy to be around!  You had good manners, unless a bowl of milk was involved, then you would boss you way over and get your share :) 
You had a fun and silly side!  This is your "Cute" pose :)  I miss your silliness and being able to rub your soft belly and paws. 
You are resting now at the bridge with your brothers.  I know I'll see you again one day and get a big hug from you!  I look forward to seeing your face light up when I walk up to the bridge and hearing you chirp for me.  Thanks for being  a great companion for 18 years.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner had his recheck at the vet school yesterday.  He is still in remission!!  
Looking quite proud of himself!

He had a complete abdominal ultrasound, and some blood work yesterday.  The ultrasound showed the kidneys and spleen still appear abnormal, but are unchanged from the last one in June.  They did not do any aspirates this time.

Blood Values:

BUN - Up slightly
Creatinine - Down slightly
Phosphorus - within normal limits
Potassium - within normal limits
Red Cells - Still anemic

All in all, they are very pleased with him.  They are a little cautious about the spleen and kidney abnormalities and want to recheck in 4-6 weeks instead of the full two months.