Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner has big news to share today...it has been TWO YEARS since he was diagnosed with Renal Lymphoma!
Tanner continues to do well, with minor setbacks here and there.  He definitely feels better and is recovering from his pancreatitis.  He gained weight again this week, so his thyroid levels should be back in the normal range.  We will test him in a couple of weeks to make sure. 

This is a proud moment for Tanner and he wanted to look his best!  I am so glad to still have him around and having good quality.  He is a fighter and continues to beat the odds when things are thrown his way.

Here is a quick selfie of me and my favorite orange boy!

This video shows Tanner taking his pills at night...I believe he is getting 4 on this video.  It fluctuates nightly because he doesn't take everything every day.  We are not in our regular spot, so we both look slightly awkward trying to get the pills in, but this was a good place for Auntie to capture it.  Enjoy!

I want to thank everyone for your healing thoughts and purrs throughout our journey.  We could not have made it without your support and encouragement.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mancat Monday

Harrison and Flynn needed to get an extra round of deworming this past weekend.  We found two tape worms on Flynn's back end, so figured we should treat them both.

Well, this was a traumatic experience for the boys!  The pill they gave was quite large, but I figured we could just push it down, like I do with Tanner and his huge potassium.  Well, this pill doesn't have the same coating on it, and must be bitter because both boys ended up foaming at the mouth and the pills were back on the counter!

Auntie suggested we break the pill in half and give it in smaller amounts.  She used her slimmer fingers to get the pills down and I was armed with a syringe of water.  Success!

They didn't know what was happening to them and their hearts were just pounding!  I do believe they over reacted just a touch, but our house is known for having drama queen boys.

They both slept well that evening and couldn't even play they were so wiped out.  Thankfully they shouldn't need anymore of that dewormer!

Harrison came and laid next to me on the couch...

Flynn is in his favorite spot on the back of the couch...the other cat is Cousin Georgie.

Glad to have that behind us.  Harrison and Flynn go Thursday to get their last FVRCP vaccination and their rabies vaccine.  We should also be able to schedule their neuters at that time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Today's Wacky post is brought to you by Flynn.  Flynn loves to play, and his favorite toy is a catnip pickle.  Auntie received a shipment the other day, so Flynn and Harrison had a box to play in for the first time!  They loved it, even though it took Harrison a while to figure out how to get into it!  The flaps kept getting in his way.

Flynn loved the box and when you combine a box and his pickle, you get one silly boy!  Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner is doing really well.  We have not had any vomiting and he is eating like normal.  He has been taking his thyroid pills for over a week now, and he gained 5 ounces this week!  Looks like the pills are working.
Tanner and Harrison

Tanner is asking to play more as well and is snuggling in the bed at night.  I believe he feels better.  He will go in a few more weeks to the vet for a recheck.

Thanks for checking on my favorite orange boy!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mancat Monday

The mancats and mancats-in-training have had a busy weekend...
Oliver showed me where to put the clean laundry...such a big helper!

Harrison thought he would try some tea...Flynn drank some one day too!

Tanner, Oliver and Harrison protecting me while I eat breakfast...did we hear something?

Tanner and Harrison enjoy a snuggle and a bath.  Love how their paws are touching

Salmon - It's what's for dinner!  Yes, we now have to put out 7 plates of food...the special red dish is Tanner's.  He doesn't make near the mess with it.  It is called Messy Cat.

Cousin Sophie prefers the Florentine food
Cousins Georgie and Pirate, Oliver and Tanner split three cans of Proplan
Harrison and Flynn share a can of kitten food...pretty soon though they will each need their own.

My three house panthers...from left to right.  Oliver, Harrison, Flynn

Well that's what the mancats have been doing lately...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Today, we are featuring Harrison.  He loves to tote things around in his mouth.  He dances around with things and is just plain crazy at times!  Auntie captured these three quick videos the other day when a can of cat food fell on the floor.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner continues to do well, although we have another condition to add to his list...
Tanner went to the vet last Friday, for his annual visit.  It was determined that he had lost almost 2 pounds since April.  I knew he had been going down some, but didn't realize how much exactly.  The vet was concerned of course, as was I.  His coat has also been looking a bit unkempt for a few days, so I was wondering about him.

You may remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned he was vomiting more.  I mentioned this to the vet and we agreed to do an extra intensive blood panel to see what was going on.  Our vet mentioned he was a bit worried about Tanner...never a good sign :)

I wasn't sure if the results would be in on Saturday or if I'd have to wait until Monday.  Thankfully, the vet called first thing Saturday morning to give me the news...

Kidney Values = all stable
Anemic = not at this time
Potassium, phosphorus = All normal

Pancreatitis = YES, continue with the Pepcid injections daily for at least two more weeks

Thyroid levels show he is now Hyperthyroid.  Two more pills a day for Tanner.

The vet was actually quite pleased with the results as these are pretty normal aging diseases, and treatable.

Tanner has started his pills for his thyroid, so hopefully the weigh loss will stop and he will start feeling better.

For those keeping track, Tanner now takes 7 pills a day, and gets potassium powder in his morning can food.  He is getting one injection daily of Pepcid, and one injection weekly of his Adequan.

He is a happy boy though and loves life.  He plays hard enjoys a cuddle on the couch at night.  I am so thankful he is a tolerant boy!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mancat Monday

Sunday is a time for special treats, and yesterday was no exception.  The mancats all enjoyed some fresh catnip from the garden.
Oliver,Cousin Georgie and Tanner were all waiting for Auntie to come back inside...It's like they know when she is going out to get something for them!

Flynn absolutely adores catnip!  He gobbles it right up and rolls all around!

All four of the crazy cats! Harrison isn't so sure what to do with the catnip, nor does he understand why Flynn gets so crazy!

The catnip party moved to the front of the house, so Auntie went out and picked some from the flower bed there as well.  This picture shows Flynn and Harrison by the door.  Tanner on the orange rug, Cousins Georgie and Pirate in the middle.

Do you have a special day for extra treats at your house?

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Today's wacky post is brought to you by Flynn.  Flynn loves his pickle toy and will toss it around and play with it for what seems like hours.  This video also shows Oliver trying to play with Flynn.  You can see how he can be a bit rough with his babies, so we are trying to work on teaching him to play nicely.  He likes to bop his babies!

PS - The mom should be featured here...she just now realized that her Mancat Monday post was actually posted on Tuesday!  The holiday has messed up our schedule!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Mancat Monday

The mancats are getting along quite nicely these days.  Harrison has bonded with Oliver.  Oliver has overcome his fear of the kittens and is playing with them now.  He still hasn't returned to my bed at night.  I think Auntie is putting catnip in her bed at night to lure him to her!
Harrison seeks out Oliver when he can... 
Oliver hasn't laid like this in a long time...feeling comfortable!  Love those curled back toes. 
Flynn is a sweet and calm boy.  He likes everyone, but seems to be Cousin Georgie's favorite. 

The vet thinks Flynn is going to be a big boy.  He also has a fair amount of Siamese in him because of his face shape and his eyes.  He is a bit cross-eyed, which is super adorable!
Harrison is a wild man..he totes things around in his mouth and talks a lot!  He is like Oliver in those ways which is probably why they are getting along so well. 

The kittens had their second round of vaccines this past Thursday.  They are looking good and growing steadily.  They go back in 4 weeks for their last round and rabies.  We will also get their neuters scheduled then.
Harrison is fascinated with the dishwasher!  He loves to "help" you in the kitchen.  He was talk and talk until he gets picked up to help.  He loves to load the dishwasher, hand wash dishes, wipe off the counters and cook.  He is a very curious boy and is just as content as can be to sit in your arms and watch!

This weekend we had a little girl over.  She is 8 years old.  The kittens did so well with her and let he tote them around.  She loved it!  I hope they will stay this tolerant and easy going.