Monday, April 26, 2021

Mancat Monday

The boys have had a great few is good around here.
Teddy's neuter is done!  He has two incisions because the testicles were in two different places.  They were shriveled and small, so they were sent off for testing - no cancer.  He was not pleased with the cone, but could not be trusted to leave the incisions alone without it.  He screamed in pain for two days when picked up, but eventually he was getting better each day.  At the recheck, he had a bit of infection, so he was given an antibiotic injection.  The incisions look good now and are almost completely healed.

Pumpkin completed her big body shed...the back came off one day and a few days later her belly did the same.  She is a happier girl now and eating better.

Flynn helped me keep an eye on her while I cleaned her tank.  She's not in this picture, so don't keep looking for her :)

Harrison knows where all the best spots are in the house.

We had a unique visitor at the PetSmart one night.  This is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat.

Rusty and Pumpkin getting some sun...

Teddy is feeling better and wanting to snuggle again.  I have a full lap and heart.

Flynn loves to make Pumpkin a he has stolen some bok choy.  He loves all kinds of greens!

Pumpkin looking pretty with her new skin...her colors are really coming through.

There you have it.  Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, April 12, 2021

Mancat Monday

Well, so much for me writing more often!  It has been over a month since my last post.

Flynn turned 5 on March 14th.  He is still a big goof and I'm happy he is my panther

Last night after some fresh catnip...he was wild and crazy!

Rusty is a sweet boy and enjoys sleeping on a soft blanket

Pumpkin is growing and enjoys looking out the windows.  She is very flexible :)

I have been finding Harrison in my bed more lately...which is nice because he normally hangs out in Aunties room.

Selfie with Pumpkin

This fella is finally getting his neuter today.  He is still cryptorchid on both sides, so the vet has his work cut out for him today.  Teddy also has a couple of congenital heart defects, but we will have to wait and see how they will effect him.

Harrison loves when Pumpkin is out...he is a good baby sitter.

Rusty helped us rip the carpet out of the kitten room.  We haven't fully decided what to put back down, but we painted the floor with Killz to get rid of any odors caused by the foster babies.  For now, we have a large rug in the room.

Harrison had a birthday in March as well, and he got a new spring house.  Teddy helped put it together and was the first to test it out.

Flynn got some new toys for his birthday.

Another time Harrison was in my room...such a cutie!

Pumpkin had a large welcoming committee when she went on the porch for the first time!

She didn't look so sure at being in this tree!

Loving her dig box and kicking sand everywhere!

Harrison enjoys his morning swim!

Flynn can't find the toy he is looking for...

Rusty loves when toys get moved to a different room...

Pumpkin's first trip outside.  She started off in her playpen in case she freaked out on me.  

Later she moved to her harness.  She got lots of attention from the neighbors.

Harrison's 5th birthday was on March 22nd.

This boy came to live with us in late March.  His owner was moving and could not take him.  He had not been around other cats, but is quickly making friends and learning how to play.  His name is Izzy, and he is officially one of Aunties.  For those keeping count, he makes number 7.

Well, there you have it...another busy but fun few weeks.