Monday, February 25, 2013

Mancat Monday

The mancats were blessed with a new scratcher from one of mom's co-workers.  It is the emory board scratcher and is supposed to help file the nails while the cats scratch...we'll see :)
 Tanner came right over to check out the new toy...
 He decided he liked his old broken X better...
 Auntie started playing Tanner's favorite game called Pokey Stick under the new scratcher and he came back over to check it out again...
Smokey gave it a slight tap tap to make sure it was safe for everyone...he did not try scratching on it though...

After a while everyone did scratch on it and they seem to enjoy it now....have you tried this new scratcher?  Do you take right to toys or does it take a while to get used to them?

We'd also like to let our boy Mojo know we are thinking about him today at the bridge.  Today it has been 4 years since you left us, and 8 years since you came to live with us...We had you for four short years, but you left an impression on our hearts.  Fly High Superman!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Last Saturday we woke to this....SNOW!!  We live in the South and don't get snow too often.  The day before it had been in the 60' nothing was going to stick.
 It snowed all day but did not amount to anything on the ground...but it was pretty to watch!
 Smokey and Tanner sat in the breakfast nook and watched the snow some...they also showed each other some brotherly love...
Tanner tried to wash Smokey's head, but Smokey wasn't too sure about that.  Smokey has always been more on the 'giving' end of the head wash than the 'receiving' end.

Do you like to wash another cat in your household or do you prefer to be washed?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mancats are Bossy

 Now, I'll admit this photo doesn't look like Smokey is being bossy, but trust me...he is! 
Smokey gets some special treatment because 1) he is getting old, and 2) he needs to gain weight.  We have special food for him in his cage upstairs all the time, so he always has food available.  He hangs out downstairs a lot and doesn't always want to walk upstairs to eat.  I can't say that I blame him there!  So this has led us to keeping a bowl of his special food in the den.  It is typically on the bookshelves so the cats can't get to it.  Sitting on this table will cause the bowl to appear in front of you.  So this is Smokey bossing us to put the bowl down!  He will sit and stare at you until you do it too...he is very persistant!  He also wants to make sure his cup of water is full, free of 'noodles' and fresh.  He is spoiled rotten, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
Health Update: We did a recheck on our blood work the other week, and his kidney values have crept up slightly again.  His BUN is at 38 and his Creatinine is 2.1.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

You may need to biggify to see more clearly...

This is Devon's urn.  I found the pieces on Etsy and they are simply perfect for my boy.  Devon loved butter, so a butter dish as a final resting place is just too much...he would have loved this.  The dish is hand-painted and unique.  It is blue, which is his color, and has peacock feathers painted on it, which was one of his favorite toys.  The tag hanging from the top has a crown on it, with his name.  On the back is his birth date and death date.  I found this tag by simply searching for 'Crown' and 'pet' came up with his name on it (spelled correctly too), so I had to get it because it was perfect. 

Here are a few pictures of sweet Devon enjoying his favorite things...
Butter, of course!
 A toy that I brought from Japan...he would talk to it when it flew by...
 A good roll on the patio...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toysday Tuesday

Today, Tanner will show off his favorite toy...
 Sitting politely by my favorite stick, asking nicely to play...
 The toy has long been ripped off this string, but I like the string the best without the dangling toy attached...
Here I demonstrate the complicated move called 'pulling the snake's head off'! 

Thanks for the great play time...what are your favorite toys?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mancats Share

Smokey and Tanner enjoyed a plate of tuna and juice this weekend...they did a good job sharing on the small plate!