Monday, September 25, 2017

Mancat Monday

The mancats are starting to feel better.
Oliver has been out and about since early last week.  He was able to stop taking his medicine on Thursday.  He still flicks his head some, so I wonder if there are a few remaining ulcers but he is eating well and not hiding, so I think he is fine.

Foster kitten Charlie's necropsy results came back showing Panleukopenia.  The vet feels this is what the boys have at the moment too, but since they have been vaccinated they will be fine, but still have to feel bad for a while as they fight off the virus.

I've been doing a lot of reading on panleuk and while most common symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting and not eating, there are others like congestion, ulcers, sneezing and symptoms like an upper respiratory infection.  Thankfully, my crew is continuing to eat pretty well.

Rusty is starting to act like one of the big cats too.  Oliver isn't sure what to think about him trying to get his night snack!  

The kittens have had the worst time with the panleuk.  Rusty has been super congested but still eating.  From what I have read and the vet has said, there are different strains of the virus, like the flu.  Some are very deadly and others not so much.  Although we have lost two kittens, it seems that the rest are either not coming down with it, or are fighting it off.  Rusty is improving daily, but now Regina has it.  Hoping she will be like Rusty and feeling better in about three days.

Harrison is hard to see, but look for the eyes in the cat ball.  This  ball/bed is Oliver's birthday present, but so far, Harrison has claimed it!

Flynn spent yesterday hiding and last night I think he is coming down with something again.  He is still eating so I will just continue to monitor him.

Fingers crossed that by next week we will all be at 100%!


  1. Continued purrs to everyone from my boys! At least Oliver is feeling better and the kittens are holding their own. Smooches to everyone from me!

  2. Paws crossed that the rest of the kittens make it through! And I'm sending lots of purrs to everyone.

  3. Good to hear that everybuddy is beginning to feel better. Continued purrs....

  4. Sending good thoughts for everyone and hoping for speedy recoveries.


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