Friday, April 30, 2010

Z is for...

The last post is here...I don't know whether to be excited or sad...Z is for...
ZOE - Zoe was one of four kittens that came to us in the spring of 2003, with a momma cat. All the kittens were grey toned, just like mom. Zoe was a cute dilute tortie...she was a super sweet girl and found a great new home.
Zucchini - This zucchini is from our garden last year. We have two plants this year and hope to get a lot of this wonderful veggie. I love to slice it up and just saute with a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper. How do you like your zucchini?

Zzzzz's - The Crazy Cats are tired of thinking so hard to come up with alphabet posts...they are taking a well deserved nap :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Y is for...

Next to the last alphabet goes Y...
YUCKY - This is Mojo's's almost healed in this picture, just needs to regrow his hair. He developed a huge sore when he had his teeth removed from the IV they placed. It took us over a month to get the sore looking this good. We are super fortunate to have a wonderful friend who is a vet. She came over to the house every three days for dressing changes. Mojo had to wear his e-collar during this time too...most humilating!
YAWN - Pirate giving us a huge yawn...or maybe a roar!
YUMMY - Kittens still nursing on a very patient and tolerant mom. Nothing better than a milk buffet. Mom cat is Elise, and I believe the kittens from left to right are, Reagan, Sage Banfield, Delaney, Walker and Tristan.
YELLOW - Top photo is yummy yellow squash, from our garden last year. Bottom photo, pretty yellow daisy.
YARD - Tanner is out in the yard...heading for the garden patch.
Only one post left...tomorrow is Z!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

X is for...

X is the letter for the goes...
XAVIER!! - This is Velcro's brother. For a while, when deciding which kitten to feed...Auntie and I would say, I'll take the velcro one, you take the other one. So for a long time Xavier was just 'the other one'. Then we started calling him Brother. He actually thought his name was Brother, but officially his name was Xavier.
X Shaped Toy - Devon and Tanner model their X shaped scratcher...Everyone loves this scratcher.
XTERRA - Aunties car sitting at our newly poured driveway when our house was being built.

Well, there you have it...the X post :) Only two more days of the alphabet posting...tomorrow is Y.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

W is for...

Now on to the letter W...
WINDOW WATCHING - Devon and Smokey enjoy looking out the windows, whether they are open or not. Fresh air just makes for a special treat!
WAITING - Tanner waiting on the table at the vet school for the cardiologist to come in. He does not enjoy going to the vet, but he normally gets a touch of 'happy juice' to help him relax :)
WANDERING - Smokey wandering through the yard eating some yummy grass!
WHITE WHISKERS - Jack was a cute foster kitten with white whiskers. I love how black and white cats have multiple colored whiskers normally. These white ones really stand out on his black face. He was adopted with his brother Sean.
WIPED-OUT - Devon is wiped out and laying on a comfy blanket.
WINTER - Lest we forget as we enjoy the beautiful spring weather...
WASHING - Whether you are washing yourself, or a catnip toy it doesn't matter...
WISCONSIN - I love to take pictures of license plates when I am out traveling...I also collect magnets of each place I visit.

How do you like to remember your vacation spots?

Stay tuned...tomorrow is X....

Monday, April 26, 2010

U and V are for...

Well, I went out of town for the weekend, and thought I had published my U post, but it doesn't appear that is the instead of getting behind with my days, I'm combining my U and V post here today...Enjoy!!
UNRULY - Devon saw the open towel drawer in the kitchen and made himself at home. We'll be posting a series of shots over at the Naughty Kitty Club later...
UNDER the COVERS - Tanner has always enjoyed being covered up...he crawled under here by himself one day during our snow when he came back in from being out in the cold!
UNICYCLE - This man was in the Red Wing parade...I've seen how you have to get up on these things, and feel I would fall flat on my face if I tried!! Can any of your humans ride one of these?
UFFDA - You betcha! This is a popular saying in parts of Minnesota...not sure exactly what it means, but we love this Uffda Shop. They have some very pretty glass figurines, although they are a bit pricey.

Now for the letter V...
VELCRO - Velcro got his name because his fur was really strange, like the curly side of velcro. His brother will be featured in a couple of days...These boys were just a few days old when we got them. They had been found at a gas station out in the summer sun and were overheated when they came to us...we had them as foster cats for over a year because they had to be adopted together, and it's hard enough to adopt out one black cat, let alone two. They were super sweet boys though and eventually their forever home came around.
VERBENA - This is in front of our house near the road...this plant has just taken over this whole bed.
VERY TRUSTING - This is at the Red Wing parade before it started. We made it into to town and all these chairs were lined up along the street...not a person to be seen anywhere! I love small towns!

Well, there you have it, a double letter post today...tomorrow will be W...stay tuned.

Friday, April 23, 2010

T is for...

Today we go for the letter T...
TASTING - Devon loves to lick the butter, especially when it is a new container :)
TOES - Devon sits with all of his feet together...very proper.
TONGUE - Mojo was licking some catnip when I snapped this picture...sorry to embarrass you buddy, but it was purrrfect for my post today :)
TANNER in a TUNNEL - Of course Tanner would make an appearance today for the letter T. He loves to lay in these tunnels in the cat room. He also enjoys running through them in the morning when we play.
TOTEM POLE - A few non cat things now...this was in Nisswa, Minnesota...
TRACTORS - At the Paul Bunyun place they were having what appeared to be an antique tractor show...there were lots of cool tractors there and I took pictures of most of them. I was thinking the whole time how neat they will look in a scrapbook...most of them were very brightly colors and all shined up for the show.

Tomorrow will be the letter U...we're getting close to the end folks...stay tuned...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

S is for...

We have a lot of things that start with the letter S...I've even impressed myself on this post :)
SCARY STROLLERS - These were at the Paul Bunyun place in Minnesota...they were free to borrow, but still a bit scary looking!
SOPHIE SNUGGLES - Sophie snuggling with Mojo. She was really fond of him, and loved to hang around him as much as possible.
SHARING - Everyone playing with and taking turns at the new toy.
STALKING - Tanner is determined to get a bird, although I think he'd be surprised and 'let go' if he ever got close enough to one :)
STRAWBERRIES - These were cut up and ready for a bit of sugar...they are really good this year!
SMOKEY eating SARDINES - This was his birthday dinner...we opted for Sardines instead of tuna, and he loved it! The other boys all got a plate with one on it too, but Smokey got the juice :)
SNOWING - Here's a picture we'd all like to forget...snowy, cold weather...we can send warm thoughts to our friends in the southern hemisphere as they gear up for the white stuff.

Well, that's S...tomorrow is T...stay tuned :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

R is for...

We are getting close to the end of the alphabet, so let's get going with the letter R...
RECEPTION - This is my cousin and my sister (Auntie) at my other cousin's wedding reception. His wedding was low key, outside in Asheville. The weather was gorgeous, and the food was delicious...our Granny made most of it :)
RESTING - Here are Trey, Sean and Dillon resting in a sunny window. They were foster kittens and have all found homes.

ROAR - Lane showing off her mighty roar!!
ROOSTER - A painted rooster at the State Fair...can't wait to go to the fair this year...I love to get a polish sausage and some vinegar fries. They also have the best ice cream there too.
Stay tuned...tomorrow is S!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q is for...

Today's post took some thought to come up with words that started with Q, but also to find pictures that went with those words...we only have a three today. One is a video though!!
QUACK - This is another float from the Red Wing parade...not sure what the duck is representing, but I was glad I had a picture of it!
QUILT - I know many of you make actual quits, but this is one I made for Smokey. Mom taught me how to applique, and then she pieced it together and did the actual quilting. All the black cats are wearing purple collars (hard to see), there's a purple heart at the top. The other squares are a goose, and some fish. The back is black polar fleece. I am still working on the squares for the other boys...maybe one day I'll get them finished!

Q-TIPS!! Devon loves to play with a Q-tip while I get ready in the mornings. He is the only one that can play, because the others like to eat the cotton. I throw it away when I am finished, so no one else gets it. Enjoy this short clip of Devon playing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

P is for...

Today we have the letter P...many things start with this letter and I actually had to be selective because I couldn't post all the pictures!
PURPLE PEPPERS - We found these peppers at the farmers market in Minnesota. I had never seen purple peppers or even knew they existed until then. I had to take a picture!
PIRATE in a POT - Pirate being a bit naughty sitting in a pot of baby trees. They all died of course, but we tried :) Pirate had fun and that's all that mattered...
PIRATE - Enjoying the cold concrete after a snow. He got his name because he was born with a peg leg. When he came to us to foster he was already named...but it fit him perfectly. ARRRRGH!
PALS - Devon and Tanner are friends really, but that's not a P word. They love to hang out and cuddle together.
PILLOW - Smokey loves to sleep on a pillow. He's a bit spoiled I suppose...

Well, there you have it...the P post. Tomorrow will be the letter Q...might be a bit more difficult, we'll see.