Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Tuesday Travels - Skagway

The third city we stopped at was Skagway.  
This painted rock wall greeted us as we exited the ship.  These are the names of the ships that have visited this port before...

Our tour for the day was called "The Best of Skagway."  We took the White Pass and Yukon Route bus into Canada. Then transferred to the train for the ride back into town.  As we climbed, the fog grew thick, but it was still beautiful.  The color of the water was very unique.

Here we are on the train.  Mom was a bit nervous because she had watched some documentary on the train, and it looked like it was super close to the cliffs below.  She doesn't like heights, but there wasn't anything to the train ride...she was fine! 

Passing the border again...still quite foggy

This is an old bridge that we did not cross...it looks spooky in the fog.

The further down the mountain, the clearer the sky became...here's the front of the train coming around a curve... 
There were plenty of river views along the way...

After the train, we went to a salmon bake and show.  Here are some crab apples...

Liarsville was a recreation of a gold rush town...the characters were very entertaining.

Salmon on the grill...delicious! 

It was quite cool in the woods, so mom and Auntie were thankful for the fire...

After the show, we were all able to pan for gold.  It was harder than you would think, but we all found a few flakes.  It helps that they had pre-loaded our pans! 
Once back in town, we visited the Red Onion Saloon, which was a brothel in its day.  Then we were free to walk around the town until time for the ship to leave.  I'm not sure what this tree is, but it was very pretty. 
The buildings are all old and made of wood, but it felt like a Hollywood set to me.

Here is the saloon..the ladies rooms were upstairs.

I did like how the buildings were colored...no reason to have only brown buildings in a town!

This is a snow plow they can put on the front of the train...

We were having King Crab on the ship for dinner, so we didn't get any here...I have decided I like snow crab, or blue crab better than the king.  The larger they are the less flavor they seem to have.

Our ship waiting for us to return...

The next two days, we will be cruising through Glacier Bay and College Fjord.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Mancat Monday

October started with a heat wave, or at least not cool fall weather like we would want.  We actually broke two records on the 3rd...daily temp record, and hottest day of the year!  We skirted with 100 during the summer but never broke it...we were all fine with that, but October said, Hold my Pumpkin Spice Latte!
Ridiculous!  Thankfully, by Saturday we were in the 70's...a very nice change!

We opened the windows on Saturday and did some much needed cleaning...Oliver LOVES bleach and was super excited the floors were mopped!

Here is a quick video of him rolling on the floor...

Later, we put together the two Halloween houses I found.  One was from the PetSmart and the other from Target, in case your family needs them :)  Oliver is a big helper.

I decided to do some reinforcing with extra tape to help the houses hold up to rough play and chewing!

Rusty was the first one in the house from PetSmart...it only has one door...don't get trapped!

Oliver helping with the second house...
Harrison checking out the other one...This one has two doors and some windows.  There is a scratcher on the inside, and on top.

Flynn is a big goof and loved having the rugs in the den while the kitchen floor was being mopped.  He also is infatuated with the vacuum cord.  He was having the best time!

Rusty and Oliver checking things out and enjoying the windows being open.

We are not sure if the boys have realized Lenny is staying, or if the fresh air just made everyone extra frisky, but George, Flynn and Oliver were bullying Lenny on Saturday.  We broke out our Jackson Galaxy sprays and the feliway wipes to try and calm everyone down.  Over the weekend things settled down, but there are still moments when someone will look at Lenny too long, or chase him.  This morning we ordered Bully Remedy (we were out), Safe Space, and Changing Times to see if those will help everyone get back to normal and being nice. 

Oliver went to the vet on Thursday for a recheck and his chin is looking better.  The vet prescribed two more weeks of antibiotics and then another recheck.  We were also told to wash his chin daily with the chlorhexadine wipes I ordered.

I don't have a picture of Pirate, but he has started on B-12 injections.  His value was super low.  This week he GAINED two ounces!  We are hoping that is all he needs to perk up some and gain more weight.  Thanks for the continued purrs for him.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Tuesday Travels - Juneau

Our second Port was the capital of Juneau.  The day started out misty with a slight drizzle, but we were hopeful it would clear up later.  We had until 1:30 before our whale watching cruise, so we spent the morning walking around the town and shopping.
There were bald eagles hanging around, on structures, light posts, etc.  They were hard to photograph with my phone because they were some distance away.  The guides always told us to look for the "golf balls" in the trees...those would be the eagle head.

Day grew weary of shopping so mom threatened to drop him here.

He changed his attitude and was able to continue on with us :)

Our first stop on the whale watching was Orca Point Lodge for a salmon bake lunch...

These weird worms/caterpillars/insects were everywhere! 

After lunch, we were back on the boat and heading out to find whales.  We were looking for Orcas and the Humpback.  This is a humpback here.

A blow hole shot.  We learned that this was not water, but was in fact snot.  

Now there are two whales...one in front and the one behind is where the puff of snot is..

Here are both going for a dive...

Tail shot... 
This whale is named Flame.  She has a baby named Bunsen.  She gave us quite a show.  Auntie took a nice video you can watch below.

These photos are grainy because we were not super close to the whale...

Each tail is unique, like a fingerprint, so that is how you can tell the whales apart. 

Our last stop was Mendenhall Glacier.

There was a trail to the glacier and visitor center, so we decided to take that route..

Sockeye salmon in the river...

A count of what has been through the area so far...

Another bald eagle...

The glacier...

Well, there you have it.  Next weeks post, we will stop in Skagway...

Monday, September 30, 2019

Mancat Monday

Here's to another fun week with all the mancats...
Lenny and Rusty watching a rabbit in the yard...

Rusty loves a basket!  It doesn't matter where it is, he has to get in and lay down!

Oliver is making progress with accepting Lenny and forgiving me for messing with his chin all the time.  My view during Friday naptime.

On the other side of me was Lenny...they both did great in the same bed

Lenny had his first taste of tuna and LOVED it!

Cousin Pirate could use some purrs.  He has been losing quite a bit of weight, and the vet is trying to figure out why.  He had an ultrasound looking for cancer or digestive issues, but the views came back normal.  His blood work looks good, but we are wondering if the thyroid issues are masking the severity of the kidney disease.  We are waiting on results of some more blood work to see if there is an absorption issue.  Pirate is 16, so it could simple be age, but he can't keep losing weight at the rate he is going.  In January is weighed 11 pounds.  Now he is 7.13 pounds.  

Purrs for:
~Weight Gain
~For the vet to figure out what is wrong
~For us to find some food he likes, so he eats better (he is on appetite stimulants which are helping)

Flynn and the others have destroyed a couple of catnip toys...they love rolling in the dried remains.  Have fun Flynn!  I can vacuum another day :)

Oliver hanging out with me while I'm scrapbooking.  He is slow to accept change, but he is getting there. His chin is looking 100 times better.  Last night, I only saw a little bit of white stuff come out when I combed him.  He has another week of antibiotics before we get rechecked.  I almost imagine he will need another couple of weeks because there are still quite a few knots and bumps on his chin.  They aren't as painful for him now, I suppose because they aren't as deep as before.  Oliver is doing a great job at taking his pill every morning.  It's been a tough month for him, but his life is improving, and we are finding a new normal with Lenny around.

Well, that's all we have for this week.  Remember to stop by tomorrow to read about our stop in Juneau.