Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner spent yesterday at the vet school.  It is the start of round three of his chemo protocol, and that means it was ultrasound day.  Even though Tanner's belly had just a small amount of peach fuzz, he was still shaved again.  I'm thinking someone needed to practice :)  The preliminary results show that he had
-Improved renal appearance (still abnormal)
-no new lesions concerning for lymphoma
Remission Status remains: STRONG PARTIAL REMISSION
He was given his vincristine injection along with some zofran.  We came home with the chemo pills for next week, but will need a quick blood test before we give them.
While hanging out at the vet school, he ate his can of food that I sent with him.  I always try to send a special flavor for him, and I'm glad to know that he isn't too stressed to not eat!
We are now to the point of reducing the prednisolone again.  Tanner will take a pill every other day.  We have gone from twice a day, to once a day, to now, every other day...progress!
He is on week 9 of a 27 week protocol, and doing well.  Thanks for all the continuing purrs...they are working!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner is having a rest week this week.  He had a quick blood draw yesterday just to make sure everything still looks good, and it does.  He has now completed two rounds of his protocol.  We will redo the ultrasound next week, and hopefully start round three...all dependant on the results of the ultrasound, of course.
Tanner got a few new toys for doing so well...a new catnip heart, and a couple of his favorite crinkle balls...a big one and a small one. 
Cousin Georgie is wondering where his toys are, and maybe he will just help Tanner!  This area is a favorite spot for everyone.  Mom re-finished this chest for us, and it is a perfect fit under the window in the living room.  There is a bird feeder right outside, so lots of activity for the boys to watch.
Tanner's bed is from Coccolino Creations on Etsy.  Coccolino also has a blog, and you can read about him here...My Mini Pet Pig.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mancat Monday - It's Official!

Happy Birthday Oliver Hughes!!  Ollie joins the other boys and is an official Mancat today!

Ollie and Cousin Georgie have been celebrating all week, getting a special toy each day.  You only turn one once, so it is a time to be spoiled!

Join us as we celebrate today...don't be shy, there's plenty for everyone.

We will start out with cake for the birthday boy...let's all sing to him now...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Oliver
Happy Birthday to you!

Now let's dig in....there's the ever popular chick-hen... 
A lovely glazed ham... 
Mom's favorite, a grilled steak... 
Chips and dip... 
A fruit tray in case you are watching your waistline... 
Nip-tinis and mock tails for all...aren't they pretty!
As you leave, don't forget to your swag bag...

And take a few furry mice as well...you can never have too many of these around the house!

Thank you all for coming to celebrate the first birthday of Oliver Hughes!  Here's to many more with this crazy and wonderful mancat!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Meow Like a Pirate

Today, September 19th, in the year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen, we be commanded to Meow Like a Pirate! We sail the high seas in search of gold doubloons and pieces of eight.

Avast, seein' how we be land lubber and lily-livered mateys, we hired a couple of buccaneers to take to the high seas in our place...

Shiver me Timbers, they be returning with fantastic spoils and plenty of grog...

Ham, or Big Slab of salt pig be on the menu...

Lobster or Roach of the sea

niptinis and grog for the swashbucklers....

Milk and bubble teas for the buccaneers-in-training...

Fresh spoils of the seas too...

Be nay ne'er shy and commence ye-selves to partying...All ye scurvy dogs!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner continues to do well with his treatments.  Yesterday was Doxorubicin, which is the third chemo drug in his protocol.
Over the weekend, we had some beautiful weather here in North Carolina.  We took advantage of it and let the big cats have a little outdoor time.  The babies still can't be trusted to not be wild (not sure they ever will), so they stayed inside.  We did open the windows and bring in fresh catnip, so don't feel too bad for them!
Tanner enjoying a stroll in the yard...heading towards the garden with the catnip!
 Score!  Tanner found the catnip...he had to fight with the tomatoes for a prime spot though.  The garden has gotten a touch out of control! 
Tanner and Pirate having a meeting under the tree.  They are not allowed to go past this tree when we are out...So far, no one knows how to climb the tree either...do your cats know how to climb a tree?
Tanner spots the babies in the window...hey guys!  The babies would go from window to window watching the bigs!
Today is Cousin Georgie's 1st birthday!  Happy Birthday Georgie!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Well, I forgot to do a Tanner Tuesday post, so we'll do it today...
Tanner is doing well.  Last week, we repeated the ultrasound and so the boy was shaved again :)  Here are the specific results of his ultrasound.  I'm going to need to to google some of these terms!
Abdominal Ultrasound (Sept 2nd):
-Markedly improved, but persistent subcapsular tissue of the left kidney
-Resolved right renal nodule, but persistent perinephric steatitis
-Mild splenic lymphadenopathy
-Improved jejunal and colic lymphadenophathy

REMISSION STATUS: Strong partial remission

This week, the chemo was in pill form, and thankfully, they let me give it at home.  He still had to run over to his regular vet for a quick CBC, but was back home before he knew it!  We waited to hear from the vet school to make sure his counts were high enough for the pills.  They were, so I gave them at home.  He gets a total of 75 mg of cyclophosamide (a 25mg pill and a 50mg pill)  The 50mg is a bit large, so I think next time I'll ask for three 25mg's.  Tanner is a champ at taking pills, but these were larger than his regular heart pills, so it was more of a challenge.  Auntie and I wanted to make sure he didn't get too upset taking them, so I would give the pill, and then she would offer him a small spoonful of ice cream to wash it down!  Then he would get the next pill and another small spoonful of ice cream.  When we finished, he just sat there waiting for another pill!  I think that plan worked just fine!!  Mary Poppins was right...A spoonful of sugar DOES make the medicine go down!
Tanner continues to eat well and play hard.  He doesn't know he has cancer, and he doesn't seem to realize he is getting meds for it either.  Thankful for no side major effects!
He has been sneezing some since last week getting the vincristine.  We are doing lysine in his food.  Everything is clear and isn't effecting his appetite or behavior.  We'll see next week when he goes in what they do about it...last month, we took a week off from chemo and treated with antibiotics.  Now that this seems to be a pattern, I don't know if they will treat with antibiotics but still give the chemo, or once again, make us wait a week.
Well, that's our update this week...looking good for Tanner!