Friday, May 19, 2017

Fostering Friday

The kittens are growing and gaining weight.  They will probably go back to the shelter next weekend.
Here they are having some playtime downstairs.  Look at that tiny black kitten in the carrier!  Harrison and Flynn LOVE to sit in a carrier.

The igloo is great fun.  Amos loves to jump around inside, which makes it move all around the room... 
Oliver is keeping a close eye on Solomon...

Stella and Amos playing in the igloo...

Sweet Sophia is getting braver...She is more of a loner.  She loves to play, but won't seek out a human.  She still freaks out a bit when she is held.

Solomon is our chunkster...he hit two pounds this past Sunday.  

One strange thing about these kittens is they don't purr.  Sometimes you can catch them purring if they are nursing on mom, which they still do some.  

Mom, Bella, purrs when she is petted.  She will swat at you though if she gets startled.  I wonder what her story is.  The kittens have picked up on this some and will also smack at your hands.  I don't know if they think they are playing, if they are just mimicking mom, or if they are trying to attack.

I can tell we are out of practice with socializing and working with kittens!  Does anyone have any great tips for making snuggly babies?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner is doing very well.  He loves when the babies have time to come down at night to play.
Amos playing with Tanner and his string toy.  Tanner is so patient with his babies.

Health wise, Tanner is doing well and remains stable.  We don't have any appointments scheduled until July when he needs his routine check-up.  Who would have thought in 2014 when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma that he would be thriving still in 2017?  I am so thankful for my time with him!!

Monday, May 08, 2017

Mancat Monday

So we brought the kittens downstairs for a while on Sunday.  They need to be exposed to different sounds and movement, so they will be confident in their new homes.
Tanner was in heaven!  He loved having this size baby around again.  He washed everyone and played with them gently. 
The Panthers all did well too with the kittens.  Flynn and Harrison were very curious about them.  Oliver played for a bit and then started growling at them some. 
Cousin Georgie wasn't happy at all and had to be put upstairs in another room.  He doesn't like change! 
The kittens did very well.  They explored and played and discovered the catnip banana!  They had had a big day because a friend had been over with her three children.  The kittens were handled a lot during their visit! 
After a while, everyone was wiped out.  Solomon fell asleep hugging his new toy!

Here's a video of Tanner playing with Solomon.  

Friday, April 28, 2017

Foster Friday

I almost forgot to post today!
Bella and babies continue to do well.  Babies are growing and playing hard.

Amos has had a bit of an eye infection.  The eye would seal shut.  It eventually moved to both eyes.  So he went to the vet and was given some ointment.  His eyes are now open all the time!  Mom goes in today to get another shot, so babies will all be looked over as well.

Stella is a love bug and always wants to sit in your lap!

Sophia is working hard to grow up...she is trying to eat the hard food from the bowl.  

Stella, Amos, and Solomon have all peed in the litter box!  I'm sure Sophia has too, we just haven't seen her.  They are all drinking water from the bowl now too.  Mom is still nursing but we are well on our way to eating more solids!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mancat Monday

The mancats love fresh catnip.  Flynn thinks every time you go outside you should bring some back in for him!
Here are the panthers enjoying some fresh nip...From the top, going clockwise...Flynn, Oliver and Harrison

We tear the leaves into small pieces because they will eat whatever is on the ground...then they will go to the compost bowl and scout out the stems! 

Flynn seems to feel the effects more than the others!  He is the cat at the bottom now.

Here's Flynn throwing caution to the wind...he is a nut!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Foster Friday

 Last week, we were asked if we could help foster a momma cat and her kittens.  How could we say no to that?
So four kittens came to stay with us, along with their mom.  I did request no orange or black since I have a weakness for them!  MOL 

These sweeties are two-three weeks old here...two boys and two girls.  We named them after our sweet Ugandan kids we hosted this year...
Stella - lighter grey
Sophia - darker grey 
And here is mom Bella.  She is a very sweet girl and attentive mother.  She doesn't mind you handling the kittens, but will come over if they make too much noise.  She was turned into the shelter as a stray.  She is friendly and enjoys being petted, but does not like to be picked up.  She is unsure of toys or how to play, but I hope with time we can show her how fun they can be!

We will have mom and babies until the kittens weigh two pounds and are eating on their own.  Then they will return to the shelter, have their surgeries and be placed for adoption.

My boys are handling things well.  They are curious about what is behind the door but they are not charging the room to find out!