Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mancats on Tuesday

Since yesterday was a holiday in the US, I am a day behind in posting about the mancats.  They are doing well!
Rusty, playing with the catnip bubbles...he is getting so big!  He now weighs 8 pounds.  I don't know how I always end up with the giant cats! 
Auntie keeps her bedroom door closed, because Cousins Sophie and Pirate hang out in there during the day.  They both need to gain some weight, and it is easier to have their food available if they are separated.  Plus Cousin Sophie does not like the boys at all!  The boys know there is food in there, and are ready at night when the door is opened!   
The stampede to get to the food before it is picked up for the night

Rusty loves to play and enjoys the game of pokey stick.  Oliver and Harrison also enjoy this game, and is one we can all play together. 
Proud of Oliver for accepting Rusty more and more... 
Rusty's cute profile..love his square nose/mouth/jaw

Rusty helping with the scrapbooking...Auntie was wondering how her papers got bent!  Mystery solved...

Monday, January 08, 2018

Mancat Monday - Rusty Edition

I have been enjoying my two weeks off from work, but now it is time to get back into life and blogging.  Today, the mancat post will focus on Rusty.  There are lots of "firsts" when you are a baby!
Growing in his permanent teeth.  The baby canines haven't fallen out on the top yet.  It took about a week after this photo for them to be gone.  I never found them. 
Helping me do a lot of cleaning and organizing in my room.

Auntie gave Rusty a new feather toy for Christmas and he was so excited!  It is funny how cats are drawn to different toy types. 
This blue feather (more of a puff really) has been all over the house.  It also sheds, so there are blue pieces all over the house too!

Still loving his llama

Getting in the wrapping paper is fun for every cat!

Play hard - sleep hard!

We have had terribly cold weather since the start of the New Year.  It hasn't been above freezing since Dec 31st.  I think today, January 8th, we will finally get to the 40's.  This is a new record for our area.  I was definitely glad to be at home!  Rusty appreciated the warm blankets...

We got snow on day and Rusty and Flynn were fascinated...

We actually turned the gas logs on a couple of nights to warm the den up a little more.  Rusty was very curious about the fire! 
What's staying at home for if not playing on Snapchat?  

Looking a bit like a Porg from the Star Wars movie :)

Well, that's Rusty's last couple of weeks.  We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful holiday season.  We loved all the cards and emails.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Mancat Monday

The mancats have had a pretty normal week...
Harrison is super excited that the heated bed is plugged in again.  He loves to "cook" 

Flynn found a bag of presents on the washer one night.  We put the bag away, but then he squeezed into this box to keep an eye on it.  Do you see his tongue sticking out?

Flynn is a goof ball! 

Close-up of Flynn.  He doesn't seem to have a neck, so he doesn't wear his collar anymore.  This box contained a disinfectant so we can get the house super clean and kill any remaining Panleukopenia virus that may still be lingering.  Apparently it is a very hardy virus.  This will allow us to foster more kittens in the spring if we want, and the house will be safe.

Rusty is growing by the day it seems.  He now weighs 6-1/2 pounds. 

Rusty is helping to wrap some of the boys presents.  Harrison will be super excited about this one...it's a new heated mat.  We can now have two heated beds for him!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mancat Monday

It was another weekend of torture for the boys...this time they all had to go and see Santa!
Some of you may have seen this on Facebook, but I've wanted to take the whole crew for a while and do a family shot.  It is hard for me to get a photo with all four of the boys at once.  This turned out pretty good!! 
Each boy then went individually...here is Harrison.  He kept trying to pull Santa's beard off...guess he wanted to make sure he was the real thing!

Rusty is an old pro now, since this is his second week in a row! 

Oliver was not too happy, but did pretty good.

Flynn turned into a limp noodle and couldn't hold his body up!

The official PetSmart photo...I have Oliver, Auntie has Flynn and Santa has Harry and Rusty.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Mancat Monday

The mancats had a busy week and weekend.  We are enjoying our time together!
Rusty went to see Santa, and was not thrilled with the experience.  Who is this strange man? 
Rusty doesn't like to be held much and will squeal and growl if he has more important things to do.  Thankfully, he was too nervous to be vocal with Santa!
Finally got a pretty good one of him.

Found Rusty and Flynn hanging out...pretty much everyone likes Rusty, except Oliver.  Oliver sends out mixed signals though.  Sometimes he will wash Rusty, and sometimes he will swat him and growl! 

Rusty loves this toothbrush.  I gave him a new one to try and brush some of the acne from his chin.  (This seems to all be cleared up now)  He loves to chew on it more than anything, which is fine because that will help his teeth!

Such a sweet face... 
Rusty helped a lot with cleaning this weekend...here he is changing the sheets.  It's time to put the flannel ones on the bed!

Helping change the shower curtain and liner.  I needed to put up the Winter one to make the bathroom more festive. 
Harrison also enjoyed lying in the old liner and curtain.  These boys are so silly.

Tired after a hard day of work... 
Oliver found a good spot to rest too.   
Cute photo of Harrison...

We hope you all had a nice weekend too!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mancat Monday

A random collection of photos this week, but Oliver is here!
Rusty hanging out in the cat ball.

Harrison and Rusty playing on the "S" Scratcher

Flynn and Cousin Georgie checking out the Christmas tree

Rusty and Cousin Georgie saying something isn't right about this tree...they try to pull those branches down for Auntie!

Oliver double checks the box to make sure all the pieces are out...

Rusty admiring the lights...so far he is doing good with the trees...keeping his mouth closed, and not chewing anything!

Rusty and Flynn playing in the box...

Later that day, we rewarded all the hard work with some fresh catnip...
l-r Rusty, Pirate, Flynn, Georgie, Harrison, Oliver 

Rusty tried to eat his piece...he still isn't too sure about this catnip stuff...

Eventually, Flynn came over and ate his piece!

Tired baby after a long day of work!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!