Monday, August 13, 2018

Mancat Monday

Everyone is doing well again this week.
Oliver enjoys the donut box :)  He also loves the orange donuts and plays with them regularly.

Harrison is even too big for the box :)

Flynn and Harrison are good friends and hang out together quite a bit.  This photo really shows the size difference in them.  Flynn is the large one :)  He is a big goof, but a sweet boy.

Oliver is in love with the vacuum cleaner, as long as it isn't on.  He scent marks all over it and snuggles up to it!  Have I mentioned that he is a bit crazy?

Rusty does not like to be held by Auntie.  He pitches such a fit!  I always tease Auntie that she is squeezing him too hard.  She calls him an angry elf :)

Rusty has one of Tanner's habits...picking his toes!  Oliver jumps on the table at the end and spooks Rusty...

Monday, August 06, 2018

Mancat Monday

When my friends and I celebrate our birthdays, we give each other cat toys!  The mancats received some new things this weekend...
Flynn is hanging out in this handmade donut box!  It is from the Snow Leopard Trust and was handmade in Mongolia from wool.  There were 6 cute donuts in the box as well.

Flynn learning to be patient while donuts are stacked on his is hard for him to be still, so this will be a good exercise for him! 
Cousin Georgie wouldn't look at the camera, but he enjoyed sitting in the box too!

Harrison also loved the box.  We also received wool balls and mice to play with.  The boys are enjoying it all!

Harrison decided he needed to sit in the window above Aunties shower on Saturday morning.  He had a great view of the birds from up there!  He was talking and Auntie picked him up and he scampered into the window sill.  She brought him down before jumping in the shower. 
He decided he could just up there by himself, while she was showering.  He couldn't quite make it, and couldn't get a foot hold to climb, so Auntie pushed him on up and he sat there until she was done!

Rusty and Oliver are doing well too...they just didn't get any photos this week!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Mancat Monday

The mancats have had a busy week...
Harrison and Flynn went to the vet for their annual visits.  Both are very healthy.  Harrison was a sweetie and purred the whole time.  Flynn was not happy and growled and hissed.  I may see if I can give him a little something next year to help him calm down a touch.  He wasn't able to get too thorough of an exam because he was so upset. 
Rusty alerted me that the UPS man was about to ring the bell... 

An amazon box was delivered and the boys got a new toy!

They were pretty unsure of this toy at first, so they sat nice and still...

Rusty took the longest to move closer to inspect...

Oliver loved the box...He's been having some diarrhea, so a butt bath was in order again.  He is still quite mushy, but hoping the proviable will help him get back on track.

A safer game of pokey stick rounded out the weekend...

We hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mancat Monday

Rusty had a wonderful 1st birthday!
He got a new bed and some toys.  He refused to get in his bed!   
I tried to play with him in the bed, but he wouldn't step in it!  Silly boy!  Still love his square snout...what a cutie! 
Cousin Georgie thought the bed was great!

So did Flynn!

Rusty preferred an older bed upstairs...he was wiped out by the afternoon.  Sweet sleeping kitten, er, mancat.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Happy Birthday Rusty!

Happy 1st Birthday to a wonderful orange boy!

Rusty, you came into our lives at the perfect time.  Brother Tanner was saying his good-byes to us, and helping us know that you were the next orange panther :)  I have loved watching your personality grow over the year.  You have learned to trust more, enjoy snuggles, and ask to play.  You are definitely a creature of habit and routine!

I am thankful your health has improved.  You sneezed for months and months as you fought to overcome the panleuk diagnosis.  Our Easy Breather and Happy Tummy oils are helping you stay strong!

You have won the hearts of your brothers now and are accepted as a panther.  Oliver took the longest but you persevered and now he is a friend rather than a foe.

Here's to many more birthdays with you little man.  So glad you are part of the family, Rusty Blaine.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Mancat Monday - Rusty Edition

Today we are focusing on Rusty because this is his last week as a kitten!
Rusty has grown into a fun member of the family over this past year.

He is super silly.  He loves to play.  He enjoys being held, on his terms.  Auntie still can't hold him without him fussing.  He can be an angry elf at times.

He is still in the eleven pound range.  So, basically Harrison sized.  Those two still wrestle and play, and get along the best.

Saturday is the big day for this little one.  Our house is ramping up for a celebration!

Monday, July 02, 2018

Mancat Monday

The boys are all doing well. It is very hot here in North Carolina right now, so the activity levels have dropped.  It is better to just rest and stay cool.
Rusty was upset because his playroom was closed.  We were housing a couple of abandoned boys for the weekend until we could take them to a rescue. 
Harrison loves to prop up on a pillow...He keep reminding us that this is perfect swimming weather!

Flynn is trying to stay awake to watch the birds...

Oliver helps me in the craft room.

That's about it...our lives are boring right now, and we love it!