Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mancat Monday, but on a Tuesday

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
Here is our card in case yours didn't arrive.  International folks, they were put in the mail a bit later than normal, so I hope your cards have arrived by now :)
Cousins Lenny and Teddy are doing well.  I am glad that Lenny has a friend now.  He is acting more like a cat and loves to wrestle Teddy.

Pumpkin Spike is growing and loving life.  We found out that it is a girl!  It is hard to say she, after all these years of having boy cats :)  She may just be one of the boys too.

Flynn is helping me prepare Pumpkin some kale for her salad.  She gets greens daily, but doesn't seem to actually eat very many of them.  She is a bug eater mainly right now.

Cousin Teddy has his eye procedure on January 6th.  This was taken the following day.  He is a little swollen, even still and his eyelids are red, but he doesn't act like anything is bothering him.  We were concerned about pain, since we all know he doesn't tolerate that very well, but he did just fine.  Hoping that is a one and done procedure and the eyelashes won't grow back.

Pumpkin enjoying a juicy horn worm...

Harrison loves a soft blanket.

Rusty loves the flannel sheets

Pumpkin got a pop-up playpen so she can run around and stay contained.  Cousins George and Teddy tried to comfort her.

Harrison loves water and didn't mind sitting in Pumpkins bath one day to help her out...such a good brother!

Flynn waiting for his Christmas presents...

Rusty loved his new blue feather!

He also enjoyed Flynn's catnip!

Harrison was thrilled with his new helicopter and immediately ran off with it.

Christmas can be hard work...Rusty needed a nap in the heated bed.

Harrison in a fun cube...probably laying there so Teddy can't run through it :)

Flynn enjoying a warmish day on the porch...we aren't having as many warm days, so we all take advantage when we do.

Well, that has you caught up.  Thanks for stopping by!