Monday, June 21, 2021

Mancat Monday

 Things are going well with the Four Crazy Cats.  We certainly can't complain about life right now.
Charles is growing and loving life

He is a cutie pie and definitely recognizes me as 'mom'

He loves to play!

Rusty is watching the neighbors dog...

Pumpkin enjoys getting on the porch

Flynn is making sure Charles doesn't eat his food.  My biggest and smallest together.

Charles is learning some bad habits...he loves ice cream and mashed potatoes!

Flynn enjoys porch time as well and naps out there most every day.

Charles and Pumpkin.  They aren't as close as the look.  

Wondering if I am eating anything he Charles, you need to get in the floor!

Charles graced us with some roundworms, so everyone had to be dewormed again!

It's been one year since Oliver left me so abruptly.  I still miss that boy something fierce.

Cousin Teddy and Charles love to play together

Pumpkins new tank and stand.  She is loving her new home and has eaten a few bugs on her own!  

Well, there you have it...always an adventure for the Crazy Cats.  I promise Harrison is still with us...I don't know how I keep missing him in the photos!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Mancat Monday

 Hello all, it's been a couple of weeks but we are doing well.
Haven't shown a picture of Cousin Teddy in a while.  He ended up with a mild version of Charles' cold, so he is on antibiotics and eye drops.

The big boys were treated with some catnip last night...Charles didn't know what it was, but Flynn loved it!  Look at the size smallest and largest.

Harrison has been enjoying time on the porch.  He is starting to come around for snuggles again too.  I hope all is forgiven.

Rusty came for snuggles this morning too.  Charles has upset everyone!

The cutie has made some cats very angry...I had a "pee-er" last floor was christened 5 times during the week.  I cleaned each time, of course, but broke out the steam cleaner this weekend.  It died before I was done, so I had to go buy another one before I could finish!

This morning I had two pees on the bathroom least they have moved on to linoleum!  Not sure who the culprit is, but hoping they will calm down soon.

Charles has discovered Pumpkin.  She seems to be feeling better, but still not really eating on her own.  She has nibbled at her salad, but no bugs...I am syringe feeding her.

Precious baby!  He sleeps in my bed at night on what we call, the 'mama' blanket...everyone loves this blanket.  Rusty will still nurse on one like it occasionally.  Charles nurses on the one on my bed at night and during the day when he naps.

Trying to act like a big cat!

Harrison and Flynn seeking comfort in each other.  They still come to my room for treats at night before bed.  I am trying to keep our routines the same.

Pumpkin needed a big snuggle the other night.  When she puts her arms back like this she is really comfortable!

Teddy and Charles are best friends now.  Teddy gets a little wild sometimes and is too rough, but Charles can dish it out as well.

Rusty loves that we have another nest of birds in the ferns outside...

Flynn knows the babies can't reach him on the counter!

Pumpkin at the vet a couple of weeks ago.  The vet was very friendly and helpful.  She thought Pumpkin had good body condition.  She showed me how to trim nails and give medicine.  Pumpkin is finished with her medicine now, so I will take another sample for the vet to test.  Hoping we are clear this time, but since she still isn't eating on her own, I won't be surprised if we have to do more meds.

Nice close up of her basking...

This is her new stand...waiting on the tank to arrive.  Her tank will be 4x2x2 feet, so the stand is just a few inches larger and 42 inches tall.  I wanted to be able to just look into the tank, since it is a front loading one.  She has a fridge now for bugs and salad and her supplements.  She is a spoiled girl!

Well there you have it...all is well (except for the peeing) at our house!  Hopefully by the next update the big boys will have gotten in control of their emotions and bodies!

Monday, May 10, 2021

Mancat Monday - Introducing Charles Donald

 Well, this has been a pretty exciting week for the panthers and Pumpkin.
First off, my grey areas have been covered over nicely :)

Pumpkin enjoyed quite a bit of time on the porch.  She is going to the vet this afternoon because she isn't eating well.  I took a sample on Friday and she has coccidia, protozoa and an over-growth of intestinal bacteria.  She's been on meds all weekend and is starting to act more like herself again.  Hoping she will start eating better as well.

Rusty spends a lot of time in Aunties bed during the day...he loves this blanket!  He knows if he doesn't get there early, Harrison will snag his spot!

Harrison is a good baby sitter when Pumpkin is on the porch

She enjoys her snuggles

Harrison feels he needs to sleep in her playpen at night!  He is such a baby.
What is Rusty looking at?

Why, it's Charles Donald!  Charles was seen running across a busy highway.  A kind man stopped and grabbed him, then came into Petsmart for some food.  I went back to help him, and he said he was going to drop the kitten by the shelter in the morning.  I checked he was a boy, and asked if I could take him, both from the man and from Auntie.  Everyone agreed and Charles Donald found a home!
He went to the vet the next morning because he eyes were infected.  He got some meds, dewormed and fluids.  It was determined he is about 6 weeks old.  He eats like a champ, drinks water already and uses the litter box.  He is a little nervous about you walking up to him, but settles down once picked up.  
He has taken over the playpen now, and sleeps here at night.
Teddy is learning to play with him. The other panthers are taking their time about checking him out.  I make sure to give them lots of extra attention as well.
After two days on meds, the eyes are looking so much better!  He is a cutie pie and I am glad to call him one of my panthers!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Mancat Monday

The boys have had a great few is good around here.
Teddy's neuter is done!  He has two incisions because the testicles were in two different places.  They were shriveled and small, so they were sent off for testing - no cancer.  He was not pleased with the cone, but could not be trusted to leave the incisions alone without it.  He screamed in pain for two days when picked up, but eventually he was getting better each day.  At the recheck, he had a bit of infection, so he was given an antibiotic injection.  The incisions look good now and are almost completely healed.

Pumpkin completed her big body shed...the back came off one day and a few days later her belly did the same.  She is a happier girl now and eating better.

Flynn helped me keep an eye on her while I cleaned her tank.  She's not in this picture, so don't keep looking for her :)

Harrison knows where all the best spots are in the house.

We had a unique visitor at the PetSmart one night.  This is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat.

Rusty and Pumpkin getting some sun...

Teddy is feeling better and wanting to snuggle again.  I have a full lap and heart.

Flynn loves to make Pumpkin a he has stolen some bok choy.  He loves all kinds of greens!

Pumpkin looking pretty with her new skin...her colors are really coming through.

There you have it.  Thanks for stopping by!