Monday, March 31, 2014

Mancat Monday - Flashback

 Mancat Tanner wants you all to see how much his "baby" has grown!
You can barely see Ollie behind Tanner, and yes, Ollie is standing!
Now when Ollie stands behind Tanner there is no hiding!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

This handsome boy would like you all to know that he is back down to his lowest weight!  Over the last two weeks, he lost 2 ounces each week, and now weighs 15 lbs 6 oz!!
So proud of you Tanner!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two on Tuesday

My oldest and youngest share a moment, or at least a chair...Way to go boys for getting along!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mancat Monday

On this week's Mancat Monday post, we will focus on the oldest mancat, Smokey.

Smokey loves to go out in the yard when the weather is nice.  He starts his journey off with a nice munch of grass.  We will be happy when the grass turns green again!
Next, is a refreshing drink from the bird bath.

Finally, he can begin his tour of the yard...there is a lot of pigeon poop in the yard near this comes from the roof when we get rain. 
Sometimes Smokey can be unruly and go to the front of the house...

More often than not, he circles back and takes a nice nap in the sun!  His black fur really soaks up the warmth!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

All About Ollie

Ollie will be turning 6 months old this month.
He has been losing his baby teeth.  Here is a top canine tooth, freshly lost.  Auntie happened to see it on the floor, after we noticed a bit of blood on Cousin Georgie's neck!
Ollie is also growing in the pre-molars in the back of the mouth, and his poor gums are so red and irritated right now.
Click Here to see a page diagramming the dental anatomy of cats. 
This is a current photo of him. Here are some facts about the one and only Oliver Hughes!
  1. He weighs 7 lbs 14 ounces.
  2. He can jump almost 5 feet in the air trying to catch his favorite toy!
  3. He is more confident in exploring his home, including climbing bookshelves, and getting on the wall mounted bookshelves you can see at the top of this photo!
  4. He is a pretty good rule follower, and does not have to be told repeatedly to stop doing something, or to get down.
  5. He still loves to nurse on your fingers, especially when he is tired
  6. He doesn't sit in laps real often, but will seek you out at times. He does snuggle close in the bed though.
  7.  He talks A LOT!
  8. He loves going for stroller rides
  9. He helps around the house (photos below)
  10. He experienced his first snow, although we missed going out in it, but we did go out after the next sleet/snow event :)
He fills the bird seed containers...
He sorts pinto beans... 

First sleet event...getting his feet cold!  He was so curious about all the sounds around him...
He is a super fun boy, and has changed so much from that helpless little kitten we picked up 5 months ago!  Way to grow up Ollie!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

This week, Tanner pretty much maintained his weight, only gaining 1/2 ounce.  His current weight is 15 lbs 9.5 ounces.
We had wonderful weather over the weekend, and have had a couple of really nice days here this week.  Yesterday, temps were in the upper 70's!  Today is warm but raining, and tomorrow it will be in the low 40's.  But we will all enjoy the warmth when we get it.  Tanner loved being able to munch on the catnip plant in the garden. 
Some of the daffodils were blooming last weekend, and now they have all bloomed and are just beautiful! 
We hope you are getting glimpses of Spring where you live too...It is coming!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mancats Bake

The other week, we had a snow storm.  And while, it was nothing compared to what many of you have been getting all winter, it was a big deal for us here in the South.  As usual, things were shut down for a period of time, which was fine with me...I always welcome time at home to spend with the boys! 
The snow was very pretty while falling.  It snowed like this most of the day...I was glad to get to watch it from a warm house. 
The bird feeders were very popular!  We have many cardinals that come around and they are so pretty against the backdrop of white.  I took many photos from inside the house that day...this was one of my favorites.
Now, on to the mancats!  What better way to pass time than to bake some cookies?  Auntie started getting the ingredients together, and of course Ollie had to help.  He is a very curious boy, and loves to be a part of the action.  Watching Auntie spoon some flour into the measuring cup. 
Getting a closer look at the flour container... 
You have to level the is important to use accurate measurements when baking.

Finally, the batter is done...watching to see that Auntie doesn't leave any behind on the beaters.
Thanks Ollie...I don't think Auntie could have done it without you!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

It seems like the Weight Loss Wednesday posts are coming more frequently...does anyone else feel like we are zipping through this year?
Tanner is pleased to announce that he had some loss this week.  He lost three ounces, bringing his weight to 15 lbs 9 oz!  We are getting back on track!
He has a fair amount of loose skin, but I don't think they remove that the way they do in people :)  He could probably shed another pound just by getting rid of the excess!
Here's a photo from this past Sunday...he is looking like a normal cat, nice and lean, but not too thin. 

Monday, March 03, 2014

Mancat Monday

The mancats had a pretty good weekend.  We had some lovely weather and they were able to go outside for a few minutes.  It was in the 70's here on Sunday, so we all enjoyed the sunshine and warmth!  Today, we are back to sleet and freezing rain :(
 Smokey loves going outside and eating grass.  He explores the yard and usually ends up in the side yard, where the sun is beating down on him, taking a nice warm nap.
Tanner and Cousin Pirate found the small catnip plant that has survived the winter.  It should start growing soon and will be quite large by the end of summer.  It is still pretty potent and the boys loved getting high from it!
Ollie and Cousin Georgie do not get to come outside like this for 'free time' yet.  They are still too unpredictable and wild!  They did go for a stroller ride around a couple of neighborhoods and had a nice time.  They love to stroll.  You can't see them, but trust me, they are in there! 
Tanner's eye started running again, so we are doing more drops.  It is still a touch swollen, as you can see below.  This is looking pretty good compared to what it was before...
Here is a link to a video showing Tanner getting vacuumed.  He loves it!  It was a treat for him this weekend, since he has been feeling so poorly lately.  He doesn't want or get vacuumed everytime, but he was in the mood, and enjoyed it this weekend!