Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all from our family to yours.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner spent yesterday at the vet school, receiving his third chemo drug in the protocol.  He was given doxorubicin via IV.  He was quite spirited according to the vet, and very chatty!

He had an additional urinalysis done today, because when they checked his renal values, they were elevated.  His phosphorus was also elevated, so they thought he was dehydrated.  The urinalysis showed that the urine was weak, and not overly concentrated like it should be if you are truly dehydrated.  They want to recheck the values next week, and are concerned that he could be starting to show signs of chronic kidney disease.  They do not think these values have anything to do with the cancer, but it could be a side effect of the chemo he received today.  For now, I am to try to push liquids as much as possible, and see if the numbers improve on their own...maybe it is a fluke this week.  So I am adding water to his canned food, and will give his some tuna juice :)

I thought he was going to get a rest week next week, but he will be going back in for bloodwork and to start the next, and hopefully last, of the protocol rounds!

Keep those purrs and positive thoughts coming for Tanner!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner had a nice day yesterday.  He went for a quick trip to his regular vet for bloodwork and then right back home!  I received a call in the afternoon that his counts were fine to receive his chemo pills at home.  The ice cream trick still worked, one pill, then a small bite of ice cream, then another pill, etc...He wants to walk away after getting his pill, but then the spoonful of ice cream brings him back.  The boy loves sweets and just cannot resist!
Tanner loves popcorn too, especially cheddar popcorn.  I love the Chicago Mix, which contains both cheddar and caramel.  Tanner always comes over to help me with my snack!  He will be your best friend as long as you are holding a plate or bowl of food! 
Tan has also been helping with wrapping the Christmas presents.  Santa has gone a little crazy with stuff for this boy, but some years you just need to be spoiled!  He is such a good sport about most everything. 
He has also been asking to play a lot more than in the past few months.  Over the weekend, he asked me to play...I said, 'Show me, what do you want to do?'  He escorted me to the kitten room where the tunnel and most toys are located.  He hasn't done that in a while.  I selected a favorite string toy, and he even ran through the tunnel a few times!  I loved his energy level, and his playfullness!
One more stay at the vet school before Christmas and then we will be done for the year.  We are all looking forward to the holiday break and being home together!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mancats Remember Devon

Today is two years since Devon ran off to the bridge.  He is still missed today, although we see a lot of him in Oliver!
This is a typical Devon photo...I'm cool, and I know it! 
Every now and then, he would let his guard down and do something "cat like"  *gasp*  He did not think he was a cat, and this was so beneath him :)
Devon, you were a good baby, and you are missed every day.  You loved to help make the canned food by licking the empty cans.  You loved to lick the butter.  I will say that I have enjoyed not cleaning your 'dancing' in the litter box :)  I wonder how many more ways you would have found to "not" be on the island in the kitchen?  I miss trying to guess why you have puffed your tail out and are running around the house like a mad man!  I miss the ever-so-infrequent times that you would lay beside me on the couch, and put your paw on my leg.  It made it all the more special because it was rare.  I know you are enjoying life at the bridge and I can't wait to see you again one day!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Today, Tanner is focusing on staying warm!  He spent the day at the vet school yesterday, getting another shaved belly :)  They did the abdonimal ultrasound again, and started the next round of chemo.  The ultrasound showed stable disease.  It was recommended to change the chemo back to every week and see if that will kick start his system to kill off any remaining cancer cells, so that is what we are going to do.  He only has two rounds remaining.
Tanner found the heated bed...he loves it!
The vet is also wondering if the thickening of the kidney walls, that has been present since round one, is possibly scar tissue.  She wants to do aspirates next time he has the ultrasound to see if it is scar tissue, or cancer.  It could be that he is in complete remission, but this tissue makes his kidneys look abnormal. 
Tanner has always loved to be covered with warm he is on the towel for his carrier, and a fresh blanket!
Tanner has already beaten the odds for a partial remission cat.  Normal time before relapse, or death, is 3-4 months from original diagnosis.  Tanner is now entering his 5th month since diagnosis, and going strong!
I ordered this belly band for Tanner off Etsy, and while it fits beautifully, and is quite warm (fleece on the inside), it makes Tanner unable to walk and move!  MOL
Tanner has beaten the odds several times in his life already.  For those that don't know his story, he ws buried in the litter box by his mother when he was born.  He was found alive, barely, and taken to another nursing mother.  She took him in as one of her own, but he was so small, compared to her actual babies, that after 13 days, it was decided to just pull him off and bottle raise him.  That is when I got him.
He also has HCM, and has been taking meds for that disease for 10 years now.  Tanner has beaten the odds here too, and was given a very slow progressing form.
Tanner's plan for the next few weeks will be as follows:
Dec 15th - regular vet for bloodwork, chemo at home
Dec 22nd - day at the vet school, IV Chemo
Dec 29th - REST WEEK
Thanks for checking in on my special boy.  Please keep sending healing purrs to him, they are working!!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Mancats Open Secret Santa

Our Secret Santa package arrived on Friday, and instead of waiting until Christmas, we went ahead and opened it!  We were excited to find that our package came from....Frostin's Chronicles - Munchkin, Ashlyn and Cosette!
Tanner and Cousin Georgie check out the box... 
Oliver came over to see as well...what's in here? 
Tanner was very excited to help this year...just look at all those goodies! 
Tanner jumped right in the box...I think he could smell some yummy catnip! 
I'll just take a quick rest here, if you don't mind... 
Orange and Green crinkle balls!  These were a big hit! 
A new jumping string!  We will make good use of this...we love to jump and play! 
Tanner was right...there were TWO wonderfully strong catnip toys in the box!
Oliver posing with the loot...we are some lucky kitties this year! 
Even the mom got a couple of really cute ornaments for the tree!  Thank you Frostin's Chronicles for our wonderful package!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Secret Santa Paws

Last night, we all worked to get our Secret Paws package ready for the will go out one day this week.
Cousin Georgie inspected the box for us and decided it was a fine box!
Tanner made sure I was doing a good job with the wrapping of the presents!   
Oliver wants to know if we are sure this present needs to be sent?  It sounded like a lot of fun, and he kept trying to steal it! 
Are you sure it's all going to fit? 
Still looking for that one prized package :) 
I think it is under here... 
You packed these in too well...I can't get it out anymore! 
My work here is done...everything is in the box!
And yes, Oliver has stepped on this softer gift, and put holes in the wrapping.  We hope our friends won't mind :) 
The finished box...Here Comes Santa Paws!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Mancat Monday

Mancats are a bit crazy.  When cleaning the bathroom, where some of the litter boxes live, we sit fresh ones on the kitchen floor.  It never fails that someone will need to go, as soon as they are emptied!
This time it was Oliver...he just couldn't wait until they were back in the bathroom.  I guess it is fun to potty in the kitchen! 
He does a good job of covering everything when he is finished, unlike some cats that run out of the box like their tail is on fire when they are done!
Where is the most unique place you have pottied?