Monday, January 28, 2019

Mancats Interrupted Monday

 I haven't posted in a few weeks because I've been in Kenya again.  This post has a lot of photos.  
Our team went to a new village this year, called Irigithathi.  It sits at the base of Mount Kenya, near the equator.  The area is arid and water is scarce most of the year.  The community was recently able, due to the partnership with 410 Bridge, to install a bore hole (or well).  

Our job was to help them get started on laying pipe to connect the homes to this water supply.

We were all digging and shoveling dirt.  The trench needed to be 2 feet deep.

Finally, a section was complete and the pipe was going down.  We helped get 10 pipe lengths laid, and the villagers were going to need to dig for another 140 pipes for this first line!  They gave themselves 10 days to finish.  Everyone in the town helps to install the pipes, or they will have to pay more for the water down the road. 

Another day in the village, we divided into groups and visited homes.  In my home we were able to hold the baby bunnies, feed chickens, and helped cook and work in the garden some.

Peeling potatoes...
Stirring the finished dish...mashed potatoes, with corn, beans, and greens.

Digging in the garden...trying to get the bed ready for planting.

Our home visit group...this trip was fun because our church teamed up with some members of our Kenyan church and we went together to help. 

We stopped on the equator for a photo op!

Later, back in Thika, we visited a ministry called Street Hope.  This is one our church started and it helps rescue women from survival prostitution and gives them a job, or helps them start a business.  At the center, we helped cook lunch.

Later, we went to the former Ark Orphanage.  The Ark has moved to another town and we missed seeing the children.  The property belongs to our church though, so we were working to convert it to a community center.  Starting with a fresh coat of paint.

A highlight of the trip was meeting my Compassion child, Peter.  He was quite shy, and wasn't sure about me, but I know he will remember this day.

Here's Auntie with Peter and her girl, Veronica.

If you zoom in, you can see Peter smiling!  He enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.

We took a quick trip through Kibera slums.  This was overlooking the slum.  Once inside and walking around you can't take photos. 
Lastly, we went to the Elephant Orphanage.  We were able to see them feeding the elephants before they went to bed.  It was nice because this was a private event for people with sponsorships.  There were very few people, and we could talk to the keepers, pet the elephants, and spend time just enjoying their beauty.

The youngest elephants wear blankets to keep warm.

Here is a video of the babies running in for the night...

That's our trip in a nutshell.  The boys are doing well, and will be back to posting next week.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Mancat Monday

This will be a random post with a hodge podge of photos!
For anyone that did not see or receive our Christmas card, here it is.  I am holding a baby Wallaby, and no, he is not mine :) 
Rusty was spooked the other night.  Auntie was making a noise, and he saw Oliver pop up over the kitchen ledge...he thought Oliver was making the noise!

Your drink is ready at the cafe!

Let the fun begin!

Rusty did pretty well wearing the hats...

Reindeer head...

Santa hat

The boys were great with the presents until Christmas Eve.  They broke into this one during the night!  I guess they figure Santa had already come, so they could stop being good!

Flynn is ready to open presents!

Oliver loved his catnip toy from his Cat Scout friend...

Flynn was excited about all the boxes that have been arriving at the house!

Harrison (back) and Oliver enjoying some sun and stretching...

The boys playing on the couch.  Harrison is in his cushion hole, while Rusty tries to get the string.  Flynn watching and waiting for a good time to join in the fun!

We hope you all had a nice holiday break and are ready for a wonderful new year!