Monday, September 26, 2022

Mancat Monday

It's been too long once again, but everyone continues to do well.  We are blessed and thankful for each day!
Pumpkin went to and Adult Health Day Program to speak to the campers.  Everyone loved her and she didn't mind being petted.
We have been invited back so some of the campers that weren't there that day could see her.  We plan to go again, maybe in November.
Auntie and I took a much needed vacation to the beach for a week.  The boys stayed home and the pet sitter came over twice a day for an hour each time to feed, scoop, play and love on them.  The boys love to eat!
Pumpkin went with us, since the pet sitter wasn't sure about dealing with her bugs, and plus I figured she would enjoy the natural sunshine and warm sand.  This is her first view of the ocean from our room.
She loved the sand!  The temps were fantastic for us, and thankfully we didn't have any hurricanes to worry about.  That is always a risk when going in September, but the prices are so much better!

She had her own beach chair too, although she only sat here for a few photos.

She preferred her enclosed mesh tent, or sitting on my chest.

I covered her with sand one day, and she was not impressed!

She was a good sport wearing her shark costume and riding the boogie board.  She met a lot of nice people and many wanted to hold or at least touch her.  Some wanted their picture taken with her.

Although the boys had plenty of food, we discovered they had been stealing all week!  This is where they place their stolen's too funny!

Charles was ready for me to be home, and was snuggling and nursing within 15 minutes!

Pumpkin was happy to be back in her tank and showed off with some beard stretches.

The boys all got a new catnip toy and they were's Flynn and Cousin George.




Charles helped me change the sheets...taking a rest now.

A little nap curled up next to me was a great way to spend Sunday.

Well there you have it...another fun few weeks, and all is well.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Time Flies Tuesday

 Time flies when you are having fun!  The mancats are all doing well.  We are glad you stopped by to visit us again.
Flynn hanging out in the cat toy chest downstairs.  I needed to find another stick so he took the opportunity to see what else was in there.  We rotate toys and such around to keep them interested.

Most of my panthers together in the study.  We are having a few pee problems, hence the puppy pads all around.

Harrison loves this bed and spends most of his days here.

Charles has picked this spot as his favorite day location.

Rusty helped me put together a new bookshelf for my room.

Charles loves this mat and hangs out with it in the evenings.

Pumpkin turned two on August 17th.  She has been eating grasshoppers and has consumed 70 of them this past month!!  I still supplement with slurry, but we have to do it less frequent.

Rusty loves the cat ball in the guest room.

Sometimes it is too warm to go outside, so Charles does half in, half out to stay cool, but smell the outdoors!

He still loves to dangle his arms!

My favorite view...Charles napping with me.

Pumpkin on her eating stump waiting for those grasshoppers!

Charles (left) and Harrison chilling by the fireplace.  These beds are very popular, especially in the winter when the heated beds are plugged in for them.

Pumpkin hanging out with the boys.  Flynn and Cousin Lenny

Flynn and Cousin George acting unruly and stealing my cereal.  They love milk, and I don't want them to get soft bones!

Flynn and Cousin Lenny can get is proof!  Flynn pesters him, and Lenny squeals, which I think Flynn likes!

There you have it.  Auntie and I are heading to the beach next week, and taking Pumpkin with us.  I hope she does well, but I really hope the boys will behave for the pet sitter and not get too upset that we are gone.  This will be the first time some of them have been left for more than overnight.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed the update.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Mancat Monday

 Hello all, it's been a while again, but the mancats are all doing well.
Pumpkin is gearing up for a trip to the beach with me and Auntie in September.

It's been a month of vet visits...every mancat and Pumpkin have gone in this month!  Charles was not impressed, but he is healthy and good for another year.

Charles tries to hide in the carrier.  I hate that my boys get so nervous!

Pumpkin's food is growing...these are her roaches.

Charles loves to play with this mat...such a cutie!

Cousin's George, Izzy and Lenny all went to the vet as well.  George needed a mast cell tumor removed and ended up with 14 staples and the cone of shame!  He terrified poor Charles.

Pumpkin checking out her beach tent...the sides are mesh, so she'll get plenty of fresh air, and the top zips so we don't have to worry about sea gulls.

Rusty and Charles love playing pokey stick.  Rusty went to the vet to have his toes looked at.  They are just crusty, so I have some mousse to put on them each day.  This is the second time poor Rusty has gone in for being dirty!

Harrison isn't happy, but should be done for another year now!

Flynn had two vet visits, his annual and then a recheck at the dentist.  He will be going in December for a dental cleaning and images.

Pumpkin needed her toe nails trimmed, which she didn't mind.  They are so small, I am still uncomfortable doing it myself.

One angry girl!

She did not appreciate getting her blood drawn!  Her blood work is all good though, but she did have some protozoa in her poop.  She did Metronidazole for a week, and I need to take a sample in for testing.

Busy times but we are all healthy and doing well.  Thanks for stopping by to check on us!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Mancat Monday

 The mancats are back with an update...all is well!
Flynn loves to sit with his tongue out just a bit...bleep.  His canine teeth are sticking out a bit more too.  It will be interesting to see what the dentist says at his appointment this fall.

Rare shot of all three panthers with their EYES OPEN!!  Front to back, Charles, Harrison, Flynn

Quite the size difference between Charles (10lb 10) and Flynn (19lb 15).

Pumpkin is doing well.  She has eaten a bit of watermelon, red pepper and a grape.  She's also had a couple of roaches.  She still prefers her slurry, but always has regular food available.

Rusty is enjoying the porch and acts sill on the condos out there.  We have two for them to enjoy.

Charles still enjoys a good snuggle and nursing session on his mama blanket.  I love it too!

Upcoming: Pumpkin, Harrison and Flynn are going to the vet on July 1st.  Charles goes on July 15th.  These are all routine appointments.  Rusty doesn't need to go until November.

Thanks for stopping by!!