Monday, April 25, 2022

Mancat Monday

 Happy Monday everyone...the mancats are here for another episode :)  Everyone is doing well.
Auntie and I along with some family members went to the Jimmy Buffett concert this past Saturday night in Raleigh.  It was beyond amazing!  We haven't seen one of his concerts in several years, so it was a nice treat.
Aunt Jan had us all wear grass skirts :)  She is one of our favorite aunts!

Pumpkin enjoyed some time outside in the sun

We have baby birds in the birdhouse.  So exciting.  There appear to be 6 of them.

Charles got some wool eggs for Easter.  He has also stolen my chair on the porch!

Charles loves Pumpkin...he tries to stay near her when she is downstairs.

Pumpkin decided she liked walking in the grass...
Charles injured himself when the painter was at the house.  He has to go again today for another recheck to make sure it is healing correctly.

They tried to give him a bandage, but he was too smart for them...

Smug Charles has removed the bandage in about 20 minutes at home!

Native Columbine are pretty this year in the garden.

Well, there you have it.  Harrison, Flynn and Rusty are all doing well.  Thanks for stopping by to catch up on my family.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Mancat Monday

Four Crazy Mancats here and we are all doing well.  We have had some big adventures over the past few weeks.
The inside of our house is being painted...everything has to move again!

Mom is recovering nicely and still enjoys Charles snuggles :)  Charles might enjoy them too.

Pumpkin is doing well.  She thought it was too bright one evening while watching tv, so she found a darker place.

Rusty has been helping get the house ready.  Curtains needed to come down and be washed.

The pigeons are antagonizing the cats...they are sitting on the roof of the porch in this photo.  Charles, Rusty and Cousin Izzy are trying to decide if they can catch them!

Charles loves the holes in the couch cushions...they are the best places to sleep at night.

Flynn enjoyed watching some bird videos one morning.  

Harrison was excited the Chewy box came and brought him some more food.  Some of our favorite types are getting harder and harder to find!

Pumpkin had to leave her tank on the day our room was being painted.  She hung out under some lights in my craft room, and then I moved her to the travel tank for the evening.

Here is my room getting ready for paint!

The stairs were covered while those walls were done.  Flynn loved to help.

Stress or pollen had the boys sneezing some, so lysine in Churu treats was the remedy.  Charles and Flynn.

Charles turned 1 on April 1st, so we celebrated all the boys birthdays with some fun new toys and treats.  Harrison and Flynn had birthdays in March.  They are 6 now.

Harrison loved the new circle scratcher.  This is one of his favorites but we haven't had one in several months.

Flynn helped with the cleaning of the furniture and painting the bottoms with Kilz, where some cats have been naughty.

Charles found a quiet place in the guest room when the painter moved downstairs.

Pumpkin enjoys a warm bath.  She gets one a couple of times a week.

We were all beginning to get tired of the painting process...Charles found a good place for a nap.  This is where he sleeps at night most of the time too.  Love my little bed fellow.

Fun selfie with Charles.

Harrison is waiting to see if I'll offer him some of my snack.

The living room during the painting process

A rare photo with all 8 cats...Izzy doesn't really know what to do with catnip yet.

Rusty supervising...

Auntie doing more cleaning...with Cousin Teddy helping

Pumpkin went to see the Easter Bunny over the weekend.  She did great!

Well, there you have it.  The painting in finished, and now we are putting pictures back on the walls, hanging up the curtains, and just trying to get the house back in order!

We hope you are all doing well.  Enjoy the holiday weekend, however you celebrate.

Here are the birthday graphics for the panthers...


Monday, March 21, 2022

Mancat Monday

 Welcome to another mancat Monday.  The boys are all doing well.
Flynn is helping me with my recovery.  I ended up in the hospital Monday March 7th for emergency gallbladder surgery.  I was discharged on Friday, so the boys were glad to have me home.  That is not an experience I wish anyone to have, but I am thankful my mom could come up and spend the week with me.

Pumpkin got to spend some time outdoors.  She has forgotten how to climb...she needs to put all of her feet on the screen!

Charles was a bit helper during my recovery too.  He loved to nap with me.

Panthers waiting for their nightly treats

Pumpkin spent some time in the front yard where the evening sun warms up everything.  She enjoyed the warmth and the fresh air.

Charles taking a break from nursing duties...

Harrison made it to the post this week, but Rusty is missing!  One week, I'll get them all in here.  

Monday, February 28, 2022

Mancat Monday


Happy almost new month everyone!  The mancats are doing well and we have had some excitement during the month of February
The new floors have been installed and we love them!  This is my crop/craft room and also my home office.

This is the hallway looking from the craft room.  Closed door is Aunties bedroom, first open door is the guest room, and last open door on left is the cat room and also Aunties office.

We painted the stairs and had a carpet runner installed.

Pumpkin had a bath yesterday, she gets at least one a week.  This is her favorite place to drink, and she also enjoys swimming.  Normally, she will poop as well, but not today.  Her tail and feet are all trying to shed but they need to dry out a bit more.  Maybe this week she will be freed from that drying skin.

I cleaned her tank and rearranged a bit for her.  She enjoys getting a few new things and exploring.

Charles is such a cute boy.  He is 11 months old now and just at 10 pounds.  I'm encouraged that he will stay small (at least for my house).  He is the perfect size to wrestle with Cousin Teddy.

He had a bit of a drinking problem though...silly boy!

Charles loves Pumpkin.  He loves when she can come out.  Here she was getting ready to go to the vet, and he was hanging out with her.

Something strange happens when you crawl under the ripple rug!  

Charles and Rusty enjoying the fireplace and heated beds.

Harrison made it to the post this time!  He has been joining us for tv time at night.  

Flynn is doing well and loves to be where you are.

Pumpkin crawled off of me and went to snuggle with Charles!

She is a happy girl!

Rusty has started playing more.  We have thousands of toys in the house, but the favorite is a broken string!

Giving me some sass...there are bugs in the white bowl and she's letting me know she is not going to eat those!  She wants her syringe!  Although she did eat a roach and two worms yesterday.  I was so happy for her.  We keep trying to get her eating on her own.  Of course I just gave away the rest of her roaches, because they were getting big and she wasn't eating them, so I've had to order more :)