Monday, December 12, 2022

Mancat Monday

 We are still alive and doing well!  These photos are in no particular order!!
Rusty helping decorate the new tree upstairs.  We broke down and bought another one this year because we have too many ornaments!

Rusty had a dental cleaning and needed 4 teeth pulled.  He was a bit drunk that first night at home and could not keep his tongue in his mouth!

This past Saturday, the Canipe's had their family Christmas party.  Here is me (red shirt), Auntie, with our Dad (grey) and Uncle.

Charles, Teddy and Pumpkin all helped wrap a few presents.

Trying out the portrait mode on my phone with Charles.  So handsome!

Harrison enjoying the soft blanket under the tree upstairs

Rusty helping me with the Christmas cards...

Our family ornament...

Flynn got a vacuum cleaner since he enjoys being vacuumed!

Charles has a black cat in a yellow sweater.  His color is yellow and that can be challenging for Christmas.  Pumpkin tried watermelon for the first time this year, so she has an ornament to remember that event.

The tree in the living room

The tree in the breakfast nook

Black tree in the dining room

Tree in the study.  If you are keeping count, that makes 5 trees!

The panthers have been wiped out from all the decorating...front to back is Harrison, Flynn and Charles

Pumpkin trying out a warm hat and scarf

Rusty helping us decorate...he found a soft tree skirt and decided to rest for a while

Charles loves Pumpkin's grasshoppers.  He has eaten a few as well!

Pumpkin checking out the tree...

We have a waterfowl rescue in the state and they put out this ornament.  I had to buy it to remember my Smokey, who was known as Goose.

At Thanksgiving, Auntie, mom, dad, and I picked up pecans in yard.  Mom and Dad have 4 pecan trees and they produced pretty well this year.  I think we collected about 15 gallons that afternoon.

Well, there you have it.  We are doing well and having many adventures.  Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Monday, November 07, 2022

Mancat Monday

 All is well at the house...we have survived the sewage issue and new floor install.  We are all ready for some peace and quiet!
We ended up with a couple of extra boxes of the kitchen floor.  Flynn points out that this box doesn't belong here.

Charles was happy to share my tuna yesterday

Pumpkin enjoys her snuggles in the evenings.

While Auntie and I were still trying to get everything reorganized the panthers hung out in the bed!  Front to back - Harrison, Flynn and Charles

It took several hours to restock the pantry...I tried to organize it as well.

The other side...the cats have a ton of food!

Rusty found a nice sun puddle to rest...

Transition of the floors downstairs.  The brown hardwood look is in the whole house now, except of the kitchen area and the upstairs bathrooms.  All the bedrooms upstairs are this same LVP.
The nook and kitchen have this tile LVP, along with the pantry and laundry room.

Looking towards the front door from the den...

Fall is here and I love the beautiful colors.  This tree was super bright the other week at church.

Teddy and Pumpkin enjoying time on the porch.  Pumpkins porch time is coming to an end until next spring, so we take advantage when we can.  It needs to be in the upper 70's but preferably in the 80's before I take her outside.

I went to the State Fair last month and the pumpkins were amazing this year.  I just don't know how they grow them so large!  Do you have a State or County fair where you live?

Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Tuesday Trials

 Well it has been an interesting few weeks...all will be well eventually!  We are still blessed.
The grasshoppers got a new mesh tank to live in...they are messy fellas and poop like mad!

Charles is doing well, and living his best life :)

Pumpkin is loving this season, and went outside for a quick photo shoot last weekend.  Here she is dressed as a cricket.  It should be a grasshopper because you are what you eat!

Just sitting on the wreath for the door...she looks so festive.

I had to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy last Thursday.  It was not bad at all.  Propofol is my friend :)  The worst part was the taste of the liquid you had to drink.  I wasn't sure I could get it down, but a pep talk to myself in the mirror worked.  The following day, I had an ultrasound where they determined I have a hernia with some bowel loops protruding.  I guess another surgery will be in my future.  I hope it is this year while I have met my out-of-pocket spending limit on insurance already!!

On Tuesday of that week, we had a sewage backup on the first floor!  This is the resulting damage and those fans were there for three days.  It was loud and windy downstairs and the cats did not appreciate that!

Sewer clean out closest to the house.  The problem was between this cleanout and the connection to the city line...

You can see that our pipe (the horizontal one) is cracked and not fully connected to the city pipe any longer.  The plumber came out Tuesday and got our situation fixed so we could use the toilets and such until the permanent pipe was installed.  He thought it would be Friday, but they called on Wednesday and came over!  Wednesday night was when I started my prep, so I was happy to have the toilets working :)  
The plumbers fixed the pipe and we should be good to go now...

Harrison was not sure about all the noise downstairs...he did not venture down, so we brought food upstairs for everyone.

We kept our nightly treat is Flynn

Charles, Rusty and Harrison on the stair ledge...

Before the plumbing fiasco, we had decided to finish replacing the floors upstairs.  We had our quote and placed our order, so we started ripping out the carpet in my room where the cats had been peeing, so we could paint those areas with Kilz.


Flynn on the kitchen island on the new halloween scratcher.  The scratcher needed to be taped along the bottom so it would stay together when you picked it up to move it when you vacuumed.  Flynn thought this was a great vantage point.

Charles loved having the condos on the porch turned over.  We did this to make sure nothing fell when Hurricane Ian passed over.  Thankfully, he did not cause any damage.  We lost power for an hour and a half, but that was all.  Definitely could have been worse.

While the power was out, we ripped the carpet up in the guest room.  We only did the areas where inappropriateness had occurred.  We will let the flooring guys do the rest!

Pumpkin is not happy at the moment because she has been moved out of my room and into the craft room.  

We found out yesterday that the new floors upstairs will be installed on Thursday.  So by the end of the weekend, the upstairs should be put back together!

The floor company came this morning and measured the downstairs for new floors because everything has to be replaced from the sewage leak.

So there you have it...a crazy few weeks, but we are all healthy and making the best of life as it continues to throw lemons our way!