Monday, September 28, 2020

Mancat Monday

 The boys have had a nice week.  We started decorating for Halloween, and so that meant a new cardboard house for the boys..
This is a Haunted Hotel, and Rusty was eager to help...

The hotel was two levels and Rusty enjoyed both...

You have to watch out because the hotel will attack you!

Looking for prey

All of the boys have ventured into the hotel, but I need to get better photos.  The panthers don't show up as well as Rusty :)

Last Monday we had the slab poured for the is the finished product, still drying.
After a few days, Flynn went out to inspect...he approves!

After two long weekend days of work, we now have this in the back yard...another round of inspections is due before more work can be done.

The boys are not sure what all the noise is, but they are getting used to it.  Harrison finally came downstairs while the men were working on Sunday and sat at the door and watched.  They will forget all the inconveniences and missed naps once the porch is finished!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Happy Birthday Oliver


Happy Birthday at the Bridge Oliver.  I know you are enjoying your time with Tanner.  We think of you often and have loved the signs you have sent.  I miss my snuggle buddy and bed fella...try to encourage your brothers to step up their snuggling!  Love you always.

We received word from the necropsy report and Oliver had hemangiosarcoma, just like Devon.  Supposedly it is rare in cats, but I am beginning to think it is just under diagnosed.  I have seen on a couple of cat facebook groups about people losing their cats to a bleeding in the abdomen.  Of course, if they don't investigate and get the necropsy, then hemangiosarcoma will not be what the vet think it is, because it is so "rare".  Some people are ok with not knowing exactly what happened, but I am thankful we have several resources in the area to get necropsies performed so I can get closure.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What's Happening Wednesday


Well, it has been quite a while since I updated here.  It's time to get caught up on what the Four Crazy Cats have been doing!
Harrison enjoys watching bird tv on the computer while I am at work.  I had to take a meeting on the phone since he was busy.  :)

Trying to catch those birds...

Rusty has a new catnip toy.  

We are having a screen-in porch installed at the house.  I know the boys will love it!

The porch will be 10 feet by 16 feet.  We had the inspection yesterday and are now waiting on the concrete to arrive.

Flynn went exploring one evening and found a spider web!

Something interrupted Rusty washing...

Flynn checking out my new beach chair.

We found like 6 house flies in the house one weekend.  Don't know where they all came from, but mighty hunter Rusty to the rescue!

Harrison and Rusty were fascinated by a bird outside Aunties was so close!

I finally had some time to use my new beach chair last weekend at Myrtle Beach.  The weather was perfect, not too warm with a nice breeze.  The water temp was about 84 degrees so it was warm too.  Perfect and a much needed break from work.

Well, there you have it.  We are all doing well still.  Missing Oliver like crazy but trying to stay focused on the good life he had with us, however short.  Quality over quantity right?  Although I'd like both :)