Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Travels

Hello everyone...this is the mom to Tanner and Oliver and I am hijacking the blog on Thursday for the next several weeks.  As you may know, I recently traveled to Kenya for a mission trip, and I would like to share some of the stories and photos from that trip.  Come along down memory lane with me...first stop - LONDON!

Our flight left Raleigh, North Carolina around 6pm on Thursday night and arrived in London around 6am (which was 1am for us weary travelers).  We made it through customs and claimed our luggage because we were going to be in London for 12 hours and 10 minutes and the limit on checking bags through is 12 hours!  So we claimed the bags and paid to store them for the day and finally met up with our tour guide for a fun day in the city.

Our guide was the same person from the last trip, so he tried to show us some new things in the city.  We walked around in the rain and cold through many narrow alleys and learned some history.
As we walked many in our group commented on how things looked and felt a lot like parts of Boston with some Williamsburg mixed in!
I loved all the unique taxis 
Auntie, in the blue coat trying to stay out of the rain!
Friendly goose waiting for a snack... 
The band heading to the Palace for the Changing of the Guard...

I've forgotten what the significance of this place is...

Loved all the really old stone walls! 
Classic photo of the clock tower...
Finally, it was time for tea and to get ready to head back to the airport... 
Happy group...we enjoyed our day in London and are ready for a nice nap on the 8 hour flight to Nairobi...see you next week in Kenya!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tanner Tuesday

I've been terribly slack about posting and can't believe it has been a month!  Tanner and Oliver had a wonderful Christmas.  They received many gifts and enjoyed having Auntie and me at home.  Our parents came up for a couple of days too, and Tanner enjoyed the extra attention.  Oliver spent his time under the bed!
Oliver's Christmas stash...lots of favorites here! 
Tanner's stash...I used Coccolino Creations to make them each a new bed. 
Tanner still enjoys napping on the fleece blanket from the Island Cats! 
Here's Oliver checking out Tanner in his new igloo...what's wrong with your cube Oliver? 
Close-up of Tanner in the igloo...

Tanner continues to do well and was a favorite of one of the pet sitters while we were in Kenya.  He has been getting lots of treats and snuggles.  We are monitoring him at home with no vet visits planned!

Thanks everyone for their healing purrs and words of encouragement and support!