Monday, November 26, 2018

Mancat Monday

We hope all of our American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Auntie and I went home to mom and dads for a couple of days and ate entirely too much!  When we returned, it was time to start decorating for Christmas.  The boys were excited to help.
Flynn making sure Auntie gets all the pieces for the black tree out of the box.  Normally, we would have put this one up at Halloween, but we were not in the mood this year! 
Flynn checking out the boxes containing the ornaments...don't worry Flynn, you have quite a few.

Rusty doesn't remember decorating being this tiring last year.  You are just getting older buddy...don't worry, it happens to us all :)

Flynn - I don't see any of my ornaments in this lid...are you sure I have some?

Woah, there's a tree in the house!

Oliver checking out some of the other decorations that need to go out...

Flynn helping with another tree...we put up four.

Oliver - this box is still full...

Oliver - My work is done, I'm going to nap now...

Rusty isn't sure of this big mess.  

The boys are doing surprisingly well around the trees so far.  We have reminded them, mainly Oliver, a few times to keep your mouth closed.  Rusty has stretched up in the tree a couple of times, but did not try to climb.  We have quite a few ornaments with bells on them, so we can hear the trees shaking :)  Also, we put plenty of soft things along the bottom, so they can play with them if they want.  Don't worry that you didn't see Harrison, he was upstairs sleeping the whole day!

When do you decorate?  Do you prefer a live tree or an artificial one?

Monday, November 19, 2018

It's a Zoo Life

This post has a lot of photos, and some of you may have seen these on Facebook already.

Auntie and I went to a place called It's a Zoo Life over the weekend.  There were many types of animals that you could interact with and feed.  We had a great time!

There were three kangaroos that loved the grapes we brought for them.

The camel tried to eat the apples, but he kept knocking them out of our hands and the miniature horses and donkey would get them. 

We were able to hold an eight week old wallaby.  He was precious! 

There were two emus but they didn't want to be petted.

The wolf hybrid loved the attention though!

We did not go in the enclosure for the goats, pigs, or sheep...

I can't remember what type of ram this is, but he had 4 horns growing out of his head!

The ram and the sheep above created this baby...

The llama was fun to pet.  He was in with the alpacas.  It was neat to feel the difference in their fur and body structure. 

These are two of the alpaca...the baby is almost as big as his mom!

These are porcupines...look at that sweet baby!  These guys loved the grapes too.

I can't remember what this animal was...he just sat there soaking up the sun. 

Since the weather has turned cooler, many of the animals have moved into the house.  There were two sulcata tortoises just roaming around.

A two-toed sloth was hanging out on the stove...the pilot light was on, so she was staying warm.  She also liked grapes.

Upstairs, there was a baby gazelle, and a couple of ring-tailed lemurs.

Here's Auntie holding  being sat on by the lemur
I got a chance to pet the lemur too...he was very soft.

This was a really fun outing.  We have quite a few animal experiences around the area.  I am trying to visit them all.

Here's the link again to It's a Zoo Life if you want to read about them.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Mancat Monday - Rusty Edition

This post will focus on Rusty.  He has had a few adventures in the past couple of weeks
Rusty was the first cat to ride in my new car.  He was not impressed!  It was time for the annual vet visit.

Here is a video, mostly black, but you can hear Rusty singing the song of his people.  He sang the entire way to and from the vet's office!

We finally arrived and were placed in a dog room again.  I think he has a flag in his chart from his Panleukopenia.  He sat calmly, but his eyes told a story of complete fear!

Our regular vet was out sick, so we saw a new lady.  She was nice and Rusty sat frozen in terror for his whole exam!  The last time Rusty was at the vet, he weighed 2 pounds.  He weighs 12 now!  He was given an all clear, an FVRCP and Rabies vaccine and told to come back next year.  

I don't want to jinx myself, but I can't believe I have only been to the vet two times so far this year.  Oliver needs to go next month.  I can get used to this new normal! 

Rusty discovered the tv.  We were watching a show about a zoo, and some tigers were on screen.  He watched the whole time they talked about the tigers.  Maybe Rusty is a tiger instead of a panther :)

He learned to jump up on the bookcase in my craft room.  The clock was fascinating!  He tried for several minutes to catch the second hand as it clicked around.  Of course, every time it clicked a new second, he had to flinch! 
He spotted another cat in the artwork and was intrigued by him.  Who is this cat?  I've never seen him before!

The black panthers are all doing well still.  I will try to do a focus post on each of them in the coming weeks.