Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dental is Done!!

Tanner is happy to be home after his dental cleaning. All went well!! His heart sounds nice and strong and the heartbeat is normal. She was very pleased with how well his meds work for him. I was a bit concerned going in because he has been having more exercise intolerance lately, and I worried that his heart rate was creeping higher. I tried to listen to it the other day, but he was purring so loud, I am not sure what I was counting exactly! Anyway, the vet thought it was great, so that's all I need to hear!

His teeth were fine, just extractions. We do have some antibiotics to take for a couple of weeks, but that should be ok. He was more concerned about eating, and getting his bandage off than anything when we got home. I thought it was nice they gave him a green one, since that is his color :)
Pirate and Devon checking him out...he got a few hisses, but nothing major. Everyone is back to being buds again. Devon moped around the house most of the day, missing his brother. I think he'll take a nice long nap now :)
Thank you everyone for your purrs and comments...they meant a great deal to me. I am truly appreciative of all the support the cat bloggers guys rock!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tanner and the VET

This is mom, hijacking the blog again...Tanner doesn't know it yet, but he's heading to the VET tomorrow for a dental cleaning. Please say a special purr for him tonight, since anethesia is hard on him with his heart condition. He will be one unhappy boy in the morning not getting his breakfast...please also purr that he won't take it out on the vet!

Seems like the week for dentals, since Fiona had hers today...hope she is doing alright!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Had a hard time picking the right card for the post, and to send I'll share all three! If any of you are traveling, I wish you a safe journey.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Secret Paws has arrived!!

Today our Secret Paws arrived! At first, we were a bit spooked because of the doorbell ringing, but we quickly came out to see what all the commotion was about. Here's Devon posing with the box!
We opened the box, and realized it was from some kitties we didn't know cool is that? Willow was our Secret Paws...we are excitied to learn more about her! Each of our gifts were wrapped...Devon thinks he smells something yummy in that box.
Devon and Tanner helped me unwrap all the gifts while Auntie took pictures.

There was one toy in there that spooked Tanner. It was quite funny actually...the toy has a string you pull and then it vibrates and moves away from you. Devon and Sophie loved it, but Tanner was he is backing away from it!
Devon thought it was a lot of fun, and kept pawing at it to make it go...I think he just liked to see his brother squirm :)
Pirate came over after everything was opened and enjoyed a good taste of the nip cigar!
Devon then took over the nip cigar and got his nip fix for the day.

Here's all of our stuff...we loved that it was in our favorite colors! Willow even made us a Christmas card using pictures from our blog. We thought that was a super neat touch! Smokey came down to check out the gifts, but we didn't get any pictures of him.
Mom even let us eat a bunch of those yummy Temptations treats because it was so close to Christmas. She said, we'll worry about the diet next week. They were so good...we tried the Salmon, which was a new flavor for us, and we loved them!!
Thanks Willow and Merry Christmas everyone! Now, I need to get to bed so Sandy Paws will visit tonight!
PS - Mom says she will post this on the Secret Paws page when she gets back into town.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Big Snow - NOT!

Last Friday, this big snow storm was heading our way...we were supposed to get several inches. I realize for some of you that isn't much, but it's a pretty big deal down here. Anyway, the flakes started falling, and we took the boys out to play for a while. Tanner immediately started watching the birds who were unafraid and coming out to the feeders because it was so cold, even though we were all out there.
Tanner is a bit late for Hunt Week, but he can stalk birdies with the best of them. He's never actually caught one, but he did jump up and touch kind of scared him!

Back to the non-existent snow...we had some snow for a while, and then it turn into sleet. You coud hear it whacking on the windows, and was quite loud. Finally we switched to all rain, and the roads were fine again. What a bummer :) The boys did enjoy watching the flakes fall while they lasted though. I think snow is so beautiful!
Pirate also enjoyed all the birds flying around and eating...He loves running around in the grass, and he loves snow too! Afterall, he thinks he is Canadian, but that's a story for another time.

Here's Smokey and a bit of Sophie...they could care less about the birds...they just wanted to chow down on the now brown grass. If you look real close, you'll see a few white specks on Smokey...that's the snow! :) LOL

There are no pictures of Devon this time, because he thought it was too cold and asked to go back in earlier.

Monday, December 21, 2009

How to entertain 5 cats at once!

I had been eyeing this toy in the Petsmart, where I work part time for a while now. I thought my boys, especially Tanner, would just love it! He loves to play a game called Pokey Stick, where basically I poke a plastic stick out from under a mat on the floor and he attacks it. He loves this game, but as you can imagine, it gets a bit old for the poker! So, when I saw this, I thought Ah Ha...automatic pokey stick! Let the games begin!!

Even Tanner's cat sitters will ask with a bit of dread, does he still like the pokey stick! That's how fanatical Tanner is about this game. He never grows tired of it.

This is when I first put it down...I was surprised that Smokey came over so quickly. Pirate had to hurry and finish in the litter box to join in on the action. (Those laundry baskets are there to help remind the kitties that we do not potty on the carpet!)
Everyone was quite curious about it...pretty impressive to have 5 kitties congregating around a toy. It was a little loud, but that didn't bother them. I thought it would just going in a circle under the cover, but no, it is completely random with it's movements. Round and round, back and forth, and sometimes it even stops for a few seconds and then goes again! Great for keeping a cats attention.
You can see the little red thing that is going around near Tanner's feet. It was soft plastic, so if it ran into them, it just kept going. Devon was the most active with the toy. Tanner was a bit nervous about it, but still curious. He finally got more comfortable and played with it.
Another shot of everyone checking it out! There are two speeds, low and high, and then also a random mode, where the speed will change. Money well spent on 5 good kitties!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

I saw the Creek Cats post on last Christmas where they were able to remember and write once again about their beloved Cal, and I thought...I'll copy that idea, so I can write about Mojo!

Here's Mojo hanging out on a chair in what is now the dining room...we didn't have a table last year, so we moved this chair in here from the study, while the tree was up. Mojo loved sitting on this blanket...doesn't he look festive?
We knew this would be his last Christmas with us, so we spoiled him in any way we could. If he would eat better on the carpet, then so be it. Notice his red toe nails on his back foot. We put the soft paws on so when he scratched at his mouth, he wouldn't keep cutting it. His allergies always presented with a sore on his mouth, that itched and burned. The nail covers helped keep him from making it worse, and he didn't mind wearing them at all!
Here's another shot of him in his favorite chair. You can see his tumor (fibrosarcoma) here, and believe it or not, it got a lot bigger before the end. He was doing well at this time, still eating and playing some. He was on some pain med, but still loving life. He was such a good boy, and I will always remember him.
This is me and my sister (Auntie) last Christmas at our Granny's house. I'm in the green sweater.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hunt Week

We wanted to participate in the Hunt week, but we are indoor kitties, so we had to be a bit creative!
We love to hunt the red laser light! Here's Tanner getting ready to pounce when it comes by again. Cousin Sophie waits in the wing for her chance!

Man, that light fooled us again, we all had to turn on our own lasers to show it who was the boss! That light is fast, let me tell you.
Devon has finally caught it...I wonder if it will escape again.

Smokey spots it on the wall...he's going to jump for it. Cousin Sophie has spotted the source...she's too smart for her own good.

We hope you all liked our hunting! If mom would let us out, I think we could get some fevvers or something, we have honed our skills to perfection!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toes being Naughty

Devon was quite intrigued by this package for some reason...and yes, we have entirely too much wrapping paper!
He enjoyed standing on it and squishing it! I think he was enjoying all the attention he was getting...he's such a ham.

Later on, he was biting it and picking it up with his teeth! I have some video of that, but the quality is camera had trouble staying focused on him for some reason. Thankfully, it's a gift to our Dad and he won't mind his paper being torn!
Here's a cute ornament I got several years ago from my boss at work. I love this cat and look forward to putting it on the tree each year. I thought it could serve as my "Tummy" shot this week :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pet Photo Contest

I received an email from the web director of Mambo Sprouts. For the month of December, they are holding a pet photo contest. Here's a link to the contest...

Mambo Sprouts Pet Contest

My boys are going to enter, and the way the contest works is that for every entry, Wellness brand pet food is going to donate $1 (up to $1000) and the winner of the contest can chose an animal related charity to give the money to. How cool is that? I hope you'll enter along with me, and may the best cat win :)

Mancats Decorate!

Here is the new family ornament for 2009...we decided to not put Mojo's name on it, since he isn't here with us at Christmas.
Devon is modeling a Christmas tree skirt! I found this small one for the tree at my office, and it looked like it would fit him...he didn't mind too much!
Smokey is helping unwrap the ornaments. This is the first year in a long time that he has come out to help. He's really been a lot more social lately...I'm loving it!
Smokey, near the top of the photo, and Devon are checking out the box the tree came out of. We do artificial trees because Smokey is allergic to the real ones. He flaired up a bit because of all the extra dust we stirred up, but he's all better now.
Tanner laying under the tree in the study, making sure the lights are all working properly.
This is the finished tree in the's a weird angle for the photo, I'm standing on the was hard to get a good shot of the lights. We like this one because people can see it from the road when they drive by the house.
This is the tree in the den. This is the one we can enjoy while watching tv and eating dinner, etc...We had great fun decorating, and are enjoying looking at the trees. Trying not to think about taking it all down in a few weeks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Secret Paws

We went shopping the other day for our secret paws kitty, and here's what we came up with. I hope our kitty likes it.

Tanner and Devon came out to help wrap and package everything together...
Tanner loved to lay on the paper to help out!
Sorry Secret Paw kitty if your paper has holes in it...Devon loved to scratch at the paper!

It's been mailed now, and will hopefully arrive later this week, or Monday. This has been such fun...

Also, please notice our new VSquillion in the side bar. His name is Julius, and we picked an orange kitty because Tanner was feeling out numbered!

Lastly, the bed that Tanner was kneading on in yesterdays post, affectionately known at our house as the purple puff, came from here...

Drs Foster and Smith

We have the 26inch bed. We love it, and it washes just fine in the machine!! Enjoy.