Monday, November 23, 2015

Mancat Monday

Oliver has a fascination with the plastic grocery bags in the pantry.  We have come home many times to find them spread all around!  He is one messy Mancat!

No wonder we call him the "Black Tornado"!

Caught in the Act!

Here's a video of him checking out a few bags...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner continues to do well.  He is eating great and is now proud to be the "Big Lug" once again!  He has regained his spot as the largest in the house.  This week, he passed Oliver, and now weights 15 lbs 5 oz.  Now we don't want his weight to keep trending upwards, but I am happy he is eating well, and gaining.  We all know how quickly they can drop when sickness occurs.

Tanner enjoys playing in the floor at night.  He, Oliver and I have a routine now and they both seem to enjoy the time together.

Tanner also enjoys a good catnip toy and can often be found washing one or more of them!
This nip nanner and green catnip pillow are his favorites.  He also has a green pickle he enjoys.

Tanner also does a good job washing his own body, although he does tend to over groom some areas.  Here's a quick video of Tan washing.  I've moved around so you can still see his shaved and saggy belly, and notice on his hips/back legs you can see some thin spots in his fur.

Tanner and I would like to ask for some purrs.  I leave to go back to Kenya in 7 weeks.  Tanner still needs his potassium twice a day, but not everyone can give him these huge pills.  I have ordered some powder to see if he will eat it in his canned food.  Please send good thoughts that he will eat the food with the meds in it!  Otherwise, he may have to be boarded while I am gone.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Mancat Monday

I thought about saving this post for a Wacky Wednesday, but couldn't wait.  Oliver has loved to roll or flip since he was a baby.  He still rolls over your legs when he is playing.  Sometimes his rolls are pretty straight, like a flip, and sometimes he goes off to the side.  Auntie and I tried hard to get some video of him and this is best we captured.  We will keep trying because this isn't the best example.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Mancat Monday

Our neighborhood hosted a yardsale on Halloween morning.  The homes that were participating, were marked with a balloon on their mailbox.  I had a few left over, and was curious about how the littles (Cousin Georgie and Oliver) would react...they have never seen a balloon before!

Oliver thought they were fascinating and LOVED the string!  He jumped for the string and tried to eat it.  Cousin Georgie was pretty spooked by these strange floating creatures that made noise!

YouTube video HERE

Oliver was too good at catching the string, and trying to eat it!  I cut it off, so it was a bit shorter, but it went shorter than I wanted.  Oliver still jumped and jumped for it!  Enjoy watching my jumping jelly bean!

YouTube video HERE