Monday, November 30, 2020

Mancat Monday

We are still here and doing well.  Quite a few things have happened since our last update...let's get started!
The gutters were installed on the was neat to see how they are made.

Chad got over his cold and has officially become Cousin Teddy!  Auntie is going to keep him because her friend decided he would be too much for her right now.  We are both thrilled and the boys love having him around. 

It is never easy to get the Christmas card photos!  You can't wash it off Flynn

Try to open both of your eyes Harrison!

Cousin Teddy

He had his second FVRCP injection.  This time, he was pre-medicated with Benadryl, and then watched at the vets office for a few hours.  He ended up in pain again, but a pain injection fixed it.  He was fine the rest of the night.  What a turkey!  Thank goodness he is cute :)

I purchased Pumpkin Spike at the reptile show over the weekend.  I have wanted a bearded dragon for a long time, and figured I would not be going to the office for a few more months at least, so now is a good time.  He is eating well.  I am still trying to get his tank decorated and the heating regulated.

Teddy helps Auntie fluff one of the trees.  This is his first Christmas!

Rusty loves the trees too, and was especially excited when a moth flew in and went in the tree.  He talked to it all night!

Finally, we were able to put the furniture on the porch.  There is still a bit of work to be done, but overall it is complete.  The boys love it!

There you have it...hope you are doing well.  Thanks for visiting us!


Monday, November 09, 2020

Mancat Monday

The Mancats have had a nice couple of weeks since our last post.
The furniture for the porch has been arriving...Flynn approves.

Flynn making sure the cat door is going in the right place...

Auntie helping Flynn learn how to use the flap...

Although not 100% complete, it is now safe for the boys to start exploring on the porch!!  Even Chad is getting in on the action.

Cousin George climbs the ladder...he needed help to get down!

We moved a condo out there and it was a big hit.

Rusty has discovered the railing and will now jump up on it to sit.

Harrison isn't as confident, but he has been out there a couple of times.  We prop the flap open so they just have to walk through the wall right now.  On pretty days, we just leave the human door open too so they don't feel trapped outside if they get spooked.

Harrison is content to help change sheets...

Flynn and Rusty enjoying the fresh air

Harrison is getting closer...

Poor Chad ended up with a terrible cold.  All the big boys have been sneezing some, but Chad got the worst of it.  He was completely congested and not wanting to eat or drink.  All he wanted to do was snuggle.  We took him to the vet on Friday and he got some antibiotics and eye drops.  He is feeling much better now and making up for lost time by eating extra!  The man cold is real in all species :)

Well, there you have it.  The porch will get its final inspection this week, then the contractor can finish the electrical work.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Mancat Monday

 The boys are having another fun week...
Harrison is spending time in this hideout.  It is beside the baby's night cage.  Harry is a good baby sitter.

Flynn is grateful and needs to shout it from the rooftops!  The baby can't reach him in this chair!

Rusty still wants to play with baby but hasn't gotten up the courage yet.  He is very curious though and is a good baby sitter.

A bowlful of cuteness!

Update on the porch...the roof is on, the ceiling is up, but still needs more paint.

The inside and outside areas above the screen area are complete.  Still needs more paint, caulk, and the all important screen!

The boys are getting ready and have had their first dose of Revolution.

I've never seen Harrison in this chair before, but he is super cute!

There you have it.  Another great week for the boys and baby.  Hope you all are doing well.  Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What's Going on Wednesday

 Sorry, not sorry, for all the pictures in today's post.  We have had a good week and the panthers have a lot to show...

The boys got a pirate ship for halloween.  It was a bear to put together, but Rusty enjoys it.

Still loving my Chad snuggles.  He is definitely a male!  On Saturday, he got his first FVRCP vaccine and his FeLV/FIV test.  He was negative for both.  After a few hours, Chad was crying in pain and not wanting to use his front leg.  We figured he was a bit sore from the vaccine and told him to sleep it off that it would feel better in the morning.  Sunday morning, he doesn't want to eat and is still crying in pain if you touch him, or if he tries to move his arm.  There wasn't a definite moment when he cried out the first time, to indicate that maybe he had hurt it, but something was going on.  We went to church and then took him to the vet school for an emergency visit.  We wanted to make sure nothing was broken or dislocated.  After 4 hours, it was determined he is a drama queen and is sore from the vaccine!  By 6 pm that night, he was playing and running like nothing had happened.

Harrison has found a good spot in Aunties bed...lots of pillows there.

Rusty on the mama soft and warm

Chad has been having some diarrhea because of his antibiotic, so a bath was needed.  Thankfully, he is done with the medicine now and his poops are back to nice forms :)  Just in case you were wondering.

Another view of Rusty in the pirate ship...

Baby after his visit to the vet school...sleeping hard.  He looks rather proud of himself doesn't he?

Durham, where I live, is the Bull City...early voting is nice.  

Chad now weighs 2 pounds.

Grainy photo, but Rusty is playing hard...

Chad learning to puff up...he didn't know what to think of the big cats all getting crazy with their catnip!

Flynn found the fresh catnip in the garden...

Lenny on the porch hoping it will be finished one day :)

Harrison is getting braver with the baby, or maybe telling Chad, this is my toy.

Sweet kitten selfies

The roof for the porch arrived...can't wait to hear the rain on the metal roof!

Flynn is just a tiny baby and needed to be burped after his dinner :)  He was not amused!


Chad went to the eye doctor yesterday and he has some vision in both eyes.  He has something called Persistent Pupillary Membrane (PPM) on both eyes.  This effects his vision some, but nothing needs to be done about it.  He also has eyelid agenesis, which will need to be corrected in a few months when he is older.  Overall, a good report for Chad.

Flynn sleeping on the counter over the dish washer...babies can't keep their body heat in...

Flynn isn't sure why the baby is climbing in his food bowl!

Chad starting to eat off the floor sometimes with the big boys.  Cousin Lenny doesn't seem to mind.

Harrison playing on the stairs with the baby.

Well, there you have it...I hope you are having a good week and thanks for stopping by to visit us.