Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner gained a couple more ounces this week, bringing his weight to 15 lbs 10 ounces. 
As you can see from the photo, he is still dealing with a runny eye.  The eye became quite irritated looking over the weekend, with big yellow goobers.  He is now on some eye ointment for this, and will hopefully be feeling better soon.
This has been the most persistant, lingering cold we've had to deal with in a long time. 
Ollie and Smokey are sneezing some, but everyone is getting extra Lysine each day, so I hope we can keep it to just a few sneezes, and not a full blown cold like Tanner had.  Fingers Crossed!
I'm not worrying too much about Tanner's weight gain...I am glad he is eating well, and just want him to start feeling better.


  1. Paws crossed that Ollie and Smokey's sniffles go away soon, and that Tanner is all better just as quickly!

  2. We hope you shake that cold soon, Tanner.

  3. Oh dear, hope Tanner's eye gets better soon. Still keeping him in our purrs and prayers
    Marty and Mom


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