Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Interrupted

We interrupt our regular weight loss Wednesday post for a special announcement...
Ollie is going to be neutered today!  This is the final procedure in growing little boy isn't a baby any longer!
Purrs for no complications please...
Procedures today: Neuter, microchip, FeLV/FIV recheck
PS - Tanner is doing better and therefore will not be seeing the vet today.  I think a couple of more days and we'll be over this cold.  Knock-on-wood, he is still the only one that has gotten sick.


  1. Loud purrs to Ollie today! Paws crossed it's just the usual snip-snip and done!

    And purrs for Tanner too, that he's over the cold soon and that no one else catches it.

  2. We hope everything goes well for Ollie.

  3. Big purrs and prayers for Ollie. We bet everything will go just fine.

    We are glad Tanner is doing better. WE'll keep purring for him, too!

  4. Paws crossed that all goes well with Ollie's neuter! I'm glad to hear that Tanner is doing better!

  5. We hope all went well for Ollie today!

  6. Sending purrs and positive kitty karma your way for little Ollie and Tanner. Hope everything turns out well.
    Marty and the Gang


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