Monday, February 03, 2014

Mancat Monday

This mancat is still sick.  The congestion just won't clear up for him, and he is miserable.  I called the vet, just to see if there was a reason for him to be seen, and they said no.  Unless the discharge changes colors, indicating infection, he just has to work through it.  They did give me some saline drops to put in his nose...BTW, he hates this!
Saturday, he spent the day in the bathroom with the humidifier going. 
I've given Sub Q fluids a couple of times because he appears a bit dehydrated.  He is getting antihistamines regularly to try and help dry up the gunk in his nose and throat.  He is getting Lysine in every least 1000mg a day.
He is still eating well, and even had a bit of ice cream last night to help him feel better. 
We are going on 5 days of severe congestion.  You can hear him breathing in another room!  I wish you could teach cats how to "blow their nose"...I think it would help him!  Has anyone tried the baby nose suckers before on their cat?  Any luck?
Fingers crossed no one else gets it...because Ollie is going on Wednseday for his neuter...I need him to be healthy, so it isn't cancelled!
If Tanner is still sick, and we aren't see marked improvement, he may earn a trip in on Wednesday too, just to be looked at. 
Please keep sending purrs of comfort to my boy.


  1. Yikes, poor Tanner! That's quite a nasty virus he picked up. Purrs for his recovery. We don't know anything about the baby nose suckers...Our human doesn't have offspring of her own, hasn't even heard of them.

    Paws crossed for him...and you!

  2. Poor Tanner. We hope all that nasty gunk is gone soon.

  3. Purrs from all of us. We feel your pain, 5 of us had it for 10 days.

  4. Poor Tanner ! Mum tried to use a baby nose sucker when Loupi was 3 months old and had coryza. It was half successful, but it helped a little bit though. Purrs

  5. I am sending lots of purrs to Tanner! It sounds like he is getting the best care you can give him!

  6. Poor Tanner, I am sending purrs and hope he is soon feeling better.

  7. Oh dear. We will keep him in our prayers. Sending you purrs and positive karma your way. Good luck.
    Marty the Manx's mom

  8. Poor Tanner! We sure hope you feel better soon, dear friend. Sending lots of purrs and prayers for you...

  9. Oh girl, you have your hands full! Glad to read in the next post that Tanner seems better.


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