Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

Today, Smokey is showing off a few drinking spots around the house...We have had to move a few glasses and bowls because of wild kittens, but that's ok.  Everyone is adjusting! 
This glass does not sit here normally...Smokey was being spoiled this day! 
We have had to move this container to the sink, so if it gets knocked over, it isn't a big deal.  This container collects the cold water that runs before it turns warm when doing dishes.  We then give it to the birds.  Of course, the cats like to drink from it too!
Medically, Smokey is doing pretty well.  We just rechecked our blood work, and his thyroid is in the normal range now, so we will keep going with our pill.  He is eating pretty good, but did lose an ounce last week, so I'm giving a couple of appetite stimulants each week to help encourage eating.  He is still getting fluids a couple of times a week, and tolerates that ok.
He has started going downstairs at night and just talking and talking!  I used to think he was lost, and would go get him, but now I'm thinking he is being a brat.  I don't go down to get him, and he comes back to bed in about 15 minutes.  We snack and snuggle, and sometimes he'll go back downstairs and talk some more, and sometimes I can get him to go back to sleep.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I can't tell if he is being forgetful about where his food is located (we have two cages for him), if he is wanting to play because he slept all day, if he just wants attention, or what...I'd like to figure it out, so I can get a good nights sleep again!
I've thought about closing him in my bedroom at night and just leaving his bowl of food on the floor and see what happens.  Of course, this would mean, Tanner wouldn't be able to sleep with us, so that isn't ideal. 
I welcome any suggestions you may have...


  1. We think it's great you have several "watering holes". MOL!

    We hope Smokey continues to do well. As for the talking at night, we've had several of our "mature" cats that did this. We're sending you big purrs, Smokey.
    XOXOXO - Princeton and Precious

  2. Oh we likez de "watering hole" you haz in de sink! dat sure iz a Big one! ^.,^
    Dun't wurry.... Rory goez around thru de roomz singing in de middle ov de night and waking efuryone up! aftur she haz woken efuryone up! she getz on de bed and goez to sleep! ^..^

    Sending Purrz to All to Stay Well ~ ♥♥♥ xoxo ♥♥ ^.,^ x5

  3. I've heard of older cats vocalizing, but so far none of us are doing it. Binga talks a lot, but then she always has, and she sleeps through the night - or if she doesn't, she is usually quiet and does not wake up my human... unless it's a crash from her getting in the food cabinet!

  4. I like your drinking places Smokey.
    I have always been talkative and often sing to the moon at 3am. Mum says a lot of her kitties became quite vocal as they got older.The vet told her it is because they can become confused at times like some older people sometimes do.

  5. Mom says her Renn did the same type of thing when he got older. Her vet told her it was a form of kitty "sundowners", mild confusion that the elderly get (humans and animals). Mom doesn't sleep through the night either so they both adapted. Hope Smokey continues to improve. Maybe as his health improves and he gets back in a routine, things will return to normal. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.
    Purrs and hugs

  6. We're glad Smokey is doing better. Like others have said, older kitties have a tendency to do a lot of talking...'specially at night. I've started to do a little talking at night, usually right when the mom goes to bed, but not for very long.


  7. The more watering holes the better! Angel Chuck was a big nighttime singer...and he was deaf, so he sang LOUD!


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