Monday, February 10, 2014

Mancats Renovate

The mancats have had an exciting week...The downstairs of the house has been crazy messed up, while the new flooring was installed...
 Cousin's Sophie and Georgie enjoyed the new jungle gym of furniture in the breakfast nook...we were thankful everything fit, but it was a bit like tetris tying to get it all in there!
 Ollie quickly tired of the process...moving furniture is hard work
 One day, the floor guys came and ripped out the areas of the carpet where the cats had been naughty!  They covered those areas with a product called "Kilz" to get rid of any remaining odor.  This area outside the powder room was constantly dirty, just from kitty feet tracking litter out of the bathroom.
 This area in the dining room was the main naughty spot.  Before we invested in new flooring, we made sure we had the culprits under was all behavioral, and some prozac is working nicely to keep them happy and worry free and using the litter box appropriately!
 Cousin Pirate is guarding the new wood has to sit in your home for a few days and acclimate before being installed. 
Cousin Pirate, Tanner and Ollie laying on the new carpet in the den.  We put hardwoods in the front room (where the boxes were sitting), the dining room, down the hall, and then created this faux hall in front of the powder room, to protect the carpet.  Then we replaced the carpet in the den.
The boys like it all now, but Ollie was a bit afraid of the new floor for a while, especially the hardwoods in the hall...a few ping pong balls helped to show him how fun this new area was going to be!
It took a while, but all the furniture is back where it belongs now, and the house is getting back to normal...Mancats are through renovating for a while!


  1. It looks terrific! We survived our own QuietRock drywall reno back in November, what a mess. But new flooring and carpeting is something our human would love to be able to have installed.

    In time, we hope!

    Enjoy your floor and carpet while they're still fresh and new. LOL.

  2. Your floor is gorgeous!

    We just love it when the peeps move furniture. It is just like having new jungle gyms!

    Happy Monday, furriends.

  3. good supervision over there. mom says she wants new floors someday

  4. How wonderful!! Awww but you mankitties were the best at snoopervising such a fab project!! Enjoy your new floor! Take care

  5. Wow, that was quite a project! It all looks great now.

  6. We're glad all the chaos is over now...though sometimes chaos can be fun!

  7. It looks lovely now. You all were good snoopervisers.

  8. It looks great! Hope that it works out well for all of you! I bet they will learn to love the wood floors, the boys love all the wood here and how well toys fly around on them.
    Marty's Mom


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