Monday, March 25, 2019

Mancat Monday

This post is a Harrison birthday recap.  Some of you may have seen these photos on Facebook already.  Harrison had a great couple of days celebrating...we appreciate all the birthday wishes!
Playtime with his favorite feather toy.  On Saturday, he got a new feather to enjoy!  This feather toy is super fragile and doesn't last very long.

He and his brothers got a new puzzle toy.  Everyone loves fishing treats out!

Birthday greetings from my car :)

A nice nap on his favorite pillow...

Lots of time being held up at the door windows to watch the birds.  There is a wreath on this door, and sometimes they will land on it!  Now, please note, there is a double window about three feet to the left of this door for him to watch from, but he prefers to be held up like this!  Auntie bought some ferns for the front porch and the birds have already started building nests in them.  There is a lot of activity on the front porch!

And of course, his birthday wouldn't be complete without a swim in the tub!  

There you have it...a fun and memorable birthday for Harrison!


  1. What a fantastic birthday! The boys continually amaze us by their love of water. No way would N or D do that! Oh, and Harrison must think the view is better out of the little window in the door, lol! :-)

  2. Glad Harrison had a nice birthday.

  3. I am glad you posted the photo of the bathtub because the video wouldn't work. I cannot believe that Harrison likes to walk around in the tub with water in it! MOL! So happy he had a great birthday!


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