Monday, April 01, 2019

Mancat Monday

The boys and their cousins had a nice weekend.  Windows were opened for a little while on Saturday morning.  Everyone enjoyed sniffing the fresh air and hearing the birds.
Windows won't be opened for a couple of weeks because we are now in pollen season...everything is turning yellow! 
We have three hanging ferns on the front porch.  The birds were waiting for Auntie to put them out this year, and they have been busy!  5 eggs in this fern...

Three eggs in another, and the third fern doesn't have a nest...

Rusty loves the birds too...

He finally caught one!
Rusty is a mighty hunter!

We hope you are enjoying your spring weather and having fun!


  1. Rusty is hilarious. Is he trying to catch the shadows on the wall there? Or wanting out to get to the nests? :-)

    BTW, six (!) cats in one shot is amazing! LOL.

  2. I am glad everyone was able to enjoy the fresh air before the pollen put a stop to it.
    Rusty made me laugh with his catching shadows!

  3. Cute photo of everyone enjoying window whiffs.


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