Monday, March 04, 2019

Mancat Monday

The boys are returning to normal after their big adventure last week.
Rusty in his favorite spot at night.  This bed has a heated pad under the blanket, so he likes to cook.  I think he is getting a bit warm, since the one leg is sticking out.  

Flynn is asking to play with his strings.  He has quite a few that he likes.  It is a guessing game to pick the right one for each play session!

Rusty helped me with the laundry.  He loves to burrow in the clothes, just like brother Harrison.  He was purring up a storm!

Wanting to play this morning, but Oliver was on top of the condo, and Harrison was in the room.  Rusty doesn't like to play in front of others.  He prefers the room to himself!

I haven't looked at their gums yet to see if the redness has gone.  I think they will all need their nails trimmed this coming up weekend, so I'll look then.


  1. "Rusty doesn't like to play in front of others."

    That made me smile!

    Everyone looks great, and you always do such an amazing job of showing their personalities in your posts. :-)

  2. Rusty is just like my Flynn was, always burrowing in whatever he could find.

  3. I'm glad life is getting back to normal for the boys!

  4. It looks like Flynn is reminding us to spring ahead this weekend. :)

  5. Hey y'all, nice to meet you. Such a handsome bunch of boys!!


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