Thursday, December 26, 2013

Secret Paws 2013

 Our Secret Paws package arrived last Saturday, but the boys had to wait until Christmas to open it...we were excited to see that it was from Wally, Ernie and Zoey - The Island Cats, because we had their name too this year!
 Everything was so neatly wrapped and packed...Ollie is showing off the goodies...he loves sitting in the box!  You can see the squeaky mouse toy swinging in the photo, which is keeping him still for a few minutes.  He loves that toy and jumps and chases it for long periods of time.  Let's just say, mom gets tired before he does!
 A new purple cube was in the box!  Cubes are great fun and Ollie and Georgie love to turn theirs into hamster wheels...these cubes go all over the house!
 Georgie was a bit overwhelmed with all the Christmas activity, but enjoyed putting the bitey on this new nip nanner!
 Tanner loved the nip nanner too, but laying on this paper seems to be the best present of all this year!  I can see it will be a while before we can clean up the living room.  
Here's a look at all our goodies...we got many toys, our favorite treats, a new cube, a super soft and warm blanket, and the mom got some candies and a new cat scarf!  Thank you Island Cats!!

Here's one last picture of a tired kitten loving his new blanket...
Ollie loved Christmas...he loved playing with all his new toys, he loved playing in the wrapping paper, he loved pulling tape off of packages (he kept us on our toes), he loved chewing on boxes, and he loved getting all kinds of attention from our parents who were up for the day.  Ollie was wiped out by evening, and a snuggly warm blanket was the perfect end to a great day.  Thanks again Island Cats for making this baby's first Christmas so special!


  1. What a great Secret Paws ! Ollie, you're so cute in the blankie ! Purrs

  2. Wow , what a pawsome secret paws box full of stuff you got !

  3. How cool that you and the Island Cat got each other - and you both gave each other such AWESOME presents!

  4. Those are great gifts you all got. A lovely first Christmas for Ollie.

  5. We're so glad you liked all your presents. We tried to give some of our favorite toys. That squeaky mouse is so cool...but all the squeaking drives the mom crazy! Heheheh.

    We sure enjoy all the things you sent us as well. Thanks so much!

  6. What a pawesome Secret Paws package. You even got a cube. Score!

  7. That was an excellent Secret Paw package!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. what a nice Secret Paws package from the Island Cats!


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