Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Today's two on Tuesday makes me one happy mom!  I love when my boys snuggle together, but what makes these photos so special is the fact that SMOKEY went and got in the chair with Tanner!  He is normally not the one that joins another cat, so I was very happy that he was seeking out companionship.
Sharing the chair...this has become a favorite spot for the cats for some reason this winter...might be the wool blanket!
 Smokey got comfy and put his legs up on Tanner...yes, Smokey's legs are almost bald again from over-grooming. 
 I took advantage of the opportunity and put Ollie in the chair as well to get a group shot!  Love these boys of mine!


  1. awww - that is a great group of boys!

  2. Awww, so cute ! Mum dreams of seeing us so close... Purrs

  3. MOL, I don't think my human will ever be able to get the three of US together like that...

  4. That's pretty sweet! They must know Santa Paws is coming so they're being real good. ;)

  5. We love it!

    Us kittehz will do strange things all in the name of warmth. MOL!

  6. We don't do that, so our human's heart melts when she sees cats cuddling. :-)

    We wanted to thank you for the card--especially because *someone* couldn't get her act together to send paper ones out this year.


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