Monday, January 06, 2014

More Christmas

Ollie and Cousin Georgie went to visit Santa Claus before Christmas.  They had been to the vet that morning, so we just stopped by on the way home.  They did reasonably well for it to be in a busy pet store with lots of noise and strange smells. 
 Cousin Georgie was a bit unsure of Santa...I think he would just prefer to get his presents from mom and Auntie!
 Ollie sat on the Santa 'belly shelf' but you can see his claws were ready, if the big man tried any funny business!
Later that afternoon, two little boys were wiped out from their big adventure!


  1. Oh my gosh but what fabulous adventures though! Awwwww cousin Georgie and little Ollie look adorable with a very jolly Santa! Take care

  2. You met Santa ! What an adventure, a little bit scary though ! Purrs

  3. Wow, Cousin Georgie and Ollie are brave! Meeting Santa must have been neat, though. :)

  4. That was pretty cool that Georgie and Ollie got to meet Santa. We would never have been that brave.

  5. How fitting that they napped in a fuzzy red bed!

  6. Ho-ho-ho !!! Such cute pics with Santa. I thought about taking ours this year but last year there were some really unruly dogs so did not.


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